The election result in Minnesota: What does it all mean?

Minnesota voters rejected the voter ID and marriage amendments, returned control of the Legislature to the DFL, and handed 10 electoral votes to President Obama. Today’s Question: What does it all mean?

  • Clark

    The moocher class is now a majority.

    Obama has increased deficit by 6 trillion and the economy is still in neutral. Expect another drop in the credit rating of U.S. government debt. Exxon and Johnson and Johnson now have a higher credit rating then the United States, thanks to Obama spending.

    Will Higher tax rates and increased regulation stimulate business? time will tell. We have put a freeze on all hiring directly a result of the election.

    Given the market drop of 300 points after the Obama win, everyone with a 401k, IRA or pension fund was impacted by the continuing expansion of the moocher class.

  • Bob

    It means the majority of Minnesotans embrace diversity and freedom for all, and that discrimination has no place in these United States of America.

  • georges

    An hour ago, NPR/MPR reported in a “news” segment that the DJIA dropped more than 300 points yesterday, because of “economic troubles in Europe”.

    15 minutes later, NPR/MPR reported, in a “news” segment, that the DJIA dropped more than 300 points yesterday, and the reason was the looming “Fiscal Cliff”.

    I turned off the radio. But, more than likely, by now NPR/MPR has reported that the DJIA had its biggest drop of the year yesterday because George W. Bush had eggs and bacon for breakfast.

    Of course everyone who knows anything about makets knows the drop was a direct result of Obama being re-hired as top employee.

    But, all the little lib soldiers of the White House must march to the tune the Democrats have dictated…….

    Dance on, least uns….


  • Duane

    We went through this under President Carter. Excessively high interest rates, higher inflation and raising unemployment. They called it Stagflation. Forbes is predicting inflation this coming year. As a retired person on a fixed income, I fear my GOLDEN YEARS with now become RUST.

  • georges

    Discrimination is one of the greatest forces for good that exists on this earth….

    Without the ability to discriminate, we would eat dirt just as readily as we would eat potatoes.

    We would listen to rap music with the same delight we listen to Beethoven and Mozart and Chopin.

    And we would embrace liberal ideas with the same enthusiasm as ideas that are rational and logical…..


  • scott

    Gov. Dayton said he will raise taxs. Now he can. If I were a MN business I would expand or move to a neighboring state. When Wall St. dove after the results. That is scarey.

    Obama said we can’t afford to go back. He was dead on.

    Lets all “Hope” we do not. If we do, in 2 years we to “Change” the ones in that election.

  • Emery

    Did the GOP notice how Mr. Romney started his ascent in the polls while attempting to move to the center?

    Time and again, conservative hardliners and tea-party activists saddled the Republicans with Senate and Legislative candidates chosen for their ideological purity and fiscal ferocity, rather than their ability to appeal to voters in state-wide and local district races.

    The Republicans have two stark choices: Painful sanity or blissful insanity.

  • Rich

    Lets all take a deep breath, forget our partisan differences and focus on what really changed for the better last night: snowboarding in Colorado. ;^)

  • Kurt

    A co-worker (Democrat) was in a housing project on election day. He said he witnessed droves of volunteers going door to door urging the occupants to vote for the school ammendment. As a property owner, he was miffed. “Not only don’t they pay property taxes” he told me, “they don’t even pay rent!”. I felt his pain. Greece is the word.

  • Gary F

    First, forcing owner/operator daycare providers to be in a union even against their will. (It’s for the children)

    Higher taxes, higher taxes, higher taxes. There are lots of Democrats with a spending addiction that have gone cold turkey for a while and its bugging them.

    Expect Dems to gobble up any new revenues like a bunch of pot smoking college kids on a bag of Doritos.

    Expect lots of new bills that get even more people dependent on government.

    We are truly the People’s Republic of Minnesota.

  • James

    Here are my therories.

    At the presidential level, it means we believe Obama will do better for us than Romney. No matter what the cranks on this page and elsewhere say, Obama is bright, hard-working and has done a good job with a set of near impossible problems. Romney was a great candidate too. Unfortunately for him, he had to swing so far to the middle after getting nominated, we didn’t really know what we would be getting, so said “No thanks.”

