Do you feel safer when metal detectors are used at public events?

“The Minnesota Twins are installing metal detectors at Target Field in time for the team’s hope opener next month,” writes MPR News reporter Brandt Williams.

Horsman said fans will not have to remove their belts and shoes as they would at an airport security checkpoint. He said the magnetometers will be set to detect large metal objects only.

“Our intent here is really to use these devices to look for dangerous weapons,” he said. “Our intent is not to put in a screening process like what is used at airports in this country. We’re not concerned with small, common metal items. We’re looking for dangerous items and weapons.”

Today’s Question: Do you feel safer when metal detectors are used at public events?

  • Pearly

    No. I do not feel safer in “Gun Free Zones”. I tend to avoid them if possible

    • Joe

      Yeah, people are the worst

      • Pearly

        What does that mean? People who seek gun free zones to commit murder with guns?

        • Joe

          I’ve never heard of people who seek out gun free zones to commit murder.

          • AndyBriebart

            Columbine, Sandy Hook, Aurora theater, Red Lake, Navel Base……..

            All gun free zones.

          • Joe

            Guns don’t kill people, signs kill people!
            Maybe we need sign control.
            Also, it’s interesting that you call Red Lake a “gun free zone,” I’d love to hear more about what you mean by that.

          • AndyBriebart

            I believe it was a school. Correct?

          • Joe

            Reservations are the ultimate gun free zones my friend, how do you think they were created?

          • Jeff Friesen

            Joe – don’t feed the trolls. Especially ones named after bright farts.

  • Ralphy

    I’m looking forward to when we have checkpoints at major intersections. Then I will feel safer. ;-(

  • PaulJ

    A little. But then getting stabbed in front of a bunch of witnesses in a concourse isn’t my main worry when going to a game; it’s getting my wife hurt by some mugger on the way to the car. Is the focus on metal detectors going to stop the cops from working on that problem?

  • Claudette Austin

    No. I feel that I am considered guilty until proven innocent.

  • Maggie18

    No! Chertoff is making a fortune though. DHS and Chertoff were ready with the airport security when the underware bmbr act occurred. This is ridiculous.

  • Mark in Ohio

    I actively avoid going to venues with metal detectors. I typically go everywhere with a pocket knife, not to mention other metal objects in my pockets, and am thus always hassled at such places. I don’t believe that metal detectors render a venue appreciably more safe, and so don’t see the point.

  • AndyBriebart

    Nope. Bad people will find a way to get around this. Gun free zones make me uncomfortable.