What do you think about Michele Bachmann’s decision not to run for re-election?

“8 years is enough,” says Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won’t see re-election in 2014,” writes Matt Sepic for MPR News.

“The 4-term congresswoman announced her decision in a nearly 9-minute video posted on her website early Wednesday morning.

“Bachmann said in the video that the decision wasn’t the result of doubts about her ability to win re-election.

“‘Be assured, my decision was not in any way influenced by my concerns about my being re-elected to Congress,’ she said. ‘I’ve always in the past defeated candidates that were capable, qualified and well funded.'”

Bachmann, a hero to many conservatives and tea party advocates … saw her fortunes rise and fall quickly in the 2012 race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The Minnesota Republican said that, "the law limits anyone from serving as president of the United States for more than 8 years … in my opinion, well, 8 years is also long enough for an individual to serve as a representative for a specific congressional district." She said she will remain in Congress through the end of her term, which expires after the 2014 election.

via The Two-Way.

Today’s Question: What do you think about Michele Bachmann’s decision not to run for reelection in the 6th District?

  • Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    Also, who shoots a video like this anyway? Boils down to, “Eight years is the same as two presidential terms and well, I’ve served eight years, so I’m like a mini-president in a way. Also, this has nothing to do with me being a total bigot, being super unpopular, and also doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with me being investigated by the FBI over campaign finances.”

    Ashamed she *ever* represented my state.

    Later in the video, she actually says, “And finally put this country back on the track of greatness and American exceptionalism.” There is so much wrong with this statement. Dripping with white privilege, Christian dominionism, and historic misinformation. No, I don’t believe for a second Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan single handedly brought down the Soviet Union. That had something to do with Gorbachev, Glasnost, and Perestroika.

    Michele Bachmann is a perfect example why Church and State need to be separate and the education system in this country needs a strong injection of science, logic, and rationality.

  • Pearly

    Let the hate flow!

    • reggie

      Au contraire. With Bachmann out of office, there’s a much greater likelihood that the hate will diminish. She was the source of years of demagoguery and mean-spirited, misguided thinking, and as a representative of her district and state, accomplished nearly nothing of substance.

  • ViaChicago59

    There is still something wrong with the water in the 6th but this is very good news for humanity.

  • Emery

    I can’t think of any legislation she has passed in her eight yrs as congresswoman. Ok, she did vote multiple times to strip the ACA of funding. The two questions that I would really like an answer to is; what happened between last weeks “Re-elect Bachmann” campaign ad and today? And secondly is this good news for Mr. Graves?

  • reggie

    Good riddance. Any chance she’ll do a Sarah Palin and quit before the end of her term?

  • spinachlover

    Thank goodness!! She NEVER made me proud to be a MInnesotan.

  • JQP

    That to succeed in the American political process you have to be rich and crazy…. but sometimes you just take it a notch ( or 10) to far. We’ve always admired chutzpah, flamboyance, rhetoric and the regular servings of mish-mash ideology. Michelle Bachmanns problem ( and that of most politcians) was she believed she was never wrong – that everyone else misunderstood what she meant, said, wrote, quoted, cited, …. too bad, move along.

  • KTN

    “Eight years is enough…”, truer words were never spoken, and for once, her words pass the PolitiFacts check.

  • Duane

    This is disappointing news to me, with the mess the Obama administration is developing into now with the Benghazi questions, the Judicial illegal investigation of the AP and James Rosen and finally now the IRS scandal, we need people willing to step forward and challenge the abuse of the power. I know a lot of people will be glad to see her step down, but we need to look at the root of the problem in Washington, not someone that is trying to stop the abuse of power that appears to be developing with this administration.

  • James

    Who cares why!! Pass the champagne cause it’s party time in Minnesota!!

  • Jim G

    (With joyous feeling or schadenfreude)
    I can’t help myself.

    So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye…

    • tmac

      Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.

      I could not help myself either!

  • Onan The Barbarian

    She sees the writing on the wall and is ducking out before she loses to Graves. She was scared enough to start her TV spots for her re-election.

  • kevins

    Being in the 7th District, my wife and I have always wondered how Ms. Bachmann got elected and re-elected, but then we are used to a low flying and seemingly absent pseudo-Democrat, in stark contrast to the histrionics in the 6th. I have to giggle at the idea that her decision has nothing to do electability or the ongoing investigation, as it defies her attention seeking persona. Oh well, we sure will miss the entertainment.

