Second of two explosions at Boston marathon, April 15, 2013. The explosions took place about three hours after the winners crossed the finish line. The second one could be heard a few seconds after the first one. (Boston_to_a_T via Twitter) The Boston Marathon explosions have some rethinking their safety at large public events. The people Read more

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a case that could stop the patenting of human genes. Advocates for the biomedical industry assert that patents drive medical discoveries. The multibillion-dollar industry performs critical research in the fight against cancer and other diseases. Opponents of gene patents, including Nobel Prize-winning scientists and medical groups say the Read more

The Minnesota Legislature and the U.S. Congress are considering gun violence legislation. Opinion polls have consistently shown strong support for measures such as expanded background checks and a ban on assault-style weapons and large ammunition clips. Neither state or federal lawmakers seemed to think they had the votes to pass an assault weapons ban, but Read more

In the last few months, several hospitals in northeast Minnesota have stopped selling soda and other beverages that are sweetened with sugar. They are at the forefront of a growing national trend among health care facilities that are trying to combat the nation’s obesity problem. Health administrators says hospitals need to reinforce that message, Other Read more