North Korea has announced its third nuclear test. The announcement brought a swift condemnation this morning from President Obama, who reportedly plans to use his State of the Union address tonight to call for deep cuts in the world’s nuclear arsenals. Today’s Question: Under what conditions would you support major cuts in nuclear weapons?

The Obama administration’s use of drones to kill terror suspects has attracted harsh criticism in recent days and contributed to the controversy around the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Some in government are calling for more transparency and accountability – for example, by subjecting drone strikes to a legal review process, or Read more

Scholars in England have identified the remains of Richard III, the king described in Shakespeare as a “pois’nous bunch-back’d toad.” Shakespeare’s version of history blames Richard for the presumed murders of the young princes in the Tower of London, among other deaths. Today’s Question: Among great figures of history, whose remains would you like to Read more