How might the record number of women in Congress affect the conduct of government?

The new Congress includes an unprecedented number of women. Twenty women now serve in the Senate, and 81 serve in the House. Today’s Question: How might the record number of women in Congress affect the conduct of government?

  • Duane

    I find this topic somewhat troublesome. The affairs of the state or nation should be gender neutral;. To cast your vote on the basis of what the candidate can deliver because of the candidates gender or for that matter race is irresponsible. I would hope that our members of congress or the president would favor one gender or race over another would not happen. However, to expect this to be the case with all members of our government is unrealistic given the pressure of reelection and the temptation of the money made available through campaigns. We voters deserve who we vote for.

    • Steve the Cynic

      So, maybe we should elect some gender neutral people. Do you know any?

      • Duane

        A well informed voter should have no problem in this respect!

        • Steve the Cynic

          Obviously, my attempt at humor was a skosh too subtle for you, Duane. Unless, that is, you actually do know some “gender neutral” people.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The composition of the Supreme Court might be different if there had been more women in the Senate in 1991 when Clarence Thomas was nominated. Diverse groups make better decisions, because they consider more perspectives.

  • Jim G

    Half of the smartest and socially adept people I know are women. Additionally, most are not ego driven and are usually willing to listen and look for solutions to problems rather than choose to be the obstruction others have to work around. As I see it, the more women in government there are, the better government will work for the benefit of all.

  • david

    It depends on how much of an extremist wingnut they are. Could you imagine how messed up things would be with 101 new do nothing bachmann clones thrown into washington? On the other hand a few more klobuchars and this race to the bottom we’re on might at least slow down.

  • Ann M

    I would like to see female leaders with a pragmatic spending philosophy.A lot of women work in accounting fields. It can start with the elections. We don’t need thousands of radio and TV commercials and mountains of junk mail. There are more effiicient ways to get the message across. Then they wouldn’t need to be inluenced by the rich and influential.. The Germans elected a female leader and they are doing well. The Germans knew that employed people pay taxes. The governent worked with companies and unions to get people employed in the private sector. (taxpayers pay gov’t employees) The NHL seems to be a good example of men who can’t work things out. Maybe there should be more women leading unions and companies..

  • Mary

    Woman usually have a different perspective on problems then men. The same way that different ethnic groups do. I think the more diversity in congress the better off we all are. The old, white male guard, just isn’t doing our country any good any more.

  • GregX

    the evolution to federal level politico pretty much super-cedes any biological diversity. human beings become fund-raising, ideology-spouting, question-evading, direct-answer-averse automatons.

    the primary impact of more women in congress … will be the realization by the public at large that intransigence is a party induced behavioral phenomena as deeply effective on women as it is on men.

    They are the borg and we the people are their food.

  • Jeff

    I don’t think it matters too much if women or men are in charge, the deficit and debt are so massive, yet the solutions are pretty simple. Tax reform is the only chance to get special interests out of the tax code along with increasing revenues, motivating business to expand and creating a more fair tax system. The other simple solution is to cut spending…we increased revenue and will spend every dime raised (on Sandy relief) within the very month we raised the revenue…raising revenue didn’t put a dent in the deficit…cutting spending is the only way forward now.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    Maybe the changes that women bring to Congress will get you to emigrate. Obviously, America no longer is a good fit for you.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    More women in Congress is a good thing. Ideally, half of Congress should be women. Maybe we could even reduce spending by, among many other things, reducing Defense spending from the current ten times anyone else spends to five times. What a WASTE, as most Defense spending has little to do with defense, but a lot to do with entitlements and supporting countless businesses that could not survive away from the government teats.

  • Sue de Nim

    Except for opening a can of worms about the definition of gender, I’d like to see the Constitution amended to require that the two senators from each state be one man and one woman.

  • Wally

    It’ll get the radical feministas more excited about the possibility of achieving “gender equality,” for which they won’t be satisfied until there are 50 female senators and 217.5 reps. But then we need to get a few transgendereds in there, just to be fair, don’t we?

    When we don’t have the best leaders, but seek some kind of politically or socially driven quota, we will have misleaders. For example: Nancy Pelosi is one of the most corrupt in Congress