Who do you blame for the government shutdown?

“For the first time in nearly two decades, the federal government staggered into a partial shutdown early Tuesday morning after congressional Republicans stubbornly demanded changes in the nation’s health care law as the price for essential federal funding and President Barack Obama and Democrats adamantly refused,” (AP).

As Congress gridlocked, Obama said a “shutdown will have a very real economic impact on real people, right away,” with hundreds of thousands of federal workers furloughed and veterans’ centers, national parks, most of the space agency and other government operations shuttered.

He laid the blame at the feet of House Republicans, whom he accused of seeking to tie government funding to ideological demands, “all to save face after making some impossible promises to the extreme right wing of their party.”

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, responded a short while later on the House floor. “The American people don’t want a shutdown and neither do I,” he said. Yet, he added, the new health care law “is having a devastating impact. … Something has to be done.”

We’ve been here before.

Today’s Question: Who do you blame for the government shutdown?

  • John O.

    All. Of. Them.

  • reggie

    The Republican “leadership” and rank-and-file soldiers like John Kline, pure and simple (minded).

  • Paul S.

    Republicans. Republicans.Republicans.

  • SpeedGibson

    Rather than a party per se, I blame “the intellectual class” that thinks they can cast their pearls before us swine. They dream up things like light rail and Obamacare, always seem amazed they don’t work like their charts say they should.

  • Scott44

    The government! It seems that all parties involved have changed from bing for the people to for themselves.

  • Gary F


    Last time the Senate approved a budget was April 29th, 2009.

    From 2009 to 2013 the Democrats controlled both houses of congress and the Presidency and didn’t approve a budget.

    And who is to blame?

    • Sue de Nim

      Budgets are largely irrelevant. What matters are the appropriations bills.

      • Fred Garvin

        Okay. How many appropriation bills has the Democrat Senate passed since 2009?

        • Sue de Nim

          Enough to keep the government running.

          • Fred Garvin

            Well no.
            Since 2009, the US Senate has passed exactly 0 appropriations bills.

          • Sue de Nim

            Then how did money get appropriated?

          • Fred Garvin

            I would hope that you’ve been paying attention, but…
            without a budget, there are no appropriation bills, just CRs.

          • Sue de Nim

            Semantics. The CRs effectively appropriate money.

          • Fred Garvin

            The House & Senate are arguing about budget appropriation process v.CRs NOW! It’s not just “semantics”–the fight is ALL about the semantics of the routine budget process and CRs.
            PLEASE, pay attention.

  • Horseofadifferentcolor

    Republicans. The idea that they deserve a reward of some kind from both the Senate and the President for passing a continuing resolution to fund the government for 6 weeks (instead of the 12 spending bills that they are supposed to have passed by 9/30) is ludicrous. Passing spending bills (NOT BUDGETS) by the end of September IS the job. Do the work or get out.

  • spalm55

    Republican idiots. Tea party nut jobs. All elected officials time for new start.

  • mason

    I normally vote Republican, but they are 100% to blame. I don’t know what they think they are going to be able to accomplish here. Public perception is not on their side, they will have to completely cave, and then they do they will look very foolish.

  • John

    The 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve. Printing money and creating debt, economic crisis, inflation, and supporting wars for decades.

  • Dan Nyberg

    The system is broken with no end in sight. As long as money can buy you political “love” we all lose. Let’s start with tossing out the lot of them, getting money out of politics and insisting on term limits for ALL branches… ya, like any of that will ever happen.

    • KO

      A smaller federal government would be less corrupt, or its corruption would matter less. Since it controls a huge budget and has the power to destroy through regulation, taxes, and prosecution, anyone who can afford to has to seek either dollars or protection. A smaller trough in DC, a smaller gun in Uncle Sam’s hands, and the whole national life would not have to revolve around what can I get out of Washington, or what can I do to survive Washington?

  • snowbat

    The GOP. Without a doubt.

    Thing is, like many Americans I have less than zero confidence in the Obama administration, and I could be pretty easily convinced to support a *sane* Republican party. But they prove again and again that they’re a party for extremists, only.

  • Mary

    The Republicans, because they have become such a narrowly defined party that they cannot compromise. There is no room for moderates in their club.

  • PaulJ

    The voters, because they are moved by shallow promotional techniques. A government of the 4 year olds, by the 4 years olds, (the problem is that it is not just) for the 4 year olds.

  • Penny

    Boehner , Tea party, and other Repunlicans. let’s face it, they will do anything to stop a Black man telling them what to do. RACISM, folks and the arroganceof white men refusing to give up power.

