Now that the DFL has control of the Legislature, what should it do?

In Tuesday’s elections, Democrats took won back control of both houses of the state Legislature. Today’s Question: Now that the DFL has control of the Legislature, what should it do?

  • Clark

    I have been a resident of Texas for several years. More and more companies understand the benefits of a lower state taxes and regulations. I hope the democrats triple income taxes so more and more Minnesota companies flee high taxes and relocate to Texas. Understand in the past 10 years, Texas has created more jobs than California, Illinois, New York and Ohio combined.

    Come on lefties, you are good at over reaching, supprting the moochers and penalizing success.

    I am counting on the radical left wing crazies to drive up property values in Dallas.

  • Richard

    The GOP should know something about “overreach” this morning. Not just one, but both GOP proposed constitutional amendments were rejected by public. And then losing of the legislature.

    Having said that, will the DFL learn the lesson the GOP was schooled on in this election?.

    I hope the DFL learns how to govern from the middle by working with the GOP on tax reform. Tax reform could look look similar to what Tom Horner proposed. The state also needs to quit financing it’s operations by borrowing from schools and spending down the tobacco fund.

    Enough already on the shifts and budget gimmicks.

  • Gary F

    They will not be able to stop themselves from following the path that California has.

    Just how many of the businesses and job producers will get tired of “DFL fatigue” and go elsewhere.

    Minnesota, once again, is The People’s Republic of Minnesota.

  • James

    The usual. Good schools. Good roads. Job creation. A balanced budget with few or no tax increases. Propose no constitutional amendments. End the wolf hunt for at least 5 years. A steady hand on the wheel!

  • James

    And just for fun. Clark. Gary. Georges/Jockamo. Linda. It must so suck to be you this morning! If you can’t stand it, feel free to move to Mexico or somewhere hospitable to you.

  • Gary F

    Already thinking of getting out of St Paul. The inmates are running the asylum here and its getting as bad as the Jim Schiebel days when I moved there 22 years ago.

    So, people will work more if they are taxed more?

  • David Abrams

    With the divisive battle to amend the State Constitution now behind us it is time to take steps to assure that this won’t happen so easily again. I call on the Minnesota State Legislature to take up as their first order of business an effort to insulate Minnesota from legislation by amendment. It is clearly time to add one more amendment the Minnesota State Constitution so that all proposed amendments must have a super majority to get out of the legislature and a super majority to be adopted by the state community.

  • Clark


    Not at all. I am still wealthy, healthy and wise and best of all, my primary residence is red State of Texas.

    I am hoping your current trust fund baby govenor raises taxes so high that Minnesota again is # 1 in confiscating income and wealth.

    In the end, confiscation of income and wealth and expanding entitlements manadated by left wing crazy democrats will eventually result in economic disaster so look at europe as this is our future.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Restore Minnesota to the status of “a state that works,” like it was in the 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s.

  • Snaab

    Governor and the legislature – Socialism for all baby.

    Just can’t resist – Suck it right wingnuts, you all lost bad last night, must be reassuring to clip your ideology to the losers. HaHaHaHaHar

  • Michael Silverback

    End the Prohibition of Cannabis/hemp/marijuana.

    “Prohibition… goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes… A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “However, the connection of hemp as a crop and marijuana seems to be exaggerated. The drug is usually produced from wild hemp or locoweed which can be found on vacant lots and along railroad tracks in every state. If federal regulations can be drawn to protect the public without preventing the legitimate culture of hemp, this new crop can add immeasurably to American agriculture and industry.” – Hemp: The New Billion-Dollar Crop – Popular Mechanics – Feb 1938

    “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”

    – Henry Ford

    “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”- Carl Sagan

  • John O.

    If the Republicans want to become relevant in this state again anytime soon, I offer two pieces of advice:

    1) If you are going to preach “fiscal responsibility,” follow your own advice and pay your bills like everyone else has to. And put up a budget that doesn’t require Enron-style accounting.

    2) Trying to sell yourselves as morally superior while your own leaders are publicly engaged in anything-but-moral behavior isn’t going to go over well either.

    The fact that EDINA (of all places) elected not one but TWO DFLers into the Minnesota Legislature should tell you all you need to know about the state of the Republican Party here.

  • Chad

    Balance the budget with progressive taxation and focus on schools, poverty, and human services.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I agree, too, that they should learn the lesson from the Gang Of Plutocrats’ defeat that they need to avoid overreach. They should also resist the temptation to gloat, which only builds resentment and inhibits comity and cooperation (hint-hint, Snaab).

  • Jonathan

    Herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction. *Bob Marley

    Legalize ganja.

  • Jim G

    Show some humility. Thank the good sense of the voters who gave you this opportunity. Remember that you didn’t build this by yourselves, for that’s one bit of wisdom we all can learn from the distortions that characterized the national elections.

    Seek out Republicans that will work to truly balance the state’s budget mess.

