If vacation time were no issue, what adventure would you take?

Minnesota explorers Paul Schurke and Dave Freeman are embarking on a 400 mile canoe trip through the Amazon jungle. The estimated six week trip retraces a deadly route taken by Theodore Roosevelt 100 years ago.

You can learn more about their excursion when Schurke and Freeman join MPR News today from Sao Palo, Brazil at 11:00a.m. for an online chat before they head into the Amazon. Pose your questions for them here.

Today’s Question: If vacation time were no issue, what adventure would you take?

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  • Gary F

    Ride the complete Mississippi River. Stop in as many historic river towns as possible. Learn about the river history from the locals both settlers and natives. Write a book or series of books on my journey.

    • Pearly

      On a jet-ski? Jesse Ventura is that you?

  • Jim G

    Accompany my father, a Marine Korean War Veteran, to the hill in North Korea where he won his Purple Heart.

  • JQP

    1) ride across russia along the trans siberian railway – on a fat tire bike.
    2) retrace the route of Henirich Barth across north africa

  • PaulJ

    On a map projected from above the north pole, the world looks like it has one large island. I’d like to circumnavigate that island, preferably in a blimp.

    • Paulj

      Or get one of those “all you can fly” airline tickets and tour the major areas of the world that way.

  • Joe


  • Josh D.

    I’d take the entire summer off to travel Europe. Many attempted plans to go, but I still have never been across the ocean.