Will the “kill switch” cellphone law help Minnesotans?

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Adam Fagan/Flickr

Minnesota is the first state to enact a law that will require a “kill switch” on cellphones as a way to deter theft.

Over at The Verge, Sean Hollister writes that the law is toothless.

Strangely, the actual text of Minnesota’s “kill switch” bill doesn’t actually require a kill switch at all. The letter of the law simply states that phones be “equipped with preloaded antitheft functionality or be capable of downloading that functionality,” without specifying what “antitheft” means or what sorts of protections the software might actually offer.

The Associated Press reports the bill gained urgency after a rise in violent robberies at the University of Minnesota.

School officials to urge lawmakers to act fast. University Police Chief Greg Hestness said he hopes the law will add a sense of security on campus.

Today’s Question: Will the “kill switch” cellphone law help Minnesotans?