Are you taking steps to prepare for the climate that will be?

A 140-foot section of northbound Highway 169 near St. Peter, Minn., collapsed by the flooding Minnesota River in October 2010. The washed-out highway was closed north of St. Peter as MnDOT worked to restore it. A White House report on climate change, released today, pointed to the flooding as an example of what Minnesotans can expect — though with greater frequency — if climate change continues along its current trajectory. AP/Mankato Free Press, John Cross

“People are already starting to act, preparing for the climate that will be not the climate that was,” said Jim Buizer, University of Arizona professor, an author of a new federal report on climate change in the U.S.

The U.S. government report tells an unambiguous story: The planet is warming, climate change is driven primarily by people and it’s already affecting Americans, through more frequent or intense heat waves, downpours and, in some regions, floods or droughts.

Minnesota is expected to see increased heat, extreme rainfall, prolonged drought and their collective repercussions could put significant stress on existing infrastructure and regional ecosystems, the report says. [More on changes expected in Minnesota]

Today’s Question: Are you taking steps to prepare for the climate that will be?