Should the federal government play a stronger role in regulating electronic cigarettes?

“An increase in Minnesota’s cigarette tax is giving a boost to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking,” according to MPR News Reporter Mark Zdechlik.

The number of Twin Cities shops selling the “e-cigs,” as they are called, has been rising, and shop owners credit the $1.60-a-pack tax increase that goes into effect July 1 for expanding interest.

The tax increase won’t hit e-cigarettes as hard as it will traditional tobacco.

In addition, many advocates tout health advantages e-cigarettes have over traditional cigarettes. Some skeptics dispute those health claims and are calling for the Food and Drug Administration to play a stronger role regulating e-cigarettes.

Today’s Question: Should the federal government play a stronger role in regulating electronic cigarettes?


  • Gary F

    Really, you mean smokers aren’t “Happy to pay for a better Minnesota”?

  • Dick Justice

    absolutely not. $1.60 extra tax on smokes? you f’in kidding me? what kind of crack are they smoking? they need to stay away from it.

  • Pearly

    I bought one this last Sat. and hope to never pick up a regular cig again

  • Rich in Duluth

    Yes, people consume this stuff. We should require FDA testing, labels showing ingredients, and sufficient inspection to insure the labels are correct.

  • The FDA should inspect it like any other product. If they find problems, address them. Otherwise don’t.

  • Gary F

    Hey smokers, look for the North Dakota cigs, coming to town in the next couple of weeks.

  • Craig

    It appears to deliver a vapor to the lung. Smoke is not good for the lungs, but the burning probably has a sterilizing effect. Whereas producing a vapor at a low temperature would seem to necessitate a more sterile product and a clean device with which to atomize it, otherwise the vapor could carry bacteria into the lungs. The FDA should probably scrutinize it more like a medical device/drug combination.

    • Ian

      The atomizer in a e-cig is cooler but it is well over 200 degrees. more then enough to sterilize the liquid. as far as the physical heating coil goes they burn out after about 2-3 weeks and if the unit is poorly made you can tell right away.

  • Sue de Nim

    The FDA should certainly have a say. E-cigs are a drug delivery system, after all.
    Is there a reason for their regulations to be different from nicotine patches?

  • VirginiaSlims

    The Federal Government should just give it up and legalize Marijuana. How about that idea? To all of you that drink Beer We all know that you smoke too…. So Now Free the Weed Humans!!!! You’d think everybody would be favor of Legalization, but when it comes to Smoking Once again Big Government is watching us right now…..

  • Ian

    There is a lot of contention among vapers (people use e-cigs) on FDA regulation. As far as the devices used for producing vapor, there hundreds if not thousands of different devices on the market and for the most part are made by people use a vaporizer. there are 3 basic components in eliquid, nicotine, a base liquid of propylene glyco (PG)l or vegetable glycol (VG), and food flavor. The PG (a common used in asma inhalers) is what carries the nicotine and flavor in to the mouth and lungs. I don’t know how the lab produced nicotine is regulated but the other 2 ingredient are individually approved by the FDA.

    If you want more information the CASAA has a ton of information on the subject

  • jameswood

    FDA is a very reputed institution and it works only for us.Their interference is good for us.If interference crosses it’s limits, we should oppose it or give us advice what we should do.I think they don’t have any best alternative than e cigarette for smoking.


  • Yes, i think federal government should be played important role to regulate e cigarette because federal government has best reputation but its better to regulate the tobacco cigarette.

  • Federal government should play a stronger role in regulating tobacco cigarette not for e cigarette. Because study proves that tobacco cigarette is very harmful so if federal government regulate it all other countries have to follow it. So it will be better for smokers if federal government regulate tobacco cigarette instead of e cigarette.