Would smarter guns make us safer?

There might be a technological solution to reducing gun violence.

A high-tech start up has created “a wireless controller that would allow gun owners to know when their weapon is being moved — and disable it remotely,” reports the AP.

Smart guns aren’t a new idea, but technology has advanced since they were first introduced.

More on how the technology works from the AP:

The new Yardarm Technologies LLC system would trigger an alarm on an owner’s cellphone if a gun is moved, and the owner could then hit a button to activate the safety and disable the weapon. New guns would come with a microchip on the body and antennas winding around the grip. It would add about $50 to the cost of a gun, and about $12 a year for the service.

The Yardarm system is one of several recently introduced high-tech offerings: the iGun only fires if it recognizes a ring on a finger, the Intelligun uses a fingerprint locking system and TriggerSmart uses radio frequency identification.

Today’s Question: Would smarter guns make us safer?