Do you have a beef with eating cows?

80 percent of the world’s cultures eat bugs and as a result their environmental impact is significantly reduced, according to a United Nations report.

David George Gordon, aka the Bug Chef, predicts that bugs will become a larger part of the global diet as food resources diminish and eating protein like steak will become a luxury.

It is probably worth noting that Gordon is primarily an author and not a restaurateur.

At this point, he is selling ideas, not food. But his points about food production are worth considering, even if his solution induces a gag reflex.

Gordon spoke with Seattle public radio station KPLU about how a bug diet can save humanity.

It takes a lot of food to get a cow to your plate. You need 25 pounds of feed to produce one pound of beef, notes KPLU.

Cow farts and poo are responsible for roughly half of the U.S. agricultural greenhouse gasses, according to the EPA.

Brush up on your bug recipes including the above pictured deep-fried tarantula spider here.

Today’s Question: Do you have a beef with eating cows?

  • PaulJ

    No but: If everyone was poor, there’d be many fewer resources used. And it is sort of hard hearted to kill something with big brown eyes.

  • KellyMpls

    This is exactly why I stopped eating cows. But I haven’t made the leap to bugs yet.

  • kevins

    Nothing like a slow-smoked brisket…yum.

  • Rich in Duluth

    No, but we’ve cut way back on beef because of the cost. Sometimes we go to the beef aisle and visit. We rely more on chicken, turkey, fish, cheese, and beans for our protein.

  • John

    After seeing this I decided to go on a beef fast for a year.

    I’m 4 months in and doing just fine, it’s pretty easy to cut out of your diet.

  • AndyBriebart

    No, but less because of cost. More chicken, turkey, pork.

    I like cows.

    • JQP

      eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.

  • MrE85

    No. I’m too fond of tarantulas to eat them.

  • AndyBriebart

    I seem to miss the “bug” aisle in my local grocery store. Is it by the meat department or by the chip aisle?

    I also don’t eat anything with an antennae.

    Do they make scarab snack mix or is it stir fried?

    • JQP

      No crab/lobster for you!

  • JQP

    no, but I wouldn’t mind if there was a much more gentle raising of cattle… and yeah . .I know that means more expensive meat. but as it turns out.. I and probably many others don’t really functionally-nutritionally need it every meal , every day … its just become a sort of habit.
    Breakfast sausage, Lunch Meat samich, DInner steak/chop/stew.

  • Joe

    Beef is one of the most environmentally costly meats to produce, especially in terms of water usage, not to mention methane emissions.

  • Jim G

    No bull…we have cut down on beef this year. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, it was a successful deer hunt in both MN and WI, so we are working on reducing the frozen bounty from last November. Second, I know the details about the bovine digestive system and the greenhouse flatulence it produces as a by-product, so we have consciously reduced our over-all beef consumption in favor of fish, chicken, and turkey. However, I’ll always have a hankering for a good steak…I’ll just give in less frequently.

  • Gary F

    But is eating “deep fried” foods, either beef or tarantulas, good for you?

    I bet deep fried tarantula tastes pretty good. You can pretty much deep fry anything and it tastes good. OMG! Light bulb over the head moment! State fair food idea!

    • JQP

      deep fried manure?

      • Jamie

        Dry it, slice it thin, dip it in beaten egg and crackers, then fry it in butter. Tastes like chicken$4!+.

  • beryl k Gullsgate

    I eat meat but if I were to look a good cow in the face and to say eye-to-eye “”I want to kill you for your prime rib” I would suddenly be reduced to a passive vegan I suppose and that’s no bull…

  • Jamie

    Our grown family shared a grass-fed Iowa beef. It’s some of the most delicious meat we’ve had in quite a while. I don’t know what that crap is they’re selling at your local megastore/grocer, but this stuff has it beat hands down.

  • Gary F

    I can just see it now. PETA getting their undies in a bunch over some corporate tarantula farm demanding free range tarantulas.

    • Gary F

      And do they bread the tarantula live and dunk it in hot oil like a live lobster dumped into hot water? Or do they gas, club, or shock the tarantula to death before they bread and deep fry it?

  • Anita Wiener

    No. Beef tastes good. Even vegetarians go out of there way to make their fake Boca burgers look, taste, and feel like a real beef hamburger.