Are childless couples happier?

Parents Day Out, Disneyland, Paris - France
Parents and kids waiting in line to enter Disneyland. (Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada / Flickr)

“For centuries, having children has been held up by many as the ultimate source of fulfilment and meaning in life. However, according to one of the biggest studies ever conducted into Britain’s relationships, childless couples have happier marriages,” writes John Bingham in the Telegraph.

The project has found that people without children are more satisfied with their relationships and more likely to feel valued by their partner than couples with children.

The study, by the Open University, involved interviews and surveys with more than 5,000 people of all ages, statuses and sexual orientations.

When people were asked to rate the quality of their relationship those without children emerged as happier overall.

Today’s Question: Are childless couples happier?

(h/t MPR News editor Jennifer Erlich)