Is your view of Congress improving?

Congress agrees something.

“Top congressional negotiators Monday night released a bipartisan $1.1 trillion spending bill that would pay for the operations of government through October and finally put to rest the bitter budget battles of last year.” (AP)

The House is expected to vote Wednesday on the bill.

In November, the approval rating of the U.S. Congress hit an all time low.

More from NPR’s Two-Way:

According to The Associated Press, “the GOP-led House is slated to pass the 1,582-page bill Wednesday, though many Tea Party conservatives are sure to oppose it.” A Senate vote is expected by week’s end and that Democratic-led chamber is also expected to pass the plan.

NPR’s Ailsa Chang tells our Newscast Desk that the bill “fleshes out the broad outlines provided in last month’s budget agreement on Capitol Hill.”

The budget, she says, authorizes spending “for nearly every speck of government within the guidelines of last month’s budget agreement. One notable difference between this bill and the December deal involves cuts to military pensions. The budget agreement announced last month reduced the annual cost-of-living increases for military retirees under 62 by one percent. This spending plan reverses that cut, but only for disabled veterans and relatives of deceased members of the military.”

Today’s Question: Is your view of Congress improving?

  • Reggie

    No. When it’s headline news that Congress has done the most basic part of its job, there is no reason to celebrate or think better of the incumbents.

  • bob hicks

    What would be the empirical basis for having an improved view of congress?
    They’re still the over-privileged, chronically underachieving, corporatized group of folks they have been for a very long time

    bob hicks

  • PaulJ

    They still appear to be some sort of beauty queens that have become overwhelmed by their responsibility.

  • AndyBriebart

    With the sequester now history, there are no constraints to stopping the unsustainable growth of government. Unsustainable.

    Greece is the word.

    They could all give us lots of free stuff and borrow or print more money, that would make them popular. My mom said being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and doing the right thing is best in the long run.

  • Sue de Nim

    About as much as my opinion of the kids who egged my house improved when their mother made them apologize and clean up the mess. The Mad Hatters have been reined in for a while, but have they really seen the error of their ways and decided to be responsible? We’ll see.

  • Jim G

    No. Last year the Republicans in the House made Santa’s “Naughty list” for closing down the Federal government. They might make his “deserve to lead” list in the coming election year only if they change behavior and policies that reward only the rich. However, the story remains the same in the House and in States:controlled by Republicans: delay, confuse, obfuscate, blame, and distract the voting public and continue to support the policies of the wealthy.

    • Pearly

      I think Im going to puke!

  • Jamie

    Nope. They continue to try to consolidate power in a distant capitol in direct violation of constitutional restraints.

    • AndyBriebart

      The President is getting good at violating Constitutional restraints too.

      But that’s OK, he’s Obama.

  • Bill

    No, especially lately with the Iran sanction push. Why can’t we give peace a chance. Why does our Congress constantly push for war. It makes no sense, other than Israel and the most powerful Israeli lobby buying our representatives. Makes me sick that this foreign power (that we give 3 billion in aid per year), uses that money to buy our representatives so we can send our military to be killed and kill for Israel.

    • Nick

      Yeah, the pentagon just got 1.012 trillion to start more wars and to make people around the world hate us even more than they do now.