    At the MN Legislative level, I think we gave the “fiddling class” the boot. That’s the punishment you get for wasting time on 2 mean and uncecessary constitutinal amendments and for balancing the budget on the backs of K-12 schools. Republicans will get their chance again. Maybe in as little as 2 years. Let’s hope they are more productive next time.

    If I were a Republican, I would be really worried about my future. The Christian/Gun /Anti-Immigration/Fiscal Conservative platform has served you well over the years. But elements of it now seem to be an anchor. Which part of the platform are you going to ditch to gain credibility again? The electorate has figured you out.

  • jockamo

    When the 16 Trillion national debt gets mentioned, Obama sticks his nose in the air, twiddles his thumbs, and pretends he didn’t hear a thing…….

    He ignores it.

    The national debt just doesn’t exist for our top employee.

    He rejected Simpson-Bowles. It didn’t fit into his spending spree plans.

    His rip-off payoffs to his people…..the Democrats.

    When it hits 20 Trillion, Obama will not care. 22 Trillion….no big deal, man. It’s all the same to Obama…..just numbers on a piece of paper. Meaningless.

    He will then have increased the National Debt more than all other presidents in history, combined.

    It will all be okay, tho, because we will have more swimming pools in innercity areas than all the rest of the world combined.


    The EU, ECB and IMF will release some more of the bailout money to Greece…..

    ……IF Greece cuts its spending……..

    Take note: IF Greece cuts its spending. You see, where people understand numbers, government spending must be CUT…..not increased, like Obama and the Democrats are doing.



  • Bob Moffitt

    It would seem that a lot of people on the losing side are still crying about it on this site.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Hmmm. Lots of sore losers on the far right, I see.

    Not only in Minnesota but nationwide, it appears that the Citizens United decision is turning out to be a pyrrhic victory for the plutocrats who brought the suit. Enough people saw through the bovine feces of all the super PACs’ outrageous attack ads to put the country back on the moderate track it started on in 2008, after three decades of swinging hard right.

  • Gary F

    “It would seem that a lot of people on the losing side are still crying about it on this site.”

    Sorry Bob,

    I just keep forgetting that I’m supposed to like big government nanny state socialism.

    It’s for my own good, right?

  • jockamo

    The trouble with liberals is they never grew up.

    They still think everything is free, like it was when they were little and their parents bought them everything they wanted, and more.

    Liberals complain to me that the people in the Horn of Africa need water, good, clean, drinkable water, and what a horror it is that our government isn’t doing MORE to get water to those poor needy folks.

    Then I ask them if they ever went down to the store and bought a couple of cases of Dasani or Aquafina and shipped ’em over to the Horn?

    They look at me like I am crazy, then say, No, of course not.

    You see, liberals want something done, but they don’t want to do it. And, they don’t want to pay for it. They want government to do it, and pay for it.

    It doesn’t even cross their minds to do it themselves.

    Now, dat funni, jack………

  • Anna

    With regard to the amendments, it would appear to mean that majority of Minnesota, (admittedly centered in urban areas, but by population, still the majority,) is willing to go to the polls to demonstrate that they still believe in the validity, decency, and basic humanity of their neighbors.

  • Richard Prince

    What does it mean? The overwhelming victory and statement from the voters means that all these flamers who come to these comment streams make me laugh for their ridiculous statements and delusional accusations. It’s a great time to be an American. Life is beautiful. And the delusional have lost BIG TIME.

  • Richard Prince

    People laugh at you jackamo because, “Then I ask them if they ever went down to the store and bought a couple of cases of Dasani or Aquafina and shipped ’em over to the Horn?” is a ridiculous answer, the WRONG answer to the problem of starvation, dehydration and death in Africa and around the world. Bill Gates has a few thing to say to you about your stupidity – like “You’re fired” maybe. It is the silly answer of someone sitting in their posh American home, trying to schedule their next tee-time on the golf course and think they can throw a few bottles of Dasani at the primitives and that “will take care of the restless natives problem.” That is so delusion and my jaw hit the table top when I read that incredibly stupid statement. But its all hilarious. You are a parody of yourself jackamo.