    • Gary F

      I disagree what the while half of him does too. I judge a man on the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

      He told us the bombings in Bengahzi were caused by a You Tube video and that health care reform would be paid for and cause rates to go down.

      That’s lying. No matter what color he is.

      • Fred Garvin

        Ordering the deaths of US citizens without charge, trial, conviction or appeal is a CRIME ,no matter what color he is.
        Because of this, Obama should be arrested & tried as a war criminal.

  • JQP

    The Boomer Generation specifically and the American people in general and the media for deifying both.

    The politicians are a mirror of ourselves. The boomers put into elected office the fantasy that “everything will work out fine” from the 1980’s banking deregulation, the congressional mandate for mortgages for everyone, unfunded mandates, unfettered militarism and its massively wasteful spending, …. oh the agony.

    The current herd of federal level politicians are so over-branded with obligations they look like Nascar racers – but the reality is they have 1 HP engines and couldn’t get around the block let alone in a timely fashion.

    If we don’t cease sending bobble-headed yes-sir monkeys to congress … we should send no one at all.

  • Jim G

    Republican obstructionist, narcissistic, me-first, I’ve got mine and you can’t have any, I am better than you thinking.

  • Pearly

    Science damm it what a joke TQ is.

  • Ralfy

    Anyone who thinks this is the time and place to make a do or die stand on ideology and are willing to bring everything down with them to prove their point. And those who are the brains and financiers of the afore mentioned extremists. For those who think this the time and place, remember what goes round, comes round. How would you react if a far left politician was willing and able to shut down our government over their pet cause, like SNAP or voter ID? Elections need to matter, if not, we can expect voter apathy and anarchy in DC.

  • Horseofadifferentcolor

    Gary F said “Last time the Senate approved a budget was April 29th, 2009.”

    Wrong – The Senate passed a budget on March 23, 2013.

    However, Minority leader McConnell in the Senate has blocked all attempts to go to conference to resolve the difference in the budgets between the house and the senate. Budgets are just frameworks and so they are not really worth the effort to resolve any differences. If you aren’t going to bother to go to conference why insist that they pass a budget? It’s makes a good talking point.

    Spending bills (12 of them) are how the money is actually allocated and spent OR continuing resolutions that don’t make any changes to current spending levels.

    • Gary F

      I stand corrected.

      Buy why no budget for 4 years? Especially when you control both houses?

      Whose fault is that, seeing that it can never be Obama’s or the Democrat’s fault.

      • Scott

        Remember that by law all spending bills must originate in the House.

        • Gary F

          So, from 2009 to 2012 why didn’t they pass any?

          It’s not like they had to compromise with the other party, they ruled the joint.

          • Scott

            Budgets are documents of ideas and intentions. They don’t actually do anything. The bills that authorize and appropriate are what really matters.
            That being said, it would be nice if they could actually pass a budget too, it’s not like some haven’t been proposed, and each chamber has actually passed one, but they cannot agree on reconciliation. Mitch McConnell is currently blocking the current budgets from being reconciled.
            I’m disappointed in the House, the Senate, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Tea Party, and others.

          • MNG

            The republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2010. You seem very confused by recent history.

          • Fred Garvin

            The House passed a budget every year from 2009 to 2013.
            Revamp your point to conform with reality.

  • Sue de Nim

    Voters who elect inflexible, doctrinaire ideologues to Congress.

    • Fred Garvin

      I agree. Sen. Obama was inflexible and repeatedly urged and voted for shutdowns of the federal gov’t to try to impose his ideas on the Bush White House.

  • KO

    I don’t blame anyone. I breathe more freely when the federal government goes into sleep mode, as if I had succeeded in locking an abusive spouse out of the house. It’s only a temporary solution, but the more improperly federalized societal functions the federal government fails to perform, the better off we are in the long run.

    A country of 300 million diverse individuals in diverse communities cannot be governed comprehensively from the “center.” It is only capable of handling a few tasks well, and a few others badly that there is no one else to perform. It should not be asked to do more, though one faction’s failure is another faction’s featherbed. We heard, years ago, from President Clinton, that the era of big government was over. It has done little but grow ever since, ballooned by the leadership of both parties and their favored clients, but such growth was and is unsustainable, as is an economy wholly dependent on growth. Let the federal government take as long a holiday as it takes to restore the federation of local governments. Meanwhile, celebrate the shutdown.