    Start the repayment of the two billion dollars the state “borrowed” from our public schools.

    Build infrastructure. Create jobs and a public inheritance of value to pass on to future generations.

    Help Governor Dayton fulfill his pledge to increase the taxes on the richest Minnesotans. They have shirked their duty long enough. Lift the burden of balancing the budget from our students’ backs and place it on those who have the financial muscles to carry it.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Realize that no one party has a mandate to do anything.

    This state and the country, as a whole, are divided, so we must work together to provide the infrastructure we need for business to operate, the education we need for tomorrow’s workers, support for the less fortunate, and progressive taxes to cover our expenses.

    We also must stop the politics of division and exclusion. Like it or not, we have a diverse society with many ways of pursuing happiness. Using a simple majority to alter the constitution is outrageous, but using it to exclude and limit the rights of a specific segment of our people was shameful and deserved to be stomped down.

  • Jefferson

    I hope when tax rates are increased to the level Dayton desires that Democrats realize that it doesn’t solve all of their deficit problems and that they actually make cuts to state government. Make marijuana legal, make gay marriage legal and set up a state-wide health exchange system so we can create our own rules for Minnesota and not be tied to all the federal funding/regulations/restrictions. Finally, I expect Democrats to introduce the electronic poll books legislation which seemed to be supported by the governor and many other Democrats when the Republicans were in charge.

  • linda

    Please settle the budget with fairness and get our schools back on track. Don’t overreach so you don’t lose it all in two years. Work with Republicans who are willing to compromise. You will be rewarded in two years.

  • Mollie Joy

    Properly fund the Southwest Light Rail!! Stop borrowing money from schools and the tobacco fund! Tax reform!

  • Sarah Swati

    What Richard, James, David Abrams, Michael Silverback, Steve the Cynic, Carl Sagan, Henry Ford, Popular Mechanics, Abraham Lincoln, John O, Chad, Jonathan, Jim G, Rich in Duluth, Jefferson, (a reasonably sounding) linda, and Mollie Joy said.

    … and I further the notion that cannabis should be available to all.

  • CarlS

    Its job.

  • Paul

    1) Govern through regulation instead of through the tax code.

    2) Change the campaign framework, so they don’t have to apologize for behaving like a 5th grader.

    –are they high and mighty or just high?

  • david

    End marijuana prohibition and divert those resources to catching real criminals, like financial banker corporate moocher scum who live and work in this state but claim residency in another state to get out of paying their share taxes for the resources they are using. Then once they compete their debt to society and are released from jail give them a one way ticket to texas.

  • georges

    There is one thing, and one thing only, that the MN State legislature can do to bring back Minnesota to prosperity…..

    To wit:

    Legalize all forms of gambling, including sports betting, license it freely to responsible and upstanding citizens, and tax it heavily but wisely.

    The days of allowing the Tribes to have a monopoly on gambling need to be over.

    If ordinary MN citizens knew how much the Tribes have paid legislators to ensure the continuation of their disgusting monopoly, we would see a change very quickly.

  • Michael Silverback

    They should deport jokamo/georges to the land of Ayn Rand unless he start a crash course on Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna leading to a life of wonder, wisdom, and real wit.

  • kevins

    No need to repeat what Jim G and others have said as they have said it well. It is gratifying however to see Minnesota regain some of its social conscience. That being said, I would have loved to see Michelle B. have to go back to milking cows. Har.

  • Michael Silverback

    “Legalize all forms of gambling, including sports betting, license it freely to responsible and upstanding citizens, and tax it heavily but wisely.”

    the one useful item you mentioned jokamo/georges

    How about milking the marriage of gays and pot?

  • jockamo

    Eric Ringham:

    Your leftist skirt is showing…….again.

    You lefties have abused this board for the purpose of political gain, and then you are unable to accept the slightest criticism.

    You pull my post, but allow the pot heads to stay. Easy to see who you favor. Easy to see where your “feelings” live. But, alas, your job, Eric, is not to promote your own “feelings”. As a giant 1%er, taking Federal Taxpayers funds, tens of millions of dollars worth each year, you (MPR/APMG) are required to use those funds in a non-partisan manner. Can you do that, Eric? Are you able?

    The lack of any ability to see opinions other than your own is the definition of a teenager.

    But then, if Liberals had ever intellectually matured, they would not be Liberals anymore.


  • Joberg

    12 years of pent up demands by left wing radicals, union thugs and welfare cheats with one party rule now achieved in Minnesota and the morons on the left do not think the democrats will over reach.

    Can’t wait for the video of democrats cheering as Minnesota acheives the highest marginal tax rate in the country.

    Will enjoy watching from my new home in Florida.

  • jockamo

    Rick Nolan was just on MPR.

    He stated that his first priority is to reverse Citizens United.

