What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had on vacation?

Passengers on the disabled cruise ship Triumph had to endure days at sea with limited power, malfunctioning toilets and no ventilation. Today’s Question: What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had on vacation?

  • One Cord Joe

    One June in the late 1990’s a doctor found a lump in my neck that was suspected of being cancer. I had no energy, was out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs and my hair was turning from brown to grey – quickly. There was definitely something serious going on. While waiting to get in to follow up with an oncologist for testing we went on vacation to a small mountain lake in a neighboring state. My wife had found this place on her own and her plans were for this to be a stress-free, calm and quiet time for me and our sons. We were both worried about my health, our future, etc. 1.) First thing we discovered upon arrival was that there was a road that ran between the cabin and our “beach” and dock on the lake ( the cabin was advertised as lake-front). After discovering the road and calling the owner, she told us that there was barely any traffic on the road…but, it turned out to be a continuously used and highly-traveled local road. 3.)The hour we arrived the septic backed up, toilets overflowed, etc and a septic repairman w/backhoe arrived to do repairs…lots of noise, commotion and a big pile of dirt and smelly mud near the cabin. We suspect the owner knew about this but let us come anyway to pocket her rental $. 4.) On the third morning a loud commotion of dual-axle dump trucks started arriving with loads of sand for our “beach” across the road and this went on for two days. We asked the owner if they could wait until we had gone but were told that she had other renters booked and had to let the work go on. 5.) The owner was a miserable a****** and when my wife went to see her about all this near the end of our stay, told her how stressful this was on me and suggested that we had been sold a bill of goods, the owner refused to offer us anything including any of the rental fee as a token of good faith. She did not even apologize. It was one high-stress miserable place and we were uptight and anxious the whole time wondering what would happen next. Faced with no other way to obtain any satisfaction from this abyssmal place and all of us stressed to the max, I spent my last 24 hours there systematically burning up every scrap of firewood that was stacked for use in the outdoor firepit. I calculated it at approximately one entire cord. It took a lot of dedication, goal-oriented thought and stick-to-it-iveness and required my moving a couple of tons of wood by hand but it was the happiest that I was the entire vacation. My fatigue even seemed to subside while I worked at it. The physical work wiped me out but it felt so good. By the way, I eventually found out that I did have cancer, had surgery and although I am not quite the same as before I am relatively healthy some fifteen years later.