What do you think of Instagram now?

Some users reacted angrily Tuesday to the news that the photo-sharing service Instagram was changing its terms of service to give it the right to use images commercially without compensating the photographers who took them; Instagram now says it is not claiming any ownership rights to users’ photos. Today’s Question: What do you think of Instagram now?

  • Emily

    Instagram is owned by Facebook. Is anyone surprised that they are looking to change their privacy settings?

  • GregX

    the same as before. it doesn’t matter what you sign or agree to – the owner of a site always, always, always has a usage clause that grants the site owner the ability to change – at any time – the conditions of the usage contract….

    All member driven web-sties come down to this “virtual neighborhood analogy :

    You are a guest in someone else’s home. Rules are made by the homeowner as desired. If you don’t like it, leave.

  • James

    As someone much wiser than me said “If someone is providing a service that you value at no cost to you, you are the product that is for sale.”

    Facebook. Instagram. LinkeIn. Others.

    Membership has is costs. And most of the costs are hidden.

  • reggie

    Who cares? I mean that sincerely. If one posts anything on any plattorm — instagram, facebook, picassa, twitter, or whatever — one has given up control, whether or not the platform is explicit about its claiming the rights. If you are narcissistic enough to think your every waking thought is worthy of publication, or the minute-by-minute account of your life is at all interesting to anyone but your mother and your closest friends, get over yourself.

  • Steve the Cynic

    It’s owned by Facebook. Enough said. I have no use for a “service” that profits by trafficking in my personal information.

  • Wally

    I have earned money as a photographer and I didn’t even know what Instagram was. I guess you could say I don’t care.

    But there are a lot of scams to get good photos cheap or free, such as “contests” where the organizers pay out a few hundred bucks in prize money, but retain the rights to all photos entered, with values in many thousands of dollars.

    So the thieves are just getting more sophisticated.

    [Hey Mark, as much as I might appreciate your comments, please follow the protocol here. This is not a bulletin board for whatever is on your mind. This is a specific question. Yes, it’s sort of lightweight, considering what’s happening in the world, but if everybody just posted whatever they wanted, then this would be no different than the drivel on Facebook.]

  • Mark

    Sorry Wally… just thought this was a panty-weight question of the day.

  • Jim G

    I don’t trust for-profit corporations. A car dealership nicked me an extra $850 the last time I put believed a verbal promise.

  • John

    Instagram is owned by facebook. It’s no surprise that they would abuse their relationship with members.

  • georges

    I only trust for-profit corporations………

    (And for-profit businesses of all kinds)

    When the goal is to make a profit on an honest transaction, one must treat ones customers right, or one will soon be out of business.

    On the other hand, Government, Unions, and Non-profits (GUN) are not restrained by any morals or fair practices, or any fear of going out of business.

    Therefore, they will, and do, rob you blind and laugh on your grave.

    The GUN groups are only concerned with moving as much of your wealth from your pocket to their pockets as possible without you getting too upset about it.


  • linda in Plm.

    Insta Gram issues a concern for all Minnesotans? I bet our president will adddress this since he has so much time to gold instead of calling The President of Mexico after our own is in for 4 months in prison on duped charges to be used for extorting money. I thought bigger government would fix everything as the Democrats campaigned on? Nope_ our President is too busy to take a stand to protect our own people. Hell, his spokesperson Carney the circus Carney didn’t even know about this! wow. aren’t ya glad we voted him back in now? Feeling safer with Obama and worrying about Insta Gram instead?

  • steven

    I think no one really cares about InstaGram’s change of heart anymore than people seem to care about the fact that Obama said nothing and even allowed his administration to hide facts on Fast and Furious, scandal. Even today as we find another innocent was killed from a gun his administration allowed to cross the border, he is silent yet he uses the school shooting to now push for bigger gun controls..hypocrisy or what? What about their silence on hiding the Benghazi, Libya murders? Does he speak out about their own doings to ship out Libya weapons using our ambassador to front these in Libya until our ambassador is attacked and killed?

  • Debra

    It’s not all that.