Can you work from home on days when the weather is bad?

An unscientific online poll in the MPR News live blog covering the latest snowstorm is evenly split between people who can work from home on days when bad weather strikes during a commute. Are you able to avoid bad weather commutes?

Today’s Question: Can you work from home on days when the weather is bad?

  • PaulJ

    Yep, but I have to know the day before. It really helps due to the 50 mile commute and drifted in gravel roads. (not to mention my duties as MPR daily question pundit – which is accessible from anywhere).

  • James

    Yes, I can. But the large majority of my company cannot, as we are an honest-to-goodness manufacturer, in a death struggle with China. This has been a tough year!

    • Keep up the good fight.

    • PaulJ

      That struggle with China is the worst thing (not to change the subject). It’s the really cold war.

  • Gina

    As a non-profit casual worker and partly self-employed, I can and HAVE to work from home. No work = no pay. But it is hard to do with a 5 and 3 yr old home with me!

  • In theory, yes.

  • Joe

    I do have that option as well. Of course it does help that I am an IT Professional and most of the things I manage are remote anyway that it makes it pretty much the same experience minus the drive by’s at my cube.

  • killershrew

    Yes, but I worked from home the last 2 days for other reasons. So I sucked it up and came in today. I try not to abuse my ability to work from home.

  • Erik

    Nope. I am a temp worker. If I don’t show up, I don’t get paid.

  • Pearly

    Nope, manufacturer here. Cant bring my machining center home for the day

  • John in the sixth district

    I do most days. All I need is phone, email and internet access unless there’s a meeting.

  • Jim G

    My wife is video conferencing right now from home. In a pinch when she doesn’t have an on site meeting she can rearrange her schedule for snow days like today. The plow left two feet of slush at the bottom of the driveway so it is nice to have this option. I started blowing at 8:15 and finished an hour and a half later. It was a heavy 8 inches.

  • Joe

    Yeah, if it makes sense sure

  • Josh D.

    Nope, got the call a little before 2am to come in and start plowing. But I appreciate it when as many folks as possible stay home, makes my job much easier. The more traffic there is, the longer it takes me to clear your street.

  • David

    Yes, there’s always work to do at home. Besides that, usually my clients come to me and the snow will be clear from the streets by tonight’s 8PM appointment.

  • Jack

    Yes – the two of us worked from home today. It’s one of the reasons I have stayed with the employer that I have. Eternally thankful for this perk.

  • doin’ taxes

    No. I was working on people’s taxes yesterday at the office and I am doing the same today. Thanks to Minnesota’s ex post facto legislation, we were unable to file Minnesota returns for a few days this week during the most heated part of tax season, which also created a mini due date for returns that had already gone out the door but we hadn’t received the signed e-file authorizations from clients.