Do you take steps to avoid sitting too much during the workday?
“It’s been a decade since scientific studies began to show that too much sitting can lead to obesity and increase the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease,” writes Sam Nananel for the Associated Press. “Even going to the gym three times a week doesn’t offset the harm of being sedentary for hours at a time, said Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic.”

“‘There’s a glob of information that sitting is killing us,’ Levine said. ‘You’re basically sitting yourself into a coffin.'”

The AP is also reporting that more Americans are excising while they work.

A growing number of Americans are standing, walking and even cycling their way through the workday at treadmill desks, standup desks or other moving workstations. Others are forgoing chairs in favor of giant exercise balls to stay fit.

Walking on a treadmill while making phone calls and sorting through emails means “being productive on two fronts,” said Andrew Lockerbie, senior vice president of benefits at Brown & Brown, a global insurance consulting firm.

Lockerbie can burn 350 calories a day walking 3 to 4 miles on one of two treadmill desks that his company’s Indianapolis office purchased earlier this year.

“I’m in meetings and at my desk and on the phone all day,” he said. “It’s great to be able to have an option at my work to get some physical activity while I’m actually doing office stuff. You feel better, you get your blood moving, you think clearly.”

Treadmill desks designed for the workplace are normally set to move at 1 to 2 mph, enough to get the heart rate up but not too fast to distract from reading or talking on the phone comfortably.

Today’s Question: Do you take steps to avoid sitting too much during the workday?

  • mason

    I have been working at a standing desk all year and it’s been great. I have a barstool type chair with a back that I sit in for a 10-15 minutes an hour.

    Standing was a little distracting to be standing for the first couple of weeks, but now it’s not even noticeable.

    There is a bar running under the desk that I can put a foot up on, and it’s so nice to be able to change position instead of sitting still all day.

  • Ralfy

    Excellent word play in posing TQ!

  • Gary F

    Wow, besides Syria, we have state workers abusing data privacy rights, we have Colorado recalling two anti-2nd amendment representatives, we have Kenosha Wisconsin teachers voting to go non-union, and the Obama Regime just nominated a guy from the evil Mitt Romney’s Bain Corporation and you waited this long to talk about getting your arse out of the chair once in a while?

    I guess there just isn’t any news to discuss today!

  • PaulJ

    I tried, but the man ground me under his heel.

  • Jamison S.

    Created a standing desk from some IKEA parts and some plans I found online. I stand most of the morning, and then sit in the afternoon. Works great for me.

  • david

    I wish I could get a standing desk. For now all I can do is walk to the furthest away bathroom when nature calls.

  • Sheri Booms Holm

    I’ve had a standing desk for a few months now and really love it. About seven of our 18 staff use them. The desks are able to be lowered to a regular seated position, so we don’t have to stand all day. The keys to success, in my case, are a gel mat and flat shoes!