    Libs are not very smart, but even Nolan should be aware that Citizens United allows labor unions to spend on campaigns without limits, just as Corporations are allowed to by the same court decision.

    Nolan probably figures he can oust the Corporations, but keep the Unions. Typical Lib, always trying to cheat and manipulate the system.

    The State legislature should disavow any knowledge of Rick Nolan…..


  • kim

    They should do their jobs. They need to balance the budget. They need to make sure infrastructure is cared for, education is cared for, etc. They need to balance what NEEDS to be done with “how are we going to pay for it?” No grandstanding, no gloating, no wild flights of fancy. This is not that kind of “mandate”. People are sick of the bickering and sick of paying people to bicker. I think the majority gets that Gov. Dayton is willing to compromise and is mostly interested in making things work, The opposition consistently came off as being divisive for the sake of being divisive. So, we dealt with the problem. Still, people don’t want crazy spending,they want responsible government. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping good sense prevails.

  • Craig

    Focus on developing and attracting local talent.

    Real job creation comes from advances; new products and new services. Sometimes these new products are created by small startups, sometimes by established companies. Either way it is these new products which foster the downstream, less innovative small businesses; subcontractors, logistics providers, support services, but let’s not misidentify the effect as the cause. And the cause springs from talent.

    Let retired engineers do some teaching in the high schools. Improve the in-state college choices for top math and science high school graduates. Do something to allow recent Ph.D.s from other countries to stay here when their education is over.

    I know someone from Cambridge, MA who was running a running a small new bio-med R&D lab here in town, but moved back east because as he grew, he could not find enough people to do the work.

  • Hahaha

    Wow good morning Minnesota! Looks like we will finally be able to start moving forward in this state again. Listening to the rightwingnut bawl like little be-ach-es this morning shows we are on the right track. Jumping up and down crying “I’m moving, whine :(“. It warms my heart. Guess what losers, you won’t be missed. Minnesota may once again become a great community to raise a family without you. You see to some people that’s the most important thing, not hording cash. You get what you pay for and the people said community comes before obstructionist BS.

  • jockamo

    What the MN legislature needs to do is pass a law updating election ballots and practices……

    For starters, we need a ballot that is neutral and encourages voters to become informed and competent.

    Therefore, the legislature needs to make it illegal for any ballot in the State to have Party designations by candidates names, or anywhere on the ballot. Also illegal to have any form of straight party voting, or “gang-voting” on the ballot. Or to have any “assistance” in voting. Or to have any form of “early” voting. Or absentee.

    Then we would have a good start on proper voting reform.

  • Carrie

    Raise taxes on the top 1% and pay back our schools.

  • Tim in Rochester

    Tuition and fees have doubled for MnSCU students over the last ten years and our MSCF faculty have swallowed two consecutive 2-year contracts with pay freezes for the greater good. Approve a fair MSCF contract ASAP and create a comprehensive, long-term plan for affordable higher education in MN.

  • Stephanie

    Meet and greet to learn about the common fundamentals each requires. This way they can choose to weight the priorities and act on them.

    Based on headline at top of MPR page at 3PM, they are either scaring us with their overreaching comments, or are already acting like the dysfunctional children that get booted out of office. Civility, moderate goals. Come on Dems, you CAN do it! (I hope. You’ll only get 2 years to prove yourselves.)

    Signed, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Greg

    Voting for marriage equality is not a liability anymore. Quickly pass equal marriage rights and real the benefit of increased economic activity and the stability of having ALL our kids protected by civil marriage!

  • David

    End the unconstitutional Prohibition of Hemp/cannabis. Legalize same sex marriage, and/or change the term “marriage” to “civil union” as far as government is concerned, polyamory must be acknowledged and respected.

    Change climate for the better with Hemp for ALL good purposes.

  • Mark

    Resurrect the Homestead Property Tax Credit System the DFL politicians stated the Republican Legislature eliminated. This tax effectively was a 10% increase in taxes for some of the hardest working Minnesotans struggling to keep their homes on very modest incomes.

  • jilrubia

    Establish a giant, anonymous suggestion box at the legislature. Read and discuss the submissions in meetings with a facilitator in the first week(s) of session. I’m not joking.

    Also establish ALL DAY, HALF DAY Kindergarten for ALL Minnesota children. Give them and their parents some stability.

  • gabriel shapiro

    Universal single-payer healthcare statewide. Now!

  • tim

    Set into motion applying a tax increase for richest Minnesotan taxpayers modeled on Obama’s plan to show Federal legislators that the general population IS indeed supportive of taking this action. The Republican party officials will continue to ignore this populist sentiment unless and until states receive attention for doing this very thing internally.

  • Aseries

    No social legislation or silly state constitution amendments as last session. What a waste of time! Stick to bread and butter issues and put IRs in a corner where they have to compromise. I don’t think the Gov will sign off on anything else.

  • Dan

    Require public officials to live in the district they serve. Period.