What is your wish for 2014?

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s wish for 2014: ‘An end to online hate’

I’d settle for people being nicer to one another on the internet. My general rule is, if you wouldn’t have the guts to walk up to someone in a room and say it, then don’t say it online. From revenge porn to threats of violence against women to slut-shaming to feminists trashing each other, I’d like 2014 to be the year that people close their laptops instead of being nasty – and realise that very little of significance ever happens on Twitter. (The Guardian)

Today’s Question: What is your wish for 2014?

  • Jim G

    I wish our country would get all of us who want to work, back to work.
    I wish our Federal Government worked.
    I wish that our economy rewarded both the wealthy and the rest of us.
    I wish we could stop fighting the Civil War over…again.
    I wish Jimmy Carter would give his “Malaise” speech again this year.

  • PaulJ

    Political debates designed to enlighten rather than frighten.

  • JQP

    That I solve problems instead of just pointing them out.

  • Bill

    I wish for an end to our military expansion and spending on WAR. An end to the wars for Israel. Stopping foreign aid to Israel. An end to AIAPC control of Congress. I guess if we ending all aid to Israel that would pretty much solve most of our problems.

    • Gary F

      Should we have meddled in Libya or Egypt this year? Was that good?
      Would radical Islam just give up the fight and the whole caliphate thing if the US stopped giving money to Israel?
      Did appeasing Syria, Iran and Russia make the world safer this year?

  • Scott44

    World Peace….do I win Miss Congeniality?

  • Catalina

    Great art, kind people, close-knit communities working together for democracy! And of course, good music on MPR

  • David

    The successful repeal of Cannabis Prohibition.

    That all beings be happy and have the causes of happiness, be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, never be separate from the great joy that is beyond suffering, and that they live free from aversion or attachment to those near or far residing in peace and harmony with one another.

    That forgiveness and gratitude become as commonplace as breathing and each of us feel, sense, and know our interrelatedness with each other and all beings.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    I would like:

    1. A fully functioning federal government that works for the people and the long-term prosperity of this country.

    2. Reformation of the tax code to keep the country solvent.

    3. Immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship for long-term illegal aliens, but cuts all future immigration to no more than 250,000 people/year.

    4. Social reforms that severely curtail public benefits to able-bodied adults who don’t work (the government should provide public works projects, like the old CCCs, in economically depressed areas where there are few private sector jobs).

    5. Tax incentives and private/public sector partnerships to quickly move the country toward an economy that minimizes the use of fossil fuels.


    All Humans live your lives and take care of your family. If you do not like what you hear or see stand up and make change on planet earth. 2014 NOW/TODAY NO FEAR. Use your brain and think for your selves. (I always have a plan.)