  • lynnec

    GaryF, the democrats controlled the House 2008-2010. The republicans have controlled the House since then. Do your research. It’s politics as usual and nothing is ever as it appears.

    • Gary F

      Every congress figured out and got a budget passed up until 2009. Why did it end there?

  • designwithin

    Every member of the House and Senate should donate their salary pay to their local government employees union for dispersal to needy members.

    • Fred Garvin

      Are you referring to the needy federal employees who received a MASSIVE subsidy for their Obamacare?

      • Miles

        If you are referring to Senate and House members retaining the subsidies they have always had for their health care, Speaker Boehner was actually the one who spearheaded the legislature on that.

  • Rich in Duluth

    I blame the Republican leadership for allowing extremists to take over their party. Compromise is the only way rational people can solve problems. Boehner should be leading.

    I blame the voters who sent these extremists to Congress. These voters are focused on narrow issues and not on what is best for all of us.

    I blame those who further the polarization in this country. People seem to only want their way and won’t even consider another point of view. This was quite evident, again yesterday, on TQ regarding the gun issue.

  • Jeffersonian

    Anyone with sense, whatever their political bent, knows the Republicans and their twisted grandstanding for a few radicals and billionaires are to blame. The government of the people, by the people, for the people, has finally perished from this earth.

  • Twicksneed

    Too bad the federal government didn’t really shut down. The spying, bombing, and looting continues unabated.

  • chuck d

    The blame lays at the feet of the Republicans. They have gerrymandered their congressional districts to the point where they are guaranteed re-election. They don’t answer to their constituents, they only fear right-wing challenges. With this system we wind up with a hand full of tea party radicals driving policy for our entire country.

    With over 42 votes to repeal Obama care, the House would qualify for Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

  • Jacob

    Who do I blame? All of them. For the next how many days and how many weeks, we’re going to watch a huge blame game unfold. How about some constructive meetings? Keep your egos at the door please…

    I don’t care which side of the aisle they’re on; they failed us. While hundreds of thousands of people now become unemployed (temporarily….well we’ll see…), these lovely individuals continue to keep on getting paid for doing nothing.

    The last time I checked, they worked for the people. If they were so concerned about the impact that this would have on the public, more would be done to reach a compromise on both sides. I’m incredibly sick and tired of the blame game back and forth. I thought the idea of having a democratic society was to work together?

    I guess it will never hit him to them as they still get paid during all of this and laughably applaud and pour each other booze as the shutdown commences.

    What a joke.

  • Rochesternewbie

    I get that there are individuals who do not understand the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The Republican party does not like the healthcare progress and instead of finding an alternative method to dispute this or the lack of interest by the American people in revoking the ACA they are trying to hijack our economy to get what they want. This shows the lack of care the Republican party has for the greater good of the American public and how far they are willing to go to sabotage the progress Obama has made to reduce the costs of healthcare.

    • James

      The only reduction will be your ability to see a doctor.

  • Jean m

    The extremists who seem to be in somebody’s pocket, looking out only for them. When are these lawmakers going to realize their job is to do the best thing for the WHOLE country, regardless of color, income, status, health…and not just their donors. They should take some lessons from little children, who can play with anyone and actually accept that someone may have a better idea than theirs. Try “Green Eggs and Ham,”(ACA) Mr. Cruz. You just might like it.

    • Fred Garvin

      I absolutely agree–Obama seems to believe that he doesn’t have to negotiate with anybody,as long as he calls them “extremists”.
      From giving Obamacare breaks to big med to big biz to federal employees, he seems intent on kowtowing to their big bucks and leave the rest of out to spin in the wind.

  • Abby

    With booze wafting over Congress? I don’t believe anyone elected these guys to close down the government, they were elected to govern. Ever see a 5 year old having a tantrum, that is the picture of this congress.

  • david

    It was quite clear who the villains were in the last election. The blame should be placed squarely on the homosexuals who thought they deserved equal rights, the young old and poor who thought they had the right to vote in elections, the poor who thought they should be entitled to some food, the sick who thought they were entitled to some affordable medical care, children who think they should be entitled to a basic education, teachers who think they should be entitled to fair pay and benefits for providing those children that education, or at least the ability to fight for that fare treatment collectively should someone try to rob them of it, in fact all workers who wish to fight for a living wage are to blame.

