What would Minnesota be without walleye?

Mille Lacs Lake Garrison, MN by Beeboo Wallace

This weekend anglers have fanned out across the state and many are trying their luck at catching a walleye.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says Minnesota is the most popular state for anglers. The agency says 1,195,817 fishing licences were sold in 2013.

The agency is tasked with the responsibility of keeping Minnesota lakes stocked with popular fish including the walleye. Pioneer Press reporter Dave Orrick determined the subsidy for each walleye caught in the state last year amounts to $8.23.

Orrick’s math:


305 lakes stocked with 296 million fry

504 lakes stocked with 1.8 million fingerlings

$3.8 million spent

460,000 stocked walleye caught fishing*

$8.23 cost per walleye caught*

* Estimates based on annual averages (Pioneer Press)

Today’s Question: What would Minnesota be without walleye?

  • Ralphy

    That is really an intetesting economic analysis. I’m sure somebody has done the math on how much $ walleye fishing brings to lake country communities.
    Add in the cost of DNR officials enforcing the fishing rules and the invasive species costs, I’d guess we are looking at an impressive $/fish tax-payer subsidy.
    Curious as to the net-net cost/benefit.

  • Jamie

    A cold Omaha…

  • PaulJ