  • jockamo

    Then there are the leftists that scream and holler about the crushing cuts in the Ryan Budget Plan…..

    There are no cuts in the Ryan Plan. Federal government spending increases every year, going from the current 3.6 Trillion dollars to an amazing 5 Trillion dollars in ten years.

    We need cuts, big cuts, but that will never happen….

    ……until it is too late.


  • david

    I thought jackatrollgeorges would finally have to shut up and go get a real job now. So far that linda in Plymouth thing had disappeared. Probably should wait till it rolls out of bed this afternoon. Anyway what a bunch of whiny sour grapes. I had to keep going up and re-reading the question trying to see how the answers fit. You all still sound like broken records, we are greece, the dems want to raise my taxes, poor people suck its all their fault, I’m moving, boohoo…… stop your bitching and DO SOMETHING productive for a change. If you have all the answers maybe you should run for office next time around. I suggest reading a couple books first though, that right wing nonsense you keep spouting actually doesn’t have much in common with reality, i think the election results show most of us ain’t buying the bs.

  • Snaab

    The haters are out in force this morning, but remember YOU LOST, so how about being adults and moving on.

    I know that is a very hard request, since many, and you know who you are, are such children, who hold on to your tenuous grasp of reality by throwing out insults and kick and scream about the inequity. But again, remember, YOU LOST (man I love the schadenfreude of this election)

  • david

    Oh and MPR, can we give the politics thing a rest for a while? I haven’t been able to listen for weeks. Last night was the first night i turned on commercial tv in that time too. The political ads have gone too far. The superpacs need to go. Unfortunately we are not better then this.

  • Jim G

    The middle class wins. After three decades of fighting and losing ground, middle class Minnesotans have begun to right their ship. They have turned on the pumps and voted in a new helmsman. This vote signals that they’re paying attention to the course being steered.

    What does it mean for the future? Hopefully, the new helmsman will make course corrections into the mainstream and away from the shoals of extremism found to both the port and starboard.

  • georges

    Liberalism is dead.

    That has not changed. All Liberalism has had for the last half century is, Vote For Us! We will give you more than the other side will. We will give you everything you want, just Vote For Us!!!!

    Devoid of any viable ideas, the Leftists have had only one way of winning elections:

    Buying votes with public treasury money.

    Sad…….but true. And, seeing half the population has its hand out waiting to be filled, such purchases are not difficult to consumate.

    There are always ups and downs in any market. Liberalism will raise its ugly head again. But, in the end, there will be no body to support the head. And the brain has been long since dead.


  • Paul

    A left leaning election means more consumption in the short term, less consumption in the long term.

  • jon

    It all means the election is over. We can move on with out lives.

    I assure you no matter what party is in power the sun will rise, the sun will set. Two years from now we will be asking our selves this question again with likely little change to the answer.

  • Jefferson

    I think this election means that social conservatism is dying on the national level and in Minnesota. The next step is to walk away from the social issues, nearly everyone under the age of 40 feels the exact same way on social issues…pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, want a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here and they are pro-legalization of marijuana. The key is for the Republican party to become the party of fiscal responsibility…and promote the idea of federalism…where each state gets to choose their own enforcement of laws (i.e. legalization of marijuana). Republicans can still use social issues where appropriate (which is consistent with federalism) but leave that for state elections in the Southern states and don’t bring it up in national elections because it’s not relevant, after all when was the last anti-abortion law ever passed on a national level? They key is to come up with realistic solutions to the deficits, debt and budget problems without causing much harm to businesses.

    The biggest result from this election should be comprehensive immigration reform, with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who come forward and pay a fine. Next, tax reform needs to be done…that means increased revenue while eliminating tax breaks\credits\deductions and lower rates…this should make our tax code much more efficient, less wasted time trying to comply and find every little deduction. We also need to lower our corporate tax rate, this could be done with the elimination of certain tax breaks such as the alternative energy breaks that GE receives along with the elimination of mineral depletion allowance (tax deduction for oil, gas and mining businesses). The other looming issue is the social programs like Social Security and Medicare…SS should be fixed with a combination of increases to the maximum earning cap (up to $150k or $200k/year) along with slow age increases over decades (due to increased life span). Medicare is a much tougher issue…it will run out of money in 2024 and will need some innovative solutions within the next few years.