    Its not the corporate shills in DC who can be bought so easily and legally. Its not corporations like our own UnitedHealth care who give millions to these shills to spread lies and maintain those companies ceos million dollar salaries subsidized with tax dollars. Its certainly not the ignorant voters who buy these shills lies and vote them into office. Those same voters who seek out constant propaganda to reinforce their ignorant ideals, buying the lies that a black man is after their precious gun and is going to sit them in front of a death panel when they are old. They buy into these distractions so they won’t do the math and realize that with their medical insurances deductible and max out of pocket obligations, should they get a prolonged illness, is a guaranteed trip to foreclosure and bankruptcy.

    Nope, I don’t blame lies and self-perpetuating ignorance. It couldn’t be that.

  • Fred Garvin

    While I enjoy Mr. Olson’s questions, they tend to be superficial and predictably bland.
    Here’s the formula
    1. Find and quote the NYTimes, WaPo, AP, MPR, or NPR, that comports with a certain worldwiew,
    2. compose a few paragraphs around those,
    3. pose a simple question, and
    4. Observe the two sides get emotional and personally insult each other
    I’m not sure if MPR compensates, evaluates, or promotes its employees by how many comments are made on mpr.org, but it’s not a model to generate genuine interest in news.
    When was the last time Mr. Olson quoted a story from National Review or the Washington Times?

    • KTN

      But, don’t you think that if NRO had a question of the day section, and asked the same question, that there would be the same emotional and insult throwing response, just coming from partisan conservatives.

      What questions would you raise if these are too softball and biased.

      • Fred Garvin

        NRO is a self-proclaimed conservative group and site.
        Unlike MPR which claims to be a “news” organization.
        Now I don’t care if MPR slants left, but let’s stop pretending that it does not.

        • Beloud

          ITS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU is the problem. I am so sick of the ME, MY, I, generation I could puke. A government shutdown means our government is unable to perform the duties they are being paid to do. If you were to do the same in your job you should also be fired. Compromise is the way adults handle problems Stomping your feet if you don’t get your way, is how lower school CHILDREN handle problems.

          • Fred Garvin

            I agree.
            One can simply observe the words and appearances of the president this past week, and his bewildering refusal to even talk to his Democrat & Republican opponents (whom he referred to as “enemies”) to know that we’re lacking leadership.
            Many Americans twice voted for a guy who treated them like children with pithy slogans about hope & change and closing Gitmo and introducing immigration reform and balacing the budget, and adult children by the millions took the candy.
            Why are we surprised that he acts like a child?

      • Fred Garvin

        Here’s a pertinet one:
        How will the federal shutdown affect your everyday life?

  • Janet Humphrey

    President Obama and the Democrats compromised SO MUCH in the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans got so many concessions, but they will stop at nothing to destroy President Obama. This continuing resolution isn’t about the Affordable Care Act. It is about continuing to pay what we have already obligated ourselves to despite the lack of a budget. The Republicans are totally beholden to the Tea Party who do not know the first thing about representative democracy.

    • James

      Compromised on what? I must have missed that part.

      • beef

        Compromised on the public option. Compromised on single payer. What we have in the affordable care act IS the compromise.

        • Fred Garvin

          Compromised with whom? Not the Republicans becasue he didn’t need them for Obamacare and thus he ignored them.

  • jlw

    GOP is responsible

  • Chester4

    The Republicans are completely to blame. They have no solutions, no alternatives and have failed to set forth a positive agenda. I will NEVER vote for another Republican in this decade.

  • Nick Bortell

    It used to be that the republicans were kind of like refrigerators: open the door, light goes on;close the door, light goes off; generally cold inside. They could be relied upon to do as they were built to do. The contemporary iterations of the GOP are not even able to do that. This shutdown in particular is the direct product of GOP leadership being unable or unwilling to keep their own order.
    I add the “or unwilling” because I suspect that this shenanigan will be used (by both parties) to engage in some rather melodramatic fund-raising attempts.

  • Eric

    I blame anybody, Republican, Democrat or Independent, who has tried to prevent Obamacare without providing a viable alternative to the status quo.

  • shanster

    Bill Clinton was better at working with the opposition. Obama doesn’t have the skills to negotiate with people who don’t share his political philosophy. In fact he is quite incompetent. Like most liberals he figures out a way to insult and mischaracterize his opponents. His supporters need help in this department as well

  • Nick

    This country is just kicking the can down the road. DEBT is the problem. There is no way out of this one, 16 trillion and going up. The dollar is on its way out due to a corrupt banking system.

  • prismorton

    This is not a question of failure to negotiate where blame goes both ways. This is pure and simple Republican extremism, out to destroy any Democratic administration with any tactic.

