If an asteroid were to strike Earth within an hour, would you want to know?

A small asteroid came relatively close to Earth on Tuesday, and a larger one is passing by at a greater distance today. Yesterday’s asteroid was discovered only just before the encounter. Today’s Question: If an asteroid were to strike Earth within an hour, would you want to know? (h/t: Bob Collins, Newscut.)

  • megadave


  • FoxNews

    Yes. So I can blame Obama.

  • Myrna

    I guess it mouldn’t really watter one way or thother, wuld it? If it were small enuff to just cause a big disaster, I would want to know so I tould cake cover… but if it were going to end the world, I would just as soon be doing what I normally do. Drink whisky.

  • gb bucj

    I’d go in raw

  • Albert leon

    Nop !!!!!!! No way Jose just let me go with my beliefs. If I were to know and there is no way out I wouldn´t want to know either… Just like Santa Let´s snow let´s snow and that´s it … Thanks anyway…

  • Tucker

    Yes, I would. I would also like to know if its possible to send out a tractor-beam, latch onto the asteroid and direct it to make impact with the exact longitude and latitude of Bob Costas’s physical location?

  • jerry

    No, what could anyone do, in the direct target area within 1 hour except pray?

  • Mike A.

    Would I want to know if an asteroid was zeroed in on Earth? Absolutely, I’d want to go outside and watch…

    Seriously, though, no small handful of people, be it government officials, self-proclaimed scientists, or any other elitist social scholar have the right to determine what’s “best” for everyone else – not in a Democracy, not ever. Therefore, absolutely, I and most others would want to know as soon as “they” know.

    Could we handle it? Well, contrary to Hollywood bull – yep. Most people would make the right choices. People get themselves into trouble when they rely entirely on the government to make choices for them. Anyone remember Katrina in New Orleans? Government – starting in the Mayor’s office and ending in the Presidents office -consistently made all the wrong choices and exacerbated rather than helped the situation. Those who fared best during the Katrina event were those who made their own decisions and evacuated well before the Mayor’s office gave the order.

    The point is clear: We have a right to know as soon as “they” know and waiting for the Government to do something is a dangerous game that has always had the same outcome – tragedy.

    Besides, if it’s the end of the world, I want to have enough time to get my telescope set up to watch the “big one”…

  • Rob

    Yes – while there are some people at the point of impact who can’t be helped, there will always be many people who have a chance of survival by taking cover or preparing.

  • Taint Boil

    @ Fox News.

    That was very funny.

  • william Koehler

    Yes. What would you do to have an extra hour of your life. Knowing gives you that priceless few moments. Maybe you wouldn’t tell your kids but you would tell them how much you love them and hug them. Worth every penny, every moment, every tear.

  • patrick

    yes… so i could pop the cork on an expensive botttle of wine and drink it down.

  • SouthSideLenny

    Its coming real soon. Give up your material possessions.

    Get right with God!

    Send your soon worth less money

    To SouthSideLenny pobox 2679.

  • Donald Broadhurst

    Yes! So I can tell all my family how much I love them. Then to thank God for how much he loves me.

  • ToTellTheTruth

    You could fall to your knees with welcoming praise and thanks to jesus, that you expect to be with him soon. (Sounds like islamic martyrs; eager to get to those 72 virgins?)

  • Mitch


  • Heywood Jabuzov

    Everybody wants to thank God for loving them so much that he’s wiping out their entire planet with a giant asteroid? Either I’m missing something, or you people need to get a new god.

  • Billy

    Yes, it is better to know what is coming particularly if it hits and you are not immediately killed. At least you would know why the ocean is suddenly at the edge of Dallas and Denver.

  • steve

    any accident can happen, and God gives human being ability to discover it through science.

  • Jeff H.

    Is there something you have to say to us all?

  • Absolutely


    And if and when I survived I’d be propelled into such an altered state of consciousness by the Zen-like transcendent shock of the announcement that surely my life would be better for it.

    Most people though would never make the transition from the toil of daily life through apprehension of the meaning of the threat, through analysis of the veracity of the announcement and finally to an acceptance of the threat before the hour elapsed. It would take more than that to get 80% penetration, unless you fired off civil defense sirens.You probably should have chosen six hours to make a realistic appraisal of the concept of advance warning in the face of helplessness.

    The far more important issue? Media creating anxiety for view share. Goes back at least to the selling of the first newspaper with crime as the biggest area of abuse. A constant stream of violence and disasters pulled from around the world to enthrall the market.