    I think this election showed that the American people want compromise and the concerns of everyone should be addressed on big issues like healthcare, tax reform, immigration, Social Security and Medicare.

  • Jim G

    Liberalism is alive and well, thank you.

    When I was a conservative I thought and acted as a conservative. Now as a liberal, I try to live up to the definition of what being a liberal truly means.

    Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary:


    1. Befitting a man of free birth; not restricted.

    2. Bestowing in a large and noble way; generous, bounteous, open handed.

    3. Bestowed in a large way; hence, abundant, bountiful; ample.

    4. Free from restraint; unchecked.

    5. Not confined or restricted to the literal sense, free.

    6. Not narrow or constricted in mind; broad-minded.

    7. Not bound by orthodox tenets of established forms in political or religious philosophy; independent in opinion; not conservative;often ,specif.,having a tendency to democratic or republican, as distinguished from monarchical or aristocratic forms.

    Synonyms: generous, bountiful, munificent, giving freely, openhandedness, warmhearted readiness.

    Thank God, Liberalism is alive and well. Thank you liberal Minnesotans for the gift of yesterday’s historic victory for Liberalism.

  • Bob

    I message that I got from the election is that the TEA party has lost a lot of support and will shortly be only a footnote in history books.

    Personal note to Clark: I hope that you are a generous donor to public radio and not mooching off those of us who do contribute.

  • Mark

    Rest assured… As quickly as the majority was won in MN. it will be lost in the next election cycle if vast improvements are not put into place for the majority of folks in our state, some of which yesterdays MPR question addressed.

  • Deb R

    I noticed today when I was going into the church that had a little flag in front that:

    * There were no soldiers with machine guns in front;

    * There were no military vehicles filled with “voters”;

    * There was no one ridiculing me because I’m a woman;

    * There was no one throwing stones at me;

    * There was no shoving or fighting;

    * There were no car bomb craters in the parking lot;

    * There was no one on a box shouting at me;

    * There were smiling people;

    * There was privacy;

    * There was respect for my choice;

    * There was quiet;

    * There was helpfulness;

    * There was clear information on the ballot.

    I am grateful.

  • Scott

    I think a lot of Minnesotans who voted Republican’s in 2010 hoped that they would address economic issues, with their professed focus on jobs. Instead, the Republican Party tacked hard to the right and put out two dangerous and divisive constitutional amendments.

    Voters saw through that. We rejected the amendments and in doing so we also rejected the leadership of those people who got us here.

    Watching support for voter ID utterly collapse was an indication of the fact that when people understand this issues and the games being played, they will reject them for what they are. The constitution is no place to legislate for partisan advantage.

    On the anti-marriage amendment I think there is an emerging understanding that allowing others to live their lives as full members of the community is good for all of us. And, it’s not a threat to the freedom of any Minnesotan. There is work to be done on both issues, but I think that Minnesotans United for All Families did a great job of starting a statewide conversation on this issues that will keep going. This isn’t about left or right, and I think we’ll see an emerging consensus about this.

    We saw, both in Minnesota and nationally, an emerging coalition on the left that is broader and deeper than before. This is not an accident. This has happened through hard work and organizing to bring groups and people together who may not already be allies.

    We are still a closely divided country, but I think this election speaks to a desire to move forward as a country. Towards a more inclusive democracy and society. I think that choice was reflected in many of the races decided yesterday. They were close, but the trend was clear.

  • Tony

    Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

    Go to the beach and watch the waves come in. As the waves move forward, a counter-wave tries to draw it back, and yet, the forward march is inevitable. Leave any object on the beach and the waves will eventually wear it down, moving forward without fail. Progress is inevitable, but it is not without a counter force.

