Are Minnesota and Wisconsin rivals in areas aside from football?

The Minnesota Vikings will meet the Green Bay Packers on Saturday for the second time in a week. Today’s Question: Are Minnesota and Wisconsin rivals in areas aside from football?

  • Gary F

    Sure. Business decides which state has a better business climate. Parents and students decide where to send their kids to college. Heck, even folks from Chicago looking for an extra welfare check drive right through Wisconsin to get to Minnesota.

    Sure, you could also ask Don Lucia.

  • GregX

    the states themselves – NO.

    the people in them – some of them.

    As for GarFy’s comments …. heh heh heh …

    yes business decides where to go …

    fortune 500 companies in MN = 19

    fortune 500 companies in WE = 9

  • david

    Liquor sales on Sunday?

    • Gary F

      Geez, forgot that one. Good one. It is always talked about, but I’ve never had the need to do it.

      • Jeff

        I was actually thinking it would have been nice to be able to buy a few beers on Sunday right before the Vikings game last weekend. I also recall a Superbowl a few years ago where I didn’t buy beer before hand but I had some buddies who were in Wisconsin who picked up a case for us.

  • Steve from Up North

    Well, it was a long while ago, when I was a kid. But I vaguely remember a time when the Milwaukee Brewers were in the American League along with our Twins. Those were always enjoyable games to watch. Even now when there’s inter-league play, the games between the Twins and Brewers always has a good draw.

  • Regnar James

    Don’t care about overpaid, drugy, wife beaters.

  • Pearly


  • Max

    Having lived in both states I would say no. You also have to understand that perceived rivalries are not always mutual. When I first moved here I really couldn’t understand some of the animosity towards Wisconsin because where I came from Illinois was the arch-rival. Perhaps in Hudson it’s different, but WI like MN, is a geographically large state with the majority of its population concentrated near a border state. In WI’s case it’s IL.

  • Greg X

    Yo GaryF.
    Is there sales tax on clothing in the state of Wisconsin?

    … Yes, this is why you should buy clothing in Minnesota because there is not a clothing tax.

    Amerika – which do you spend more on booze or clothes??

  • Steve the Cynic

    Hmmm. About 8 decades ago, similar things were being said about Jews in Europe. Look what that fear mongering led to.

  • Max

    Michele? Is that you?

  • Jim G

    This rivalry isn’t a heavy one, cause he’s my brother. Having moved to Wisconsin 27 years ago from Minnesota my younger brother by 11 months will always be my kid brother, even if he cheers for the Packers.

  • Mary

    No not really. NFL and College football is about it. Sure there are differences in our states, but no true rivalries.

  • Paul

    After one of us is out of the running, it’s all NFC North; so then we aren’t even rivals in football.

  • georges

    I bought 14 pounds of cheese.

    Edam, Gouda, Havarti, Brie, and Tillamook extra sharp.

    All, except for the Tillamook, were made in Wisconsin.

    My two favorite teams are playing each other tomorrow night. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  • JasonB

    Most rivalries such as ones over football teams seem somewhat artificial. It’s at the discretion of whomever wants to participate. A more real rivalry as one that generates revenue would be for tourism dollars. Minnesota should always be mindful of what recreational value we offer over Wisconsin.

    The question makes me think of other states, like Vermont and New Hampshire. From a distance it’s hard to see their differences. I’m sure they feel the same about our states; maybe to them we appear to be equals for title of ‘fly-over land’.