  • ralph swain

    I blame the Tea Party for the sjhutdown.

  • ralph swain

    Why don’t the Republicans listen to Bob Dole. He told the Republicans to come up with a plan to moved the country forward rather than obstructionism . He has always put his country first.

  • Jeff

    Government shuts down and I didn’t notice a change in my daily life so far…I’m pretty sure we don’t have to pay taxes now.

  • Denise Johansen Page

    Democrats 100 percent. Never listen to real peoples concerns. Selfish
    We are broke because of them.

  • Sina

    Conservatives, recognized in the US by their party affiliation (the GOP), known in Nigeria as Boko Haram and in Afghanistan as the Taliban.

  • John

    The tea party and their financiers, especially the Koch brothers. Google them if you don’t know who and what they are. The liberal/conservative spectrum has been dragged so far to the right over the years that the Democrats are mostly centrists. Most people in this country are still centrists. Kind of tells you what to do in the next congressional election, doesn’t it. Maybe Minnesota’s 6th district won’t put in another like Bachmann, the self-declared head of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. I predict the Republicans will lose the US House over this, and it’s gonna hurt Republicans in the Minnesota state house, too. Health insurance was in dire need of these fixes and more.

    • James

      Most Democrats are not centrists by any stretch of the imagination. Listen to some speeches by 1960s era democrats and they sound like todays centrist Republicans

  • KO

    The question should be “Whom…”

    In any case, we have a large faction that loves bloated government and a large faction that loathes it. How do we run the country without devolving into civil war? The decision will be made for us when the system breaks down under its own weight.

  • sd21jim

    It is the same party that has done absolutely as little as possible as it can in the congress – the republicans. We all know where a majority of the funding, ideas, and actions come from – the top 1%, which through distortion, manipulations, and outright lies have excited a loud, never checking facts, and federal government haters – the t party. This problem would be completely solved by letting the congress vote on the clean bill from the Senate. But the republican leadership refuses to do that knowing that it would be passed by a bipartisan vote.What I fail to understand is that the overwhelming percentage of red states received more money from the big federal government (that the republican party hates so much) than whatever they contribute to the federal coffers through taxes and fees. Sounds really hypocritical to me. SD, incidentally, depends on the highest percentage of it’s states budget than any other state.

    • James

      I keep hearing that the TEA party hates the government or that they’re anarchists. That’s not the case. The TEA party wants the federal government that is spelled out in the constitution – a LIMITED government. The path we’re on is unsustainable. There is so much debt/money/power coalescing around Washington DC that it’s like a black hole sucking the rest of the country into it. Our system isn’t designed to be run from one central location that’s out of touch with the rest of the country. Power should be dispersed to the most local unit of government possible, or the individual.

      • sd21jim

        I disagree with you but I will give you the benefit of doubt. So tell me, name five programs that you would like to eliminate.

        • James

          Department of Education (should be at state or county level)

          Crop Insurance subsidies (we pay up to 60% of the insurance cost, creating artificial incentives to plant where it will flood) There are a host of other agricultural subsidies for milk, CRP and other things that manipulate the market, including my next program:

          Ethanol subsidies

          Amtrak subsidies

          Parts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (no more bank incentives to loan to anyone with a pulse knowing the federal govt is backing it up)

          Parts of the following organizations: the DEA (the war on drugs has been lost,) the NSA (Now Spying on Americans,) the EPA (you can’t scrape the paint off a window casing without having it tested for lead)

          Now you can start berating me on how this will disproportionately hurt your favorite groups

          • James

            And various Foreign Aid, and Department of Energy expenditures.

          • sd21jim

            Sorry james, there are considerations that need addressing. Education -I watched how the state of MN republican administration gutted education by taking money allocated for the students. As I hear they’re finally being paid back by a democrat. I’ve watched SD gut money from the schools many times over the years. The latest pilfering is to cover expenses for the AG to defend two anti abortion laws that are unconstitutional. Ag subsidies – you’re absolutely right. There are currently 6 dems and 17 repubs that receive ag subsidies. Latest figures are dems – $489,856, repubs – $5,334,565. And when crop insurance is subsidized, Wall Street benefits through 14.5% returns to the insurance industry. Crop insurance insurers made $10 billion while the federal program paid out $70 billion in 2012 for extreme drought. And don’t talk with your mouth full when you talk about comodity subsidations, they keep your grocery bill substantially lower than without. Ethanol? Want $$6-$8.00 gas without? Amtrak- east coast of BosWash metropolis wouldn’t move.Bankk financing-try to get a loan after 2008 crash. DEA – You are absolutely right.EPA – I can tell you are young because I remember the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland burning from spontaneous combustion and the Love Canal. I remember the day the EPA was approved and also Earth Day #1. I’m sorry you feel that I’m berating you, I don’t mean to make you defensive or angry, that’s something for the t party to do. All I ask is get educated, we’re all in it together.