  • James

    This is a little bit like someone commiting suicide. It’s the cowardly way out. Rather than fight a tough campaign and probably lose she’s taking her ball and going home.
    At the same time she is cunningly taking all the passion out of the investigations that she is facing and will have a much easier final year.
    One last thought. This woman loves the spotlight. Although she is leaving congress, it’s hard to imagine she is really going away. Governor Bachman, perhaps??

  • Steve the Cynic

    What a shame. Her over-the-top bluster, her fact-twisting, and her ideological rigidity was very effective at promoting the cause of moderation and civility in American politics, as people turned away from such antics with disgust. I sure hope someone will step up to take her place,

    • Sue de Nim

      Would that were so. Sadly, however, hatred on one side usually provokes hatred on the other. The far left too often sank to her level by responding to Bachmann’s hateful rhetoric with hatred of their own.

  • JPS

    As a citizen of the 6th district, I haven’t stopped smiling since hearing the news. Besides the obvious that almost anyone else would be more effective and less divisive, I look forward to not having to respond to that frequent and insinuating question, “You live in her district, don’t you?”

  • Scott

    She is an embarrassment to multicellular life. I just hope the voters of the 6th district don’t elect someone worse, if that’s even possible. I’m embarrassed to have to admit I live in the 6th district, but she has NEVER represented me, not even close.

  • Hey Der

    Haters gonna hate…

  • Hey Der

    On behalf of the people of the Sixth District, I want to thank you for your service – and for knowing when it is time to resume your private life. Thank you for attempting to carry the conservative torch through the venomous minefields such as this very board, when so many of your party were afraid to speak their minds for fear of the ridicule as presented here. When they stoop to ridicule and name calling, frequently it is because they haven’t got the ability to argue the issues based on facts, logic and proven results.

    • Scott

      There’s no point in arguing with Bachmann, she has a very excellent
      history of demonstrating she has no concept of truth, facts, or logic
      (or reality for that matter). The only reason she ever got elected is
      because the 6th district was insanely gerrymandered to make a “safe” Republican district.

    • shelleybear

      And may you accept what ever verdicts and punishment are placed on you for your criminal mismanagement of you presidential campaign.

  • nm in mn

    Glad to be done with her. I would have preferred that she be defeated, but we’re all better off either way.

  • Wally

    So predictable. I knew the long knives would come out.

  • Jeff

    Bachmann was not the right person to represent the Republican party or even her district in Minnesota as a Republican. Republicans are supposed to be the more logical and business minded group but Mrs. Bachmann seemed to be driven by emotion and religion. When she delivered speeches about religion she sounded much more like a liberal using emotional tugs at the heartstrings (similar to how liberals do this for global warming). Politics should rise beyond the idea of religion (since we all rarely agree on that topic) and move on to issues that have to do with public policy and doing what is best for the economy, business and individuals.

  • Gary F

    Who will be the next “Emmanuel Goldstein” for the political left and their friends in the media?

    Where will all this angry, bad bile be directed?

  • david

    If I still lived in the 6th I would be throwing a party this weekend. Now that the poster girl for sociopathic, delusional, habitual liars is gone, I hope Minnesota can pass the torch to Texas and let them have the well deserved title of continually voting for these types. This embarrassment to the state won’t be missed, as long as she doesn’t pull a Sarah Palin and hang around where she’s not wanted.

    • shelleybear

      With same sex marriage now areality in the state, I don’t think she’ll stay.

      • david

        Let’s hope so. Not being gay I like having a way to reap some reward on its passage. If I knew that would be all it would take to be rid of her, I would have been actively pursuing its enactment 7.5 years ago.

        • shelleybear


  • david

    I do hope her husband doesn’t stop playing Cameron on modern family. He’s a hoot.

  • While I’m certainly not sad to see Bachmann go, I hope 6th District voters won’t simply replace her with a clone as there are plenty of those who already hold seats in the State Legislature who could explore a run.

  • Gary F

    With Romney getting +15% voting majority over Obama in the 6th, a good candidate should beat Graves.

    Celebrate today. But who will be on the big screen during your “20 minutes of hate” in the future? Who is the new “Boogyman/woman”, now that MB is gone?