    When President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, a strong counter insurgency set about to thwart his every move. They won seats in the mid-term election. They dominated the airwaves. Their talking points were everywhere, and yet, they are now running out of steam. Tea-party darlings, who won in the primaries, lost in the general election. People eventually reject extreme regression. Progress is inevitable and irresistible. This is exactly what we have witnessed in this election.

    Restrict the civil rights of couples to love whom they wish? No thanks. Hinder access of people to cast their votes? No. The tide is now turning. Progress is coming. It can be slowed, but it can never be stopped.

  • JasonB

    Regarding the federal results, perhaps enough voters thought that with a house likely remaining in Republican control we would need to have a Democrat president to at least maintain a semblance of even representation. Through all the inane partisan ramblings some realize that a true desire for compromise requires a balance of power.

  • Jessica E

    Moderate, independent, critical thinkers are not turned on by yellow journalism and fear mongering. Oh, and we have memories that go back, way back… like a decade!

    When it comes to the economy, we didn’t see job creation, compassionate conservatism or economic growth from deregulation and nearly a decade of cutting taxes. Policies did not work as promised.

    I think this election shows that we reject true “failure,” racism, and fear. While some politicians were crudely obstructed in their efforts, tax cuts for the “job creators” did not result in individuals flooding charities with donations, as suggested. Instead, we saw the poor get scapegoated and drug tested, schools close, and unemployment benefits held hostage in exchange for extended tax cuts. We saw two of the most offensive Amendments proposed for our Constitution… what does this mean? When it comes to the voters: the bullshit stops here!

  • Lawrence in Mankato

    The comments below are mostly delusional in nature.

    Anyone can check the media, add up the number and frequency of negative smear adds, see how many times Benghazi was mentioned in depth, how many more added to welfare and food stamps, how many billions were gambled and lost to green energy delusional acts to control the economy–ala Obama.

    What we do know is that half the populace votes out of low awareness and/ or low functioning. We know the media carried water for Obama because he was a popularity figure, not because his record or lack of experience was to be reviewed.

    WHO the F___ with an IQ above 90 votes for any leader who spent 4 years NOT improving the country, for keeping unemployment above 8%, add in under employed part timers at Mc D’s and we have close to 20%, who killed 100,000’s of jobs in COAL and drilling off shore.

    WHO in the right mind if they knew the facts, would re-elect a leader who sat on his hands and allowed no order to be made to save 4 Americans in Benghazi consulate.

    Who votes like that? It is the single women that are low functioning or socialist, that have no desire to rise above their status, they want government to act as a replacement of what is missing in their social life_a husband, a boyfriend, a family, support groups or they are l,ike the immoral Sandra Fluke, ( he name is so fitting the irony is overwhelming).

    In a year from now the liberal “I want Big Government to take care of me and provide for a lifetime of slavery ( go see the White House web site where they posted this sickening outrageous ” Life of Julia” cartoon, a Marxist ideology right in your face and yet, no media but Fox would touch it.

    When the liberals have redistributed all the wealth, then what will they do when its gone? Go look at Greece and see if you want those riots from the entitled liberal spoiled ones.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    When I see comments blaming Obama for this country’s debt or squealing about “high taxes”, I have to assume those people were not educated in Minnesota, but came here for the “good life” (check out the schools, crime rates, lower life expectancy, etc. enjoyed by most of the “red states”, especially down south).

    An educated,thinking person would know that tax rates across the country are the lowest they have been in generations (a major contributor to the fiscal crisis), and that Congress passes budgets.

    There are fifty states. If you don’t like the tax rates here (or the winters) or the society that generatuions of Minnesotans have built here, then move. Why would you stay here?

  • kim

    To quote Gandhi. “There go my people. I must hurry to catch up with them,for I am their leader.”

    The results mean that people can see the difference between someone who is trying and someone(s) who are merely being obstructionist. We want out elected officials to do the jobs they are paid to do and quit messing around. I hope our “leaders” hurry and catch up with us.

