Would smarter guns make us safer?

There might be a technological solution to reducing gun violence.

A high-tech start up has created “a wireless controller that would allow gun owners to know when their weapon is being moved — and disable it remotely,” reports the AP.

Smart guns aren’t a new idea, but technology has advanced since they were first introduced.

More on how the technology works from the AP:

The new Yardarm Technologies LLC system would trigger an alarm on an owner’s cellphone if a gun is moved, and the owner could then hit a button to activate the safety and disable the weapon. New guns would come with a microchip on the body and antennas winding around the grip. It would add about $50 to the cost of a gun, and about $12 a year for the service.

The Yardarm system is one of several recently introduced high-tech offerings: the iGun only fires if it recognizes a ring on a finger, the Intelligun uses a fingerprint locking system and TriggerSmart uses radio frequency identification.

Today’s Question: Would smarter guns make us safer?

  • Gary F

    Nope. Just think, right now our current government is spying on journalists, using the power of the IRS to wreak havoc on it’s political enemies, and trying to whittle away at the 2nd Amendment.

    I’m not buying one of those guns, never. Ever.

  • John Browning

    Thanks MPR. Articles like this just fuel the frenzy of firearm and ammunition sales. The gun and ammo manufacturers thank you.

  • Steve the Cynic

    A gun that won’t fire for anyone but its owner is a good idea, but one that could be remotely disabled, perhaps by a hacker, or the service provider if you don’t pay their fee, or a despotic government, is absurd. But mainly, the Yardarm “service” sounds like an avaricious ploy to exploit paranoid gun owners for profit. I’m skeptical if it would even work. How hard can it be for a thief to remove the electronics from the gun and make it work? If you’re worried about your gun being stolen, keep it locked up like you’re supposed to. Or, think hard about whether you really need a gun in the first place. Whatever you don’t have can’t be stolen.

  • Paul

    Sure, if you’re part of the “Us” that is likely to access the technology and is under significant threat from their own gun. Almost nobody in actual danger from firearms will be affected.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Maybe, if responsible gun owners exchanged them for their dumb guns and those dumb guns were melted down but, I doubt that’s likely. Considering that there are already about 300-million guns out there, I can’t see that smart guns would do much to curb violence.

  • brian

    No. You can fire a trigger faster than responding with a cell phone…assuming you are even by your cell phone when it happens.

    Smarter gun laws, not smarter guns, would make us safer.

    • Steve the Cynic

      I think the idea is that if you don’t have your gun with you and you get notified that it’s being moved, it’s probably been stolen, in which case you could remotely disable it (after which, the thief would most likely disable the electronics and make it operable anyway). The Yardarm service would be useless if someone wrests your gun from your person and turns it against you; in that case something like a gun that won’t fire for anyone but its
      owner would be more useful.

  • Philip

    No they will not. For every solution we find there will always be 10 more ways around it.

    “Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.” – Ecclesiastes 7:20

  • Jeff

    This technology could help with stolen guns (a GPS chip in each gun) or tracking down gun traffickers. Perhaps we need to stop blaming the inanimate object for causing a problem and realize that there is a person behind that object that is responsible for the crime. Let’s keep criminals and violent mentally ill people from getting access to firearms; let’s continue to do background checks on public sales and make sure we have all the appropriate people on the “do not sell” list.

    • Gary F

      So the Cryps, Bloods, Vice Lords, White Power and Latin Kings will start requiring their members to have chipped guns? Kinda like they will require their members to make sure their guns are registered?

      • Jeff

        Nope but the responsible gun owner, or gun dealers might put chips in their guns so if they’re ever stolen by someone in the Bloods or Cryps the gun could be easily tracked down. I’m not saying everyone would do this but if there have been gun theft incidents in your neighborhood or store then it might be a good idea.

        • Gary F

          And seeing right now our current government is spying on journalists, using the power of the IRS to wreak havoc on it’s political enemies, and trying to whittle away at the 2nd Amendment, it’s not a good idea to own one.

          • KTN

            Trying to whittle away, but not succeeding
            Federal gun rights have increased under the current President, not diminished, .

    • Steve the Cynic

      You think gun thieves would be too stupid to remove or disable a GPS chip in a stolen gun?

  • Gary F

    Better yet, I want a “Liberator” plastic gun made with a 3D printer. The government is never going to be able to control those!

  • Jim G

    Smarter gun owners will make us safer. Gun-safety training will make more of a impact on gun safety than this technology, which will be defeated by a technological counter-measure. This is an arms race bought right into your own home. Every new technology will be met with counter-measures.

    Buy a gun safe, and then put a trigger-lock on every gun in the safe. Then remember that noise at the front door might be your grand-daughter fumbling with her keys.

    • Gary F


      Send your kid, and while you are at it, send yourself, to a MN DNR Firearms training class even if you or your kid never thinks they will ever shoot a gun.

  • Duane

    I wonder if the wireless controller would work on a meat cleaver??