Are personal seat licenses a good investment?

Part of the new Vikings stadium financing plan rests squarely on the shoulders of fans.

“The state has agreed to sell $125 million in personal seat licenses on the team’s behalf. The licenses will range in price from $500 to $10,000, although the average seat license will cost $2,500 each.

“And three out of four fans will have to buy a license in the 65,000 seat stadium. The licenses are one-time fees, that give buyers ownership of the seat. They’re also commodities that can be traded or sold,” writes MPR News reporter Tim Nelson.

License holders still need to buy tickets to get access to games.

Today’s Question: Are personal seat licenses a good investment?

  • PaulJ

    If the value increases by 6.5% per year (the S&P average) it is. If not, you’re getting a Helga Haircut.

    • PaulJ

      That means a PSL should be worth $4,780.00 in ten years (for those keeping score).

  • Gary F

    Good investment? Who is buying them as an investment?

  • JQP

    Vikings ? Investment ? It’s not possible to link those two concepts !
    More like ….. would you now pay for what you used to get as a perk of loyalty ?
    Your former arrangement with guy who owned seaside cabins … has now become a time-share.

  • Larry Sanderson

    Oh yes! Just like all of my special interest commemorative Christmas cups and saucers! I’m going to retire on them in just a year or two…

  • reggie

    I don’t know which is more ridiculous: that Vikings fans will have to pony up $2,500 for the “right” to pay a ridiculous amount for a season ticket, or that the fans’ money is counted as part of the Wilf’s ridiculously small contribution to the cost of the stadium. It’s a great “investment” for the Wilfs. For a fan? No so much.

  • Nick

    The criminal Wilf’s win again. Why is Dayton such a fool. I will never go to a Vikings game and I am proud to say that.

  • david

    Seems like it’ll only drive up the cost of something I already couldn’t afford to attend. Glad I’m not a fan. I would rather the vikings moved then to have to help pay for this waste of infrastructure.

    • Mark

      I agree completely.

  • Elijah the Tishbite

    No! It’s offering sacrifice to Footbaal!

  • Pearly

    The stadium deal keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. How about a pay per view also

  • Sue de Nim

    It’s not an investment I would make, even if I thought its value would soar. Our idolatry of Footbaal (Preach it, brother Elijah!) is bad for our national character.

  • Gary F

    Marx Dayton’s “The People’s Stadium” . He knew seat licences were part of the deal.

  • Jim G

    Not for the average Minnesota household with an income near $58,906 which is the median income for 2012. With this income couples are providing all the necessities of life for themselves and maybe one or two children. Imagine that they might be Viking fans, and they’re thinking about purchasing two of these personal seat licenses( PSL) for themselves. At $500/seat this couple would be spending 1.6% of their income, just for the PSLs. Then at $2500/seat their cost would be around 8.4%, and for two seats at $10,000/seat the total is approximately 35% of the median income. Now they have the licenses, but they must purchase the actual season tickets, at an additional cost from the Vikings. I don’t think they can swing it and then eat, house, and cloth themselves for the rest of the year. Do you?

    At one time the new football stadium was billed as the “People’s Stadium.” The average median income Viking fan won’t be buying these personal seat licenses, because they can’t afford to. The “People’s Stadium” is really the “Millionaires and Billionaires Playroom” that average fans and citizens were extorted to finance.

  • Mark

    If they are relying on this as substantial revenue source for the stadium, then they’re in for a huge disappointment.

  • Gnosis Sisong

    Yes, Minnesota is NFL crazy!