          • James

            I’m not so young as you think, by a long shot. I had the little eco-flag sticker on one of my folders, I remember the crying Indian. I love the natural world. I have hugged a tree. I’m not proposing closing the EPA. I’m suggesting that, like most of their Washington counterparts, they’ve grown excessively large and keep changing the goalposts when we’ve got the cleanest water and air we’ve had in a lifetime. There has to be a balance between regulation and using our resources wisely.

            You seem to believe that the ‘opposition party’ is 100% opposed to government, while a couple of your views are incredibly partisan, nonproductive and 100% opposed to an alternative view.

            Your ethanol example is pure BS. At best, there is a slight increase in available energy from using corn to produce ethanol, when measured against the inputs. Ethanol works great in warm climates where they can ferment sugar cane.

            And the crop subsidies keep the peaks and valleys away, but do nothing else. Over the long haul, if milk/grain/beef prices were allowed to rise, more would be produced and vice versa.

            As for Amtrak, the people would find a way to move – raise prices or have less runs or become more efficient. It’s not the Fed’s prerogative to subsidize that.

      • sd21jim

        I’m sorry James, but after reading your post, you have forgotten that President Obama was ridiculed by the right for being a community organizer in Chicago (negotiate, negotiate, negotiate). And to prove how hypocritical the t party is when they claim that they want to return to the constitution, President Obama TAUGHT constitutional law. I’d think that the authority on the constitution would be President Obama?

        • James

          You would think so, but look at his actions.

      • CA

        The ACA was passed by both houses, validated by the Supreme Court and IS the LAW. How much more constitutionality do you want?

        • James

          Well stated. You are correct. The law should be implemented on schedule (1/1/2014 including the employer mandate) with no waivers for unions, McDonalds, Walmart, or Congressional aides – as written. Currently there are over 1200 companies that have been given waivers. Then it should be strictly enforced. Might as well get the implosion over with as quickly as possible.

        • Fred Garvin

          A president who abides by that law,
          instead of the present one who has REPEATEDLY violated it with handouts, delays, and special favors for his campaign buddies.

      • Beloud

        The tea party hates helping average American people. Driven by the likes of the Koch brothers, they embrace big money and the 1%’ers. The sooner these selfish obstructionists are booted from holding public office, the better. They would better serve the American people if they were put in charge of revivals only. There only motivations appears to be the fact that our president is non-white, for they care little about what would be BEST for most Americans.

        • Warbo

          The ‘1%’ers’ have nothing to do with the tea party, nor does the tea party have any special sympathy for them. While you babble about the 1%, what you fail to realize is that the 1% is almost entirely made up of Democrats.

          • Miles

            Completely wrong, according to Gallup polls, of people that make over $500k a year, 57% are or lean republican.

        • Jordan Randall

          You, my friend, are very black and just grouping up with other black people…as blacks will do.. yeah it did happen that our first black president is also the first president to plunge us into socialism. Blacks love having things done for them. You guys need to stop smoking crack and banging bitches and put a pair of work boots on…yeah..i just did that .yous a hoemy g.on.

    • Warbo

      The top 1% is mostly Democrats.

  • Doug Duwenhoegger

    My faith in an educated populous with critical thinking skills has been shattered by the comments on here.

    • Fred Garvin

      My faith was shattered when that “educated populous (sic)” was twice brainwashed into voting for Barry Obama.
      I guess it mostly depends on your viewpoint, right?
      One would hope that in a screed on being educated, you probably should know how to properly use “populous”!
      But I too have lost faith.

      • Doug Duwenhoegger

        Sorry phone auto corrected from population. But what sort of “man” uses a fake name to post in comment sections? One that doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his convictions I would say.

        • Fred Garvin

          Oh, so you are not educated enough to use technology?
          Attack me all you want.
          I’m here to discuss issues.

      • Warbo

        It wasn’t the ‘educated populous’ that voted this joker into office twice. Obama knew that the uneducated outnumber the educated in this country by leaps and bounds. His election strategy centered around getting the uneducated to flock to the polls by touting what they thought was his magnanimous gift to them (Obamacare). Educated people would see right through it, but it didn’t matter because the uneducated, who were far more numerous, would simply alienate them for being so ‘uncaring’.

