What do you think of the new endangered species list for Minnesota?

In a 2011 photo, a bull moose grazes on water lilies in the canoe country north of Ely, Minn. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said Friday, Jan. 4, 2013 that it will conduct research aimed at better understanding the sharp decline in the state's moose population. Moose are now considered a species of special concern in the state. (AP Photo/The Duluth News-Tribune, Sam Cook, file)
“The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has added 180 species to the state’s list of endangered or threatened plants and animals, many of which have struggled to survive as native habitat disappeared. Another 29 species, including bald eagles and wolves, have been taken off the list, writes MPR News reporter Jon Collins

The DNR added eight mammals to the list. Moose, big brown bat and Canada lynx are now considered species of special concern. And one, the Northern pocket gopher, was newly listed as threatened.

DNR endangered species coordinator Rich Baker said many of the species were added to the list due to new information collected by the agency.

“We have spent the last couple decades gathering an enormous amount of new information about where plants and animals are in the state,” Baker said. “We’ve looked carefully enough at that information to decide which species we know enough about to say, ‘This one is indeed rare and this one we just don’t know enough about.'”

Baker said about 60 percent of the species on the list are also threatened by habitat loss, including a shrinking prairie.

Another ten percent are threatened by invasive species.

Today’s Question: What do you think of the new endangered species list for Minnesota?