Would smarter guns make us safer?

Gun owner receives notice that their gun is being moved, has the option of enabling the gun's safety and disabling the gun. (Image via Yardarm Technologies LLC)

There might be a technological solution to reducing gun violence.

A high-tech start up has created “a wireless controller that would allow gun owners to know when their weapon is being moved — and disable it remotely,” reports the AP.

Smart guns aren’t a new idea, but technology has advanced since they were first introduced.

More on how the technology works from the AP:

The new Yardarm Technologies LLC system would trigger an alarm on an owner’s cellphone if a gun is moved, and the owner could then hit a button to activate the safety and disable the weapon. New guns would come with a microchip on the body and antennas winding around the grip. It would add about $50 to the cost of a gun, and about $12 a year for the service.

The Yardarm system is one of several recently introduced high-tech offerings: the iGun only fires if it recognizes a ring on a finger, the Intelligun uses a fingerprint locking system and TriggerSmart uses radio frequency identification.

Today’s Question: Would smarter guns make us safer?