  • Jane

    Although we Americans have claimed to have a democratic government that is second to none, it is clear to me today that our democracy is broken. There appears to be nothing in place to prevent a minority constituency from using the budget to undo laws congressional majorities have previously passed. What sort of action can be taken to prevent the budget from being used this way in the future? It’s as if the legislative process doesn’t mean anything.

    • Lane Bridwell

      The trouble is that it was passed with lies ( you will be able to keep your Doctor,) lots of people won’t be able to. Additionally, by giving exemptions to the Affordable Care act. If the Affordable Care Act is so good then why has Obama given so many people, companies, and Unions, including Congress, exemptions from having to live under this particular law?

      • Sue de Nim

        It seems to me that most of the lies about the ACA have come from the right. E.g., “death panels” and “It’s socialized medicine.”

        • James

          Neither are lies though –

          1. The “death panel” is actually called the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” which does in fact make decisions regarding what treatments will be allowed – this also happens today within individual insurance companies, but now the government is involved.

          2. It is socialized medicine, as is Medicare, Medicaid and the federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which requires hospitals to treat emergency patients regardless of whether or not they have insurance. So, it’s an expansion of our current socialized programs to include more people.

          • Sue de Nim

            You are misinformed about what socialism is. Obamacare regulates the private sector health insurance industry. If it were socialism, the government would run it outright. And if you insist on misleadingly characterizing that board as a “death panel,” as you say, then you’d have to concede that they existed already, and I for one would rather the government do it than an amoral, profit-driven corporation.

  • Beloud

    Tea Party Republicans!! And the members of Congress that they hold hostage.

    • ?

      Maybe you don’t understand the workings of a “Democracy”

    • ?

      Narrow minded people that are unwilling to compromise and place blame

    • Tired of entitlement

      People like Beloud

  • Stephen

    Every member of Congress is to blame. Congress is supposed to be a collaborative effort in which our representatives are supposed to work together to create and pass legislation and yet they can’t even pass a god damn budget. A minority in Congress didn’t bring the government to a screeching halt. Congress as a whole has done that with its consistent failure to perform even its most basic function.

    • DB

      So what do we do Stephen, when one wants to play dictator and not budge? I think this is entirely on Obama and his failure to compromise! A LARGE percentage of Americans do not want Obama care nor more debt, or a raised debt ceiling. I wonder if the only people who want this are all on welfare!

      • Bill

        That large share includes many older people on a govt. insurance program already. The Greatest Generation, cough cough, is bankrupting this country. They never wanted to pay taxes, and they are running all of the systems dry. They live on pensions and never paid for insurance, since employers used to do that for employees. Not anymore. This generation is getting stuck holding the bag for people complaining about things that don’t affect them. Just thank your grand kids for paying your way the last 15 years of your life, because you didnt.

  • Warbo

    I’d put blame squarely on Obama for this. He’s the one person who really has some ground to give and he absolutely won’t give it. It’s so important for his train-wreck law to go forward that he’s willing to sacrifice every other aspect of American life to make it happen.

    • Bill

      Repubs lost, it is a law, and now they want to cry and whine and change it. The Court would not knock it down, so now they want to fund the parts of Govt. they like. Sorry fella’s it doesn’t work that way.

  • Roy Wehking

    I blame Mr. Obama. Again, he can’t compromise. It is his way or no way. He can listen to the people, but he won’t. Congress is correctly representing the people who they represent. Polls continue to show, the majority of Americans do not want this new health care program. How many times has Mr. Obama already changed the program to favor businesses and special interests, but none of that helps us, the other people who this is hurting. He is making our country into a part-time nation and trying to blame others. We the people see thru it once again.

    • Sue de Nim

      On the contrary. He compromised before the negotiations began by taking single payer off the table, and then dropping the idea of a public option. If his starting position had been single payer, the GOP may well have pushed for something very similar to what we got and called it a victory when it passed. It’s the GOP that took Obama’s olive branches and demanded more.

  • JTV

    The GOP is clearly at fault, no matter which side of the party line you’re on. The health care law they’re trying to repeal is just that: It’s a law. it was already voted on. They lost that battle. They had their chance to fight it and failed. If they feel so strongly about it, they should write reasonable proposals to revise it. They have no right to hold the country hostage over this. They have become political terrorists, dropping a bomb on the country they swore to protect, in order to further their party.