  • jwc

    Depends. Will it be televised?

  • Obama

    Yes, so I could blame Fox News.

  • nuklhed

    I would want the government to at least tell Bruce Willis and his team. They maybe able to land on it and destroy it from the inside.

  • Tim Smith

    Yes, because I would panic more not knowing what was happening around me.

  • Jim G

    No, I wouldn’t want to know. Since I retired I’ve tried to avoid deadlines, too stressful.

  • gary

    yes ,,, their has been many close calls and stricks to our planet Earth we’re still here .. yes again people should watch the skys more now than ever ,, the alining of our universe causes the gravity to increase, shift and making us more of an open target.. Gov’t want tell us no matter what time the asteroid arrives, world order will come at a price and remember Gov’ts don’t tell us the truth anyway … the real answer is be prepaired for all things you just might survive. then what.

  • Eileen

    NO. I wouldn’t want to know. I would soon discover the reality of the facts anyway. It would only be a 60 minute delay depending on the time zone that you live in.

  • Island Mike

    Yes, I would like to know, so I can hold my wife of 38 years one last time…and to tell her I love her.


    Yes. I would want to know primarily so that I would have time to stand outside and watch it come in. Hey… if there is a possibility that I have to die, I’d at least want the courtesy of one awesome view!

  • Howard A. Johnson

    It depends on what I could do about it. If the impact would surely wipe out all life on earth, what’s the point of me knowing? However, if it were a survivable event, especially if I could simply hide with my family in the basement, then sure I would want to know. Simply put, if everybody is going to die, don’t waste your time telling me. But getting in on the ground floor to remake society from the surviving populace; sign me up!

  • Rod Gillum

    Why do you ask?

  • Dan Stuggs

    Why wait? Tell your family you love them every day….you don’t need impending disaster to suddenly tell them….

  • sniffpacket

    No time to do a thing. Makes no sense to be here anyway after what a destruction like this will cause.

    We came from science and we’ll leave with science!

  • GregX

    it would be like knowing the sun is going to rise.

  • Hoagland Brothers

    I would want to know so that I could spend my last remaining minutes with my children and those that I love (if possible). If it were going to be life-ending for everyone on Earth, it would be a very sad hour to spend but I would want the option of deciding how I wanted to spend it rather than have some government idiot deciding that I shouldn’t know.

  • Steve

    Yes, so I would know. The odd thing of living thru any life threatening event changes your view of life itself. I have a point of reference in my life now that pops up to remind me how fragile our very existanece really is. So knowing is learning, surviving would forever change us all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe it is time for our species to have a wake up call. That’s my 2cents worth!

  • perry

    Yes Please!…i’d love to be outside watching…can you imagine?

  • GregX

    NewsFlash December 18th – Closer analysis of the images taken during their respective pass-by’s will seem to indicate Mayan writing on the “objects of interest” as they are now classified. Space based observatovries are now tracking several objects on the same path of the same magnitude size and mass. Earth impact is credible and likely at a 70% likelyhood. Humans are advised to invest in stocks or bonds. You want to be securely held in place.

  • Isaac Holdeb

    NASA’s near earth objects program monitors asteroids and publishes its data on the web for all to see. All you have to do is go to their website and read.

  • a pilot

    Yes, so I could head to a regional airport for a 2-hour “flight lesson”. Things would look much better and may be a lot safer from an altitude of at least 5000 feet.

  • bruce

    No. The ensuing panic would bring pain and misery.

  • pc

    Man kind never seen the beginning but now would blessed with the fact that you could witness how the earth was formed and how it is about to be destroyed. Ohhh hell yes I would want to know, I would watch it come in so I could kiss my own ass good bye, at the same time watch the very wealthy trying to make a deal for shelter that does not exists, I find it a fitting way to die, balls to the wall baby…

  • Monza


  • Steve the Cynic

    This is fascinating. I don’t remember there ever being a TQ with so many comments so early, and vast majority are snarky. Looks to me like there’s a lot of anxiety out there that people are trying to suppress with gallows humor. Here’s the truth, folks: You’re gonna die, one way or another, some day or another, maybe even within an hour. Accepting that truth helps one put everything else in perspective.

  • Drae

    Is it hitting Lambeau Field? Then, yes!

    Actually, my first thoughts were on needing more information, but then I started wondering by whose authority would the public be denied this information, and why? In this day and age where a backyard stargazer can make discoveries just like professional astronomers, I don’t think an asteroid collision could be kept from the public, and any attempts to do so would do little but create distrust between the public and the government & press. But I suppose if the asteroid is wiping out life as we know it, then keeping the public’s trust might not be a top priority.

