What is the best part of winter in Minnesota?

MPR News reporter Dan Olson joined Christopher Smith on a recent ice fishing outing.

Today’s Question: What is the best part of winter in Minnesota?

  • kevins


  • No mosquitoes. Also storing beer in the garage.

  • JQP

    the full moon at 2 am on a dead calm, 5-10 Deg F night. the air is almost like a lens, shadows are hard edged on the snow. I can make breath clouds that become temporary floating ghosts.

  • Christian Novak

    The icicles that form on my mustache and beard.

  • Beth-Ann Bloom

    Bragging rights over folks with wimpier winters!

  • PaulJ

    Neighborhood dig outs

  • Jim G

    After the new snowfall is shoveled and I’m back inside with a cup of joe. The worst? Finding the rabbits have girdled our three apple trees in one night.

  • Joe Erjavec

    When it’s over.

  • Sue de Nim

    20 below keeps the riffraff out. 😉

    • Jim G

      Is riffraff code for Iowans?

    • TurTleLoveR

      or IN!! hahaha

  • Pearly

    Making maple syrup and the anticipation of morel mushrooms to come.

  • Paul Weimer

    Winter-landscape photography!

  • Rich in Duluth

    The beauty of our yard after a snowfall, the clear crisp night skies. Oh, and now that I’m retired, not having to drive down that 800′ high hill on a snowy Duluth morning.

  • Elizabeth

    The dog and cat shed less.

  • Philip

    This may sound weird, but I like driving in it with a window down when it’s snowing (when there’s no one else around). It’s really quiet with little road noise.

  • KimB

    The freshness of the air after a new snowfall, and the quiet. No bugs, no boats, no traffic, no tourists. Appreciate them but I welcome the break.

  • Angela

    The best part of winter in Minnesota is experiencing the world in a totally different way than six months before. The cold, the quiet, the collective triumph and camaraderie of survival. It’s character-building.
    Also, winter gives way to spring and we get the added bonus of seeing the seasons change. The transitions are gloriously wonderful.

  • TurTleLoveR

    The beautiful snowscapes after fresh snowfall. How the snow twinkles on the trees.

  • Yanotha Twangai

    Snow is a lot prettier than the ubiquitous mud in the winters where I grew up.

  • DotWonder

    the end of it

  • Starquest


  • Jeanine Jackson

    Sunrise or Sunset, the sky, the clouds… Also the best part of winter is anytime your prepared for it.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    Nordic ski races, alpine skiing, ice fishing for lake trout, mushing dogs, winter camping deep in the BWCA, staying close to the wood stove while drinking wine as the temperature plummets far below zero… There is no “best” part of winter. For the true northerner, winter is just another part of the “good life”.

  • Evan

    A quiet walk in a big marsh, like where there may be a copper nickle mine soon. Enjoy the winter landscape.

  • lisa h

    When it’s over!

  • bob hicks

    Ain’t no best part. It’ s a devil baby.

  • Sonja Wallenheim

    The beauty of snow-laden evergreen boughs…. sigh….

  • Anna L

    I love the period immediately following a heavy snowfall during the night (10 or more inches). I used to live in a more rural area in Minnesota with very light traffic. A large snowfall shuts down traffic and when the snow stops, it is absolutely silent.

    No animals. No cars. Just peace, at least for a short while.

    In my first nursing job, I had an hour commute down U.S. 61 from Wabasha to La Crescent. I worked the evening shift and the most beautiful sight during my long commute in the winter was on clear nights with a rising full moon. The river took on a heavenly glow as the moon lit up the snow and reflected off the ice.

  • Matthew


  • Pearly

    Reloading last years range brass

  • Roger Regor

    There is NOTHING to like about winter.

  • Scott44

    It has to be the balmy weather we seem to keep getting. Woke up to another sub-tropic blast from our neighbor to the North, Canada!!

  • Pearly

    Schools closed due to golbal warming.