    • JQP

      Well, with far right “cover girl” Michelle Bachmann no longer drawing media attention, that lasers will refocus on Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and Eric Cantor will start looking more fringy. Louie “the laffer Gohmert” just doesn’t have the productivity and screen presence to fill her shoes.

  • Ken

    My block was gerrymandered out of the sixth. I cannot tell you how absolutely thrilled that MB is leaving. From her insistence that no one ever came here against their will and none of the founding fathers owned slaves, to death panels and providing both transportation and money to win the Iowa straw vote, she gives Minnesota a bad name. I know many Republicans who are equally glad to hear of her decision, and no, there is no “hate” in my reaction. Relief, yes, but hate? Absolutely none.

  • Nicole

    Good riddance. I don’t think I have ever heard a word of truth out of her mouth. She seems entirely motivated by hatred for Obama and anyone who does not adhere to her strict ideology. Maybe the 6th district can elect someone moderate. Even conservative would be fine so long as it isn’t someone who is only driven by hatred and couldn’t tell the truth to save her life.

  • david

    Wow made it 5 minutes into the video before I had to shut it down, crawl under my desk and bite in a pencil till the migraine subsided. I don’t know what I found more disturbing, that she believes the BS coming out of her face, or that some other people actually do.

  • muffy

    Her ideaologies fuel and perpetuate partisanship on local and national levels, contributing to the continued split in the Republican party. She thrives on the spotlight and does and says anything she can to stay in it. In no way do I see her service in the House as productive and worth recognition or celebration. Yet it is worth celebrating her departure; a grand day in Minnesota indeed.

  • Matt

    One point that was made this morning on the radio, and here in the comments, is that Bachmann had no significant or notable legislation to her credit. I think that metric doesn’t really resonate with the people who supported her. I think there is a large sentiment that there are already enough laws in DC, and that piling on more is not a metric of success, but rather an indicator that a legislator is part of the problem.

    Of course, the intrinsic goodness of more government is one of the bitter philosophical differences between Bachmann and her opponents, so new legislation is a dubious metric by which to judge her performance.

    Therefore, for someone like Bachmann, a more interesting success metric might be the extent to which she _prevented_ bad laws from being passed, or the extent to which she was able to get bad laws repealed. Obviously, she wasn’t as successful as she wanted to be.

  • Andy

    Yawn…..Michelle who?

  • Bye bye bachmann you idiot

    Is she leaving before all she is remembered for is the perp walk in handcuffs out of the house of representatives? I’m guessing she would rather be remembered as the obstructionist do nothing embarrassment to the state of Minnesota. Working 100 hours a week for us? Really? Only if you count all the hours a week being the butt of jokes from every comedian on television.

  • Pearly

    MPR, you have out done your self. 8 plus hours of hate. I bet Michale and the MPR crew got tight in the pants reading this all day. Not once did the Mod. try to bring it back to any thing remotely civil. Thanks MPR.org for spending our tax money in a “unbiased” way.

    • Michael

      I just wonder how the funds Bachman received for her campaigning compare with the monies received by MPR.

      I believe I know which has made the most benefit to our world.

      • Hey Der

        One comparison is those funds came willingly from private donors, not from my taxes.

        • Michael

          and what percentage of your taxes do you think goes to MPR?

          • Hey Der


  • Michael

    I think I’m relieved. I’m surprised she’s been this long in office, its not her fault only her responsibility and those who voted for her.

  • Maia

    I would be relieved, but she is so stupid, she wouldn’t have a chance anyway.

  • syl

    after dealing with this lying megalomaniac since before her attempt at overthrowing the Stillwater public school board, i say,”good riddance to bad rubbish!”. She has never been honest with the people here, either by out-right falsehoods spoken from her mouth, to her seeming “message from God” she supposedly received telling her to run for congress. This character attempted to lie to the voting public in stillwater in 1998. She didn’t disclose that she, along with a few others, were actually homeschool/private school parents and no interest in furthering public education. She always seems to have a story……Thank goodness i don’t have to answer questions from world-wide contacts wondering what was going on with minnesota!
    Earlier today a reporter from MPR was doing a story from the 6th district. it appears this reporter only went to one area of the district. perhaps would have heard the real story down here in the southern part of the district.
    it will be interesting to see what she tries to pull next!

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