  • Susan WB

    I think it means that when Republicans run on the idea of “jobs, jobs, jobs!” but then as soon as they get into power, turn on the 4G platform “Guns, Gays, God, & Gynecology!” people get disgusted and throw them out of office. The trick is up. We know what Republicans really care about, and it isn’t the economy.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The 2010 election will go down in history as the last gasp of the rightward swing of the pendulum that began in the 1970s, after the leftward swing that began when the Great Depression hit.

    In the ’70s, it became clear that taxes were too high, regulations too intrusive, and government too big, as evidenced by “stagflation,” so voters started electing conservatives, such as Reagan. The results seemed good, so they voted for more conservatism. Even Clinton espoused the idea of smaller government and deregulation, even endorsing the repeal Glass-Steagall. Eventually the pendulum swung too far to the right. As evidenced by the crash of ’08 and the widening prosperity gap, we had reached the state where taxes were too low, regulation too lax, and government too weak to reign in the greed monster of laissez faire capitalism.

    The pendulum started to swing back in ’08. Then there was a backlash, represented by the Tea Party movement, which stopped the swing momentarily. I expect to see a couple of decades of moderation, like we had in the 80s and 90s, while the pendulum keeps swinging to the left. Because the results will be perceived as good, voters will conclude that more of the same will be better, and keep moving farther left, until it again goes too far and the cycle repeats.

    It would be nice if we could stop the pendulum in the middle, but that requires people to have a much longer view of history than most Americans are capable of.

  • Mary

    I think it means that Minnesotan’s have common sense. We elect officials to do a job and when they refuse to do that job we fire them. We want officials who will work together. We don’t want a party of NO, we want parties that compromise. The republicans got too extreme and we got fed up with them. No one wants to befriend a person and hang out with them if it is only on that person’s terms. The “my way or the highway” mentality, just turns people off.

  • Peter

    It means that no one ever has to endure again what the GLBT population did on election night – watching strangers vote on whether or not to limit our civil rights. It means that I, as a gay man, have recovered a bit of my hope, that to be a Minnesotan means we see each other as equals, deserving the same rights as everyone else.

  • Mark

    Right on, Steve….We can only hope that some fringes of the far left learn from the mistakes of the far right, who lost control, and look back and forward in what this attitude and ideology did to our country for years….As the pendulum swings. :0)

  • jockamo

    All men are born equal……..

    ………within 2 hours of birth they diverge, seeking their own genetic level.

    Which few achieve……….

  • Snaab

    Hey Larry, I can call you Larry right.

    You said “What we do know is that half the populace votes out of low awareness and/ or low functioning”.

    So, my question to you is whether you have a spouse or partner, and if so, which half are you?

  • georges

    I will put this in rhyme for all……

    We are in the final death throes of Liberalism, which started in earnest with the writings of Marx and Engels.

    The concepts put forth by the lefty liberal alliance have been tried in all corners of the World……and all have failed miserably.

    They have been a total disaster, especially for the most vulnerable, the poor, the sick, the homeless, the inept………

    Capitalism, on the other hand, has created the most wealth for the most people, particularly the most vulnerable, the poor, the incompetent……

    The least among us has never had it so good. Every poor person in this country has an I-phone, I-pad, I-pod, or all 3, and more, and sometimes more than one of each.

    When I volunteer at the Food Bank I see some amazing things. Once recently two young guys about 23 years old came in. As they sat and waited for food to be boxed up for them they began throwing their expensive I-phones around. You know, stuff 13 year olds would do. Tossing the thing up in the air, seeing how close they could come to the ceiling without hitting it, tossing them to each other at the same time like a couple of minor league jugglers…..all the time cackling constantly like children being tickled. Eventually, one dropped his phone. He looked at it, laughed like a crazy person, then stomped on it repeatedly, kicked it in a corner of the room, then took out his OTHER I-phone and started the whole thing up again.

    Yes, they were high on weed. They reeked of it.

    Our poor live better than Kings did a few decades ago.

    When you institutionalize compassion, no matter how much you think you are doing a “good” thing, you are doing harm to the people.