    • TrueAmerican

      The affordable healthcare law is Illegal!

      • Truth001

        The Supreme Court says differently.

  • Jeff

    Here’s the thing…the Republicans are going to get the blame no matter what happens from this point on. That means they have zero incentive to simply give the Democrats what they want; the Republicans have to get something out of the shutdown…that means the government will remain shutdown until the Democrats give them something. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to dismantle Obamacare…it just has to be something. This is all going to end with something small like the repeal of the medical device tax…but it can only happen when Democrats come to the table to negotiate.

  • Diane Porto

    I Blame the Republicans. They are undermining this Country. They made a oath to do so since President Obama got in office.

  • Lane Bridwell

    Both sides are to blame! Until we figure out that Politicians are bad people, for the most part, and limit the damage they can do by passing term limits and balanced budget laws, and other such type laws we will keep being ripped off by idiots and thieves on both sides of the aisle. Here is my proof that both sides are bad: Bush was our President while we went from 4 Trillion in debt to almost 9 Trillion in 8 years. And now Obama takes us from 9 Trillion to almost 17 Trillion in 5 years. Yes Obama is obviously worse but at least he tells he thinks deficit spending is a good thing. Bush pretended to be a Fiscal Conservative. No matter what your ideological beliefs are you must believe that we have to keep our country solvent, don’t you?

  • TS

    I agree, politicians are bad. I don’t know what really goes on behind closed doors, but I blame Republicans. Congress voted on and passed a law, and like children who don’t get their way, they are using (abusing) their power to throw a tantrum. They say the public won’t even notice the shutdown, but I see people hurting already. Let’s shut down their paychecks until they fix this!

    • Warbo

      Kinda like that Linc0ln guy who threw a h1ssy fit about that established law of sl4v3ry and even went as far as starting a war to get rid of it. Yeah, what a wh1ner. We should ALWAYS go along with the established laws no matter how unjust!

  • blah blah blah

    Obama has no problem negotiating with terrorists. …But negotiate with Republicans?!??? Noooo!! They’re waaayyy too radical!
    These idiots need to learn negotiating skills, although that can be a hard thing to do with two-year olds!

    • Warbo

      We WILL have our unbalanced budget and free healthcare, even if it kills us!

  • Truth001

    The Republican party would authorize a Trillion dollars for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but would close down the government over Healthcare. Go figure.

    • Warbo

      Get over the war issue. Even most of the Democratic party (Clinton included) was behind that war until it was too late to turn back. That is NOT solely Bush’s baby.

      Also, get off the Bush bashing. Most Republicans don’t really like him either.

  • Miles

    It seems to me that no ideology is important enough to make it okay for a party to INTENTIONALLY harm it’s own people and economy because it doesn’t get what it wants. Holding hostage the constituents that elected you because you don’t like a law that has already passed is an act of depravity and desperation that, as a typically proud American, makes me ashamed of my government.

  • John

    The shame and the blame is on Harry Reid and his Senate democrats. Four (4) times the House of Representatives offered to fully fund the Government. Four (4) times the democrats refused to fund the Government. Obviously, the ownership of the shutdown is on the democrats in the Senate. The trainwreck that is Obamacare should be debated outside of the terms of the continuing resolution as it no longer represents the bill that was signed into law in 2010.

  • Will

    Obama and the Democrats are playing a dangerous game of chicken…If we had a
    President he would be negotiating with Republicans and Democrats alike. Between Harry Reid’s pig headedness and Obama’s “it’s not my job” attitudes we are headed for some slippery slopes!! We can’t keep giving money away, there has to be some accountability, unfortunately their isn’t any on either side….How about not being able to exclude yourselves from Obamacare, Medicare, and the like. If it’s good enough for the American people, then you should swallow the pill as well.!

  • cgoofies

    At this point there is no good decision. This was apparent at the decision to shut down.People are only concearned at voting out those people responsible, and ones that cannot help this situation and begin to develop a reasonable plan for this type of emeency, and make proper accomodations for workers, and people counting on the Government. What if Obama gave up the Healthcare and the Republican made our Country free again, then Obama started revamping his Health Plan, then the Republicans shut it down a second, or 3rd time? At what point would we need Washington Police or Military action to restore order? These follks are irresponsible, out of control, and out of power.

  • Lahmad

    I hope the people of american see who is for the people and who is for them selfs.
    congress forced a government shutdown to save there jobs and stop obama care