  • Ann

    Yes, I would want to go outside and watch for it. If it wiped out Minnesota and I survived,maybe I could live someplace warmer.If I died, I would be with the Lord.

  • Mary

    Yes! I’d want to witness it wiping out Lambeau Field AND Fox News. Now that would be a good day!

  • Regnar James

    Yes, the probability it would kill me straight out is about 1,000,000,000:1

    That hour would give me time to get home and away from all the crazies that would try and buy, rob, kill, rape and loot. Also it would give me some time to top off a few magazines.

    Maybe even post here to say “hasta la vista, baby” to the “blame Bush” crowd.

    Do you have the skills and tools to survive?

    PS. Fox news does not pander to the GL-BLT crowd… that makes them OK in my book.


  • Wally

    Yes, so I’d know not to waste time washing the dishes, cleaning the cat box, answering silly “Today’s Questions” on MPR, etc.

    And I’d probably shut off my propane tank, so as to avoid secondary damage from a gas explosion, if the house survived the initial impact.

    Oh, and I’d bring my bike in.

    And scribble a quick will in case I got vaporized. Of course, if I got vaporized all my stuff would too, so there wouldn’t be much need for a will, would there?

  • CJ

    Yeah, that would give me enough time to get home so I could be with my husband, in our home, with our cats and dogs. What we’d be doing would depend on the likelihood of survival but I sure as hell don’t want to die or start up the post-apocalypse survival without them.

  • david

    Idk. I thought i would like to know. I really wouldn’t want to spend my last hour on earth designing a parking ramp. But then again with the roads how they are and with all the traffic i imagine the end of the world bringing , i really would rather not me in my car trying to get home.

  • snaab

    I guess they really would pull the guns out of my cold dead hands after this one.

  • JasonB

    Yes. For me know is better than not knowing. I can handle it, and plan accordingly if need be.

    Near misses don’t concern me. How many near misses have occurred throughout our existence that were never detected? I would be more curious than worried.

    I’m more worried about the near misses of others texting while driving.

  • David

    Yes. Then just toke up and meditate in stillness and action. Tantra and zen are just like this.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    I guess that would make the next MPR pledge drive a good deal shorter.

  • david

    I thought the earth was going to end next friday.

  • LRM

    I’d want to know, but I wouldn’t want others to know because it would cause chaos (selfish, I know, but it answers the question). I suppose I’d want my parents, brother, sister, and my niece & nephew to know, too, so we could all come together with our extensive pet collections, drink wine (well, not the kids) and talk about how much we love each other.

  • Pat

    Just enough time to find a hooker:-)

  • Brody

    Yes so I could save Jill Stein…

  • Linda in Plymouth

    Doesn’t matter because the media wouldn’t cover it unless they can blame it on man made global warming or is it man made global cooling? Don’t know so they call it climate change instead..good grief. Seriously media wouldn’t tell us if they can’t even acknowledge the Michigan stories of violence but they can make up stuff about so called violent Tea Party protests?

    Good example everyone missed is that on the floor of the Michigan House yesterday, just before the House passed Right to Work legislation, Democrat Representative Doug Geiss threatened that union violence was just around the corner.

    “There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” Rep. Geiss warned.

    Teamster union chief Jimmy Hoffa similarly vowed, “We’re going to have a civil war.”

    Just outside the Michigan State Capitol, union operatives — some wielding knives — stormed and destroyed a tent being used by Right to Work supporters.

    Then, one union thug attacked a Right to Work supporter and punched him four times in the face.

    If he was a Tea Party member, the President would have gone public to denounce it but not when its his paid for Union bosses in charge.

  • Nicci

    Yes. I would love to know in the last hour spend quality time with the ones you love FAMILY.. if it where they said 1 week before impact. I really wouldn’t like to know just think of the crimes people would commit.. murder rape and so on.. But goverment are shady little devils they wouldn’t let us know..

  • ChoGGi

    Where’s the bunker party at?

  • Kuba

    Let’s assume the news come during the middle of workday.

    I would like to know, but I know that it’d make things worse, not better. In any major city you’d have an instant gridlock. And I mean instant – something nobody has likely ever saw before. In 5 minutes the downtown streets would be parking lots. In 10 more minutes the suburban connector roads would be parking lots as well – that includes all freeways. Just think about it, who would stay at work? No one. Everyone would leave, all at once.

