Publishing note: MPR News had a series of outages that kept Today’s Question from being published regularly this week. I apologize for the inconvenience. President Obama waves from AF1 to military personnel at Joint Base Andrews. Next stop: Minneapolis. — petesouza (@petesouza) June 26, 2014 President Obama is scheduled to arrive in the Twin Read more

The Department of Natural Resources is in the process of opening some of the state’s 160 designated Scientific and Natural Areas to hunting and trapping. The areas currently don’t allow pets, camping or swimming. The Star Tribune’s Tony Kennedy interviewed former DNR managers Bob Djupstrom and Ellen Fuge about the land use change. “These are Read more

Tom Engelhardt argues that the U.S. approach to war is pointless. “The United States has been at war — major boots-on-the-ground conflicts and minor interventions, firefights, air strikes, drone assassination campaigns, occupations, special ops raids, proxy conflicts, and covert actions — nearly nonstop since the Vietnam War began. That’s more than half a century of Read more

6 ways Eric Cantor's stunning defeat changes Washington: — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) June 11, 2014 “In an upset for the ages, Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-most powerful man in the House, was dethroned Tuesday by a little-known, tea party-backed Republican primary challenger carried to victory on a wave of Read more