    You are upset that Citizens United treats Corporations and Unions as “people” when they so obviously are not? Good, that is the correct attitude. Now just carry that attitude forward and see that government is also not “people”, and cannot possible show love or compassion or any other emotion. When government is burdened with carrying the emotions for the country, they always fail, and in the massive failure all compassion is lost. The Liberals expect the government to do it, and the Conservatives are prevented by the government from doing it.

    Which results in the loss of compassion all together.

    Liberalism will continue to raise its ugly head from time to time as it expires. But expire it will, as it has no redeeming social value, no reason for being, no goodness or decency that is useful to anyone.

    The Democrats will fight like hell to keep it alive. Their incomes depend on it. They will give increasing numbers of people free stuff from the public coffers, which will serve to kill liberalism even faster. And bring on the Era of Capitalism sooner.

    You can’t change it. There is nothing anyone can do about it. There is no force on Earth that can keep the natural evolution of the Planet from taking place. To try is folly. Pure ego driven ignorance. Kick back and enjoy. We are very lucky to be here at the birth of Capitalism, the superior system for all human beings.

    Come out into the light of day, get rid of your dinosauric thinking. Tis good for the soul.

  • Clark

    Gordon near Two Harbors:

    You are correct in that we have 50 states. Come on down to Texas MN business. Taxes and regulations are low. Since 2005, we have captured 450,000 jobs from the State of California, due to horrible regulations and high taxes, which I might add just got higher with the passage of prop 30.

    Texas now has more employees from Facebook, Google and Cisco then California. Any idea why lefties????

    Our Economic Development groups will be watching MN closely as the DFL legislature determines who to punish for 10 years in the wilderness.

    We just love high tax states like MN about to make life more difficult for free enterprise.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Now, Clark, if high taxes kill jobs, and Minnesota is a high tax state, why has the Minnesota unemployment rate been consistently better than the that of the US as a whole?

  • Steve D

    Wow !! by the time I read all the comments, I forgot what the question was at the top of the page.

    I hope the election results mean more cooperation??

    I hope we fix the structural budget problems??

    I hope we develop a plan to give our schools their money back??

    I hope we renew our commitment to help the disabled and all the children now in poverty??

  • GregX

    the republican focus on old white men is seeing its last power. the democratic assumption that everyone who wasn’t an old white man was automatically their supporter is not true. What comes next … will look a lot like the 60’s… but with a lot more extremism.

  • Dick

    I am a Republican who voted for Democrats to punish the Republican party for glorifying stupidity, and flunking math and science. I will do so again if necessary, but I fully intend to vote Republican again, as the only politicians I respect in this country are Republican. 21st century government must be streamlined, efficient, and directed at providing a minimal safety net for citizens, a sturdy infrastructure for commerce, and no more. I do not know how long I will have to wait for the Republicans to come around, but amongst all of the voices of Republican stupidity, I hear some good ideas from amongst the younger Republicans, particularly in state government. I’ve yet to hear any from the Democratic party.

    It’s lonely out here. I’m waiting for the call to come home.

  • Elaine

    The young, educated elite who create jobs and lead opinion trends are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. They support useful benefits and efficient government but not deficits or bureaucracy. The boomers, who have become less socially liberal with age and have always been fiscally profligate, are electorally important today but a diminishing breed. Getting in front of the libertarian trend will require adjustment by both parties, the Republicans most obviously, but the Democrats too. Some of the members of the Democratic coalition are pulling them the wrong direction.

  • kevins

    I am so proud of the electorate of Minnesota, which collectively likes practical, effective and competent leaders. The Dems now have a chance to solve some problems that Tim P and his folks couldn’t. Best luck to them for all of our sakes. Hey Clark, don’t you think that Carl Rove should be fired given his penchant for spending other peoples’ money without any success? Maybe he is the icon for the moocher class you keep bringing up. Har, and enjoy the social demographics of Texas (teen and unmarried women birth and pregnancy rates, number of citizens without health insurance, number of minimum wage jobs, high school graduation rates, infant mortality rates, and relative amount of dollars sent back to the state from the feds relative to tax dollars put in, and on and on and on…) Have a great day. Smooch.