Are you happy about the snowstorm?

The heaviest snowstorm to hit the region in two winters dumped heavy snow across a broad portion of Minnesota. Wisconsin and South Dakota yesterday. Today’s Question: Are you happy about the snowstorm?

  • Alison

    Definitely! It’s pretty and it gives me a chance to slow down a bit on my way to work, drink my coffee, and listen to more MPR. : )

  • reggie

    Ecstatic! I’ve been waiting for a big snowfall for a couple of years. Later in the year I might not be so excited, especially if we get lucky and revert to our normal snowfall levels. When the piles by the driveway get too high to throw more snow over, I’ll be grumpy about it. But for now, it’s just delightful.

  • Richard

    I believe I’m speaking for all winter snow enthusiasts in Minnesota when I say YES!

    This snowfall should also add a nice bump to the winter outdoor recreation industry.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Of course. A blizzard once or twice a year keeps the riff-raff out. 😉

  • Gary F

    This is news? Oh I forgot, news stations go into TEAM COVERAGE! There could be an attack on the US Capitol but local news stations would be more interested in reporting from highway overpasses.

    It’s December, it snows here. Sometimes even a foot. Yes, it requires a lot of extra work and time.

    Get out and enjoy it.

  • Tom

    We need the moisture.

  • ceb


  • tamara

    Love it! It’s pretty and sparkly and fun.

  • R olson

    All of the stalled cars are people that caked the radiator with snow while blowing out the driveway. Don*t point the snowblower discharge at the front of your car or you will overheat on the road.

  • Ann

    I am happy that I didn’t receive very much snow–just a few inches. I stayed at home and shoveled. So I didn’t have to deal with the hundreds of car crashes and broken bones from falling. I will only have to deal with the high heating bills today.

  • Jim G

    Yes… It’s home sweet home for this native. Even my southern California raised wife gamely shoveled more than she had planned after my thirty year old snow-blower broke down. As we took a snowy walk in the middle of deserted streets, I reminded her that this is a treat unavailable in her home state. She looked at me with loving pity, and smiled. The best part of the day was coming home to fresh baked warm cookies.

  • Kirk Lundmark

    The snow industry so needed this after last year, I don’t think many ski shops could have made it through another snow drought. I’ll be skiing at Elm Creek tonight!

  • Steve the Cynic

    Think of it as an economic stimulus for the snow removal business. 😉

  • Katja

    I’m thrilled! I’ve lived in MN my whole life and have always loved snow. Its been really depressing in the last couple of years to have almost no snow. I have been banking on a snowy winter… litterally… My winter coat had worn thin and when i was looking at buying a new coat I couldn’t bear the thought of being unprepared for a severe winter. a $350 coat is a big expense but has sure proven its worth this weekend!

  • david

    I like it. Hopefully it sticks around and i can do some cross country skiing. Getting a little annoying with the dogs. One wants to keep going out to play in it, and the other refuses to go out at all.

  • bob

    Gosh a roonie gee whizz yeehaaah boy-o-boy, I’m so happy!! Happy happy happy! I’ve never been happier about anything in my life!!! Sheer giddiness! Ecstasy reigns supreme!! I’m awash in endorphins!!.

    No, wait: You guys have asked some inane questions, but this one takes the cake. Every snow job requires a blow job, quality time with the shovel and ice chipper, and then I spend the rest of the season making sure to avoid slipping and falling and being put in long-term care for a broken hip. Put me firmly in the disgruntled column. When I want a winter scene I’ll go to Youtube.

    Gotta go — I’m booking my winter flight to Phoenix.

  • Sara

    My family & I couldn’t be more bummed that we are missing out on the snowfall! We have recently moved to a part of the country that doesn’t receive snow & we miss it! I teared up when I read previous posts of walks in the snowfall & coming home to the smell of cookies baking. Hot chocolate just isn’t the same when there isn’t any snow & neither is the Christmas season. It’s boring here.

  • yES yES

    Yes Yes!

    And today, with the blue sky and bright sun, just PERFECT! But there’s no promise it will last. Falling off already. Sad Sad.

    Little Falcon Heights made the top five with 14″; how neat.

    Got cabin fever and ventured out into the mess (my bad). Felt sorry for all those Minneapolitans having to find a place to park their cars, and those who didn’t and will pay for it. Everyone was just crawling along, except for the Light Rail whipping down Hiawatha at normal speed while the rest of us marveled at this in wonder.

  • CarlS

    Tired arms, aching back, wet clothing, impassable roads, temperature plummet; what’s not to be happy about? Then again, at least the bright sunshine afterwards is nice.

  • David P.

    My only disappointments are that linda in plymouth or jocko’troll-georges haven’t chimed in with some Obama led socialist weather control conspiracy. Or heard from the “legalize it” crowd how cannabis would solve our snow emergency concerns. And that I’m not 10 years old with a snow-day off from school.