    There’d be no way for me to reach my family, even though my daily commute is a leisurely 15 minutes through the suburbs in Ohio. There’d surely be enterprising drivers who’d take “shortcuts” on sidewalks etc. so even if I rode a bicycle I might not make it in time.

    The communication infrastructure would probably go into instant overload as well. Cellphone service would be degraded to the point of uselessness within 60 seconds after the news became known. Internet links, at least those to major content delivery networks, would also become severely degraded. Recall that on 9/11 people’s workdays went pretty much normally, most people were not given extra breaks etc. This time you’d suddenly have entire U.S. population doing nothing but trying to get in touch with everyone they know. For all I know even Facebook and Slashdot would kneel under load.

    Given such news, I’d be 7 miles away from my family, yet unable to reach them in time by any means. About the only thing with a good chance of working, communications-wise, would be ham radio, because there isn’t all that many hams compared to users of all other means of communications.

    CB radio would be out as well, most likely, due to everyone who has one suddenly remembering that it may just work as a backup 🙁

    Note to myself: perhaps me and my wife need to get some basic ham licenses and get a pair of ham band walkie-talkies that would work on the distance involved.

  • Ron

    Six asteroids (really “meteorites”) strike the earth every hour and no one notices.

  • Chuck

    Sure I’d like to know … just so I could tell all the fucking wankers that they’re fucking wankers.

  • Spencer Mead

    This species is completely ridiculous, you would face oblivion and grovel before it? If your end comes choose your last moments well, that’s all the freedom you have available onto you. If you believe that somehow, you’ll survive because you’re special, fantastic, whatever delusion helps mitigate your panic, embrace it I guess.

    However yours is a species that will only know your end seconds before it grips you, those of your species given substantially more time just wish for more time, absurd, you don’t know what to do with the time you have, complain when you have too little, and waste it when you have too much.

    Yet your species knows its end, you taste it, you cannot see a million years in your future, so you know your own lifespan as a species, and all the pedantic whining about who you hate, or what you love will vanish without so much as a trace in this universe.

    So would you want to know? Who cares, you’re going to make a mess of it anyways.

  • bubba


  • Jeff

    I’d like to know, but it wouldn’t be fun knowing. I work not far from home, and it would be an interesting feat of bumper-cars and crashes on the way home as people drive over lawns, through woods, up curbs to get where they’d need to be. And they might not get there.

    There would be no Police, no Firemen, no EMS. There would be no one doing what they’re supposed to be doing on a given day. Instead, you’d have most everyone running home to their families. I imagine a select few would loot and be shot.

    I imagine there would be no one there to actually give the news of an impending impact. Wouldn’t they be at home, not doing their job either? Any object large enough to destroy civilization should be on the radar for more than an hour. We would have known for months. In this day and age, it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to keep that a secret. The word would get out…

    People might stop showing up for work. If enough do that, food won’t get processed and sold, and we’ll all die prematurely anyway long before impact.

    So any way you cut it, we’re gone folks. Pack your stuff.

    I’m a little creeped out at some of the people that say praise lord/praise jesus/thank the lord—for what? For killing us? What kind of God is that? if god was that spiteful, he was no one to worship in the first place.

    Here’s how I want it:

    I’d like to be at home, with my family, arm in arm, giving my 14 month old some sense of normalcy. Then impact, and hopefully it won’t be too painful.

  • Tom

    If you could not give us 24 hrs notice. And tell us the probable landing zone on earth for the asteroid.

    Might as well forget it.

  • Clepto

    Speaking as an alien living among you I would have to say yes I would like to know. An hour would give me just enough time to escape this miserable world I’ve been sent to research.

    Oh, and you don’t just have an hour… you actually have 20871.4 hours before it hits.

  • ITgirl

    I can’t afford to waste a day in my life so no, I would not want to know. Life is too precious to concentrate on its death part. I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to know to avoid panic.

  • Donna D

    I am not sure! Yes to tell my children I love them! And no due to the chaos and anticipation!.. 1 hour of wishing, thinking what could have been and asking Why? I would go into a meditative state.. to prepare.. but I couldn’t if my children where not with me! So yes to be with children .. thats my final answer!

  • James

    Yes. The odds are best it will be a survivable one. Chixulub only directly affected a small area. A good bunker with supplies and I could survive a good long time while the rest of the world falls apart outside. Even if the nuclear winter scenario comes around, a good underground farm should keep you alive for a while. Lonely? Yes. But I’ll be alive.