Who is your favorite artist from Minnesota?

Bob Dylan made his debut in New York this week in 1961 when he opened for John Lee Hooker at Gerde’s Folk City.

During the show he unveiled Blowing in the Wind:

The song was based off the old Negro spiritual “No More Auction Block” (a song in Dylan’s live repertoire at the time), and it initially had only two verses. He soon realized it needed another section and wrote the “how many years can a mountain exist” verse. The next month he published the song in Broadside magazine, though Dylan’s recorded version wouldn’t appear on shelves until August of 1963. (Rolling Stone)

BOB DYLAN – Blowing in the wind (1971) – YouTube by Alexis_Querales

Dylan’s cultural status looms large, but he’s far from alone when it comes to talented Minnesotans. Today’s Question: Who is your favorite artist from Minnesota?