  • Marie

    It is beautiful! One of the things I like best about living in Minnesota.

  • GregX

    Nah …. I have found that after owning a home … shoveling snow stinks, but only 9X as much as mowing and 7X as much as raking. I rate snow-clearing the worst – because you have to do it when its cold, its heavy and the end result is piles of snow that obstruct your view of the street, take up valuable yard space and are very slow to melt in the spring.

    I used to dislike picking up dog poo – however I have found that the honor of owning a dog is worthwhile and the freedom walk about the yard without worrying about tubular mud deposits is worth the effort.

    The other three … seem like some Sisyphian task joke… that keeps getting told.

  • Disco

    Hate it.

    Nothing but a hassle. And ask the (so far) two people who have died as a result of this storm how pretty snow is. Ask them how important it is that Scruffy Jim-Bob can now use his pickup’s plow.

    This is how Minnesotans operate:

    1. Complain about lack of snow.

    2. It snows. Yay!

    3. Complain about MNDOT not clearing the roads.

    4. Happy new year!

    5. January 2nd: complain about winter being too cold, too long, too much snow, wish it were spring.

    6. Spring comes, then summer.

    7. September 1st: complain about the heat, wish it were winter again.

    8. Go to step 1

    I have lived in northern climes my entire life. I couldn’t care less if I never saw another snowflake as long as I lived.

    Also, I’m wondering what “bob” meant when he told us what every snow job requires. Hmm. If only that were true…

  • Wally

    I happened to blow snow all day

    But that’s okay it was for pay.

    And now I’ve got my ski boots on

    Step out this time to have some fun.

    Actually, taking some of my warm weather earnings to buy a better snowblower. I’ll charge more, get done faster–me and clients both happy.

    Last night made an easy $10 for five minutes work shoveling out a 4WD pickup. I’d normally have done it for free but it was one of the gearheads in my neighborhood who had no business being out in the blizzard, so I took his money without guilt. Did he learn? Nope. Got stuck again a half hour later.

    By the way, Disco, you talk about “two people who have died as a result of this storm.” A tragedy, of course, but I always wonder how many traffic fatalities would have occurred anyway. Why blame the storm? Consider the following.

    Minnesota averages 1 traffic death a day. So two is not out of the ordinary. And instead of blaming the storm for the fatalities, what about the lives saved because people stayed off the roads?Hmmm?

    With 600 crashes, and 1,000 “spinouts” it’s remarkable there weren’t more injuries and deaths. I don’t know about this storm’s fatalities, but sometimes, those injured and killed are those who have no real need to be on the road. We and are our vehicles are not invincible, and we all need to remember that.

  • B

    Love it!

    It’s beautiful.

    If people were smart they would stay home and have a snow day.

  • David

    I’m mixed, it was very beautiful, and it’s still beautiful today. I don’t have a car to worry about it anymore and I can walk you stores and the coop if needed. Feeling a little guilty dealing with some online internet crazies while constantly saying “I’ve got to get out to shovel the snow now” I unintentionally let my housemates deal with the snow and missed getting in a long snowy walk.

    Still, it was beautiful and I realized the 24/7 of internet can be a distraction from the immediacy of life and the effects of climate change… not to mention the white hole in time we’re accelerating to this Solstice.

    Winter’s here. The Already Always of course was here first, enjoy each moment of the event horizon.

  • Krista

    Love it! I also love my neighbors, who helped tremendously with snow removal. I think I see my neighbors more in the winter than I do in the summer. I’m glad I live here.

  • lawrence P.

    The snow storm kept me home from work where I watched Gangnam get an audience with our President.

    Our President can’t do his job and stay in DC to end the fiscal cliff, instead he plays and campaigns…and he allowed Gangnam presence, the punk S. Korean who once sang a song singing, “kill the usa soldiers, kills their wives and daughters, make them die a painful death. ” sung in 2004..doesn’t the White House vet who they allow before our president? Apparently not, he disgraces all our military by allowing this jerk vid rapper Gangnam to entertain him. That is what snow days does, it allows us to see what the rest of the media won’t report. Google it and then throw up knowing we have a president who wants to be a rock star and still can’t do his job and be a leader. He disgraces our military on Pearl Harbor Day. His action is killing the DFL party for years to come.

  • Michele


    Nothing more beautiful than fresh snow sparkling in the sunlight! Getting out to play in it makes the work of clearing it worthwhile. And the fresh cold air makes sitting by the fire after with a cup of cocoa extra cozy. We’re celebrating the return of winter to Minnesota!

  • Wally

    p.s. I guess one of the two fatalities ((as my comment below was written) was not traffic-related, but that New Prague high school teacher who had a heart attack while shoveling snow. Sad.

    Heard on the radio–MPR of course–some doctor say that people often hold their breath during exertion, such as tossing that heavy shovelful of snow, which puts extra stress on the heart, and that is why we hear of such unfortunate deaths. So remember to breath.