At this Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

At Thanksgiving dinner, some families make it a practice to say what they’re thankful for. Today’s Question: At this Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

  • Bob

    Clearly, that Mr. Obama was re-elected.

  • Clark

    Clearly, that the Republicans held the house to insure obama and the crazy radical lefties don’t turn from moochers to maggots.

  • kevins

    That there are so many who give selflessly, and recognize that poverty is real.

  • Jim G

    I’m thankful for life and all its vagaries. I’m thankful for those who sneak up on us and sit quietly by our side, asking only to be remembered. I do remember. Thank you for the gift of your presence and the memory of your good company.

  • Steve the Cynic

    That I have enough— enough for myself, and enough to be generous with.

  • Ann

    Even though I am unemployed, I have some money for my “luxuries” of food staples and slow dial up Internet.It amazes me that the Hostess management, NHL management, and the employees don’t want their jobs. There are some jobs that are beyond my abilities, but I would do anything else.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Having just retired two weeks ago, after working for 47 years, I’m thankful to the younger generation who will help my wife and I have some security in our retirement, through Social Security and Medicare, just as we did for those who came before us. We will have to live frugally, as we always have, but the peace of mind that these programs provide is priceless.

    Despite the need to adjust these programs, these are examples of far sighted legislation that marks a civilized, compassionate society. Don’t let anyone talk you out of them.

    Thank you.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    I am thankful for the religious charities that can help after Hurricane Sandy, since FEMA has gone from bad to worse in organized help, clearly bigger liberal government continues not to deliver what we pay for yet they want to remove charitable deductions so only the government is seen as the savior when we need help. This is not the America I dreamed of but I am thankful it can only last another 4 years until Americans wake up and realize that history and other countries shows that socialist policies never end well for the people.

  • Carol

    I am thankful for answered prayers.

  • lawrence P.

    I am so thankful for those who seek what few wish to know. I am thank full that President Obama only used 16 billion out of the 20 billion for the green energy loans. I am thankfull that Light Source Energy got their huge loan from our tax dollars even though they were bankrupt and poorly run when Obama had his his czar allocate the money. I am thankful for the book, Throw Them All Out and the new movie, “DC_The District of Corruption” that shows the facts from government records. Records that show where Obama’s campaign finance bundlers and contributors received first hand loans and allowed for one of Al Gore’s investments to be an IPO, sending his 8 million value into 23 million over night– all for his growing wealth at our expense.

    I am thankful few in the media dare to cover these facts all in order to protect us from the despair or awareness that we elected the old 1960’s radicals without a clue but live for an ideology to ” fundamentally transform the country and neuter our Republic and Constitution.. Thank you to those who created the film, ” District of Corruption”.and for MPR to not do any news stories on this.

  • krisharstad

    MPR and all of the brilliant, talented, creative minds and good people who work here…

  • Elaine

    This Thanksgiving, as I fight breast cancer, I am grateful for a family who did not view liberal politics (accompanied by rather heated discussions at time), strong religious faith, a love of books, education, adventure and sports as mutually exclusive aspects of life….particularly “for a girl.”

  • Tom

    I’m thankful that both of my kids are finally employed.

  • Wally

    I’m thankful for a son-in-law who helped me install a new chimney liner so we have heat. I’m thankful for safety gear and not falling off the roof. I’m thankful I felt no compulsion to watch football games or parades with characters like Sponge Bob. I’m thankful there wasn’t two feet of snow to be shoveled, just an inch that melted. I’m thankful my youngest daughter and her boyfriend stopped by. I’m thankful I missed all the usual crap on MPR all day.

  • burce

    For beauty (of all kinds) that surrounds us and is within us. Beauty transforms even tough times and rewards us just by perceiving it.

  • georges

    I agree with the first post to this question.

    The very best thing for the USA right now was the re-election of Obama and the so-perceived “huge landslide/mandate” of the Democrat Party.

    The most reliable way to kill a bad idea is to let that idea have control of the machinery of Government.

    With control, a good idea will flourish. A bad idea will be seen, eventually, by the vast majority, for what it really is….a false promise, a carrot on a stick that keeps you voting for the Democrats but is never achieved. It will be called out, proven by its own actions to be the delusional pipe dreams of the immature minds that created it and promote it. Such is the fate of the Lefty Liberalism the voters have now embraced. Everything is on you, now. And the public will find you out. The citizenry will realize that what you are selling is empty calories of the emotions, and will only destroy the Nation if followed too far.

    History is full of ideas that were favored by the people…..until the idea gained control, and was then exposed to the light of day, and found out to be the false hope, the empty suit, it really was. Unworkable, unusable, untenable. And when this happens, Lefty Liberalism will be thrown on the scrap heap of history, as the Fifth Condition of Man, Capitalism, takes over the reins and brings forth a better life for all people, especially the poor and needy among us.

    Liberalism has, of course, been in control of our government for a long time, especially since 1964, and the insanity of LBJ, the steroidal beginnings of the economic hole we now find ourselves in. But the people did not perceive it as so, due to the booming economy. In tough times, though, the water goes out, and we can see who is swimming naked.

    Now the people will see what horrors Lefty-Liberalism is going to dump upon our beloved Country.

    The Democrats could prevent this from occuring. But only if they govern like conservatives. Not like Republicans….like Conservatives. Not by cutting the INCREASE in spending, like both parties claim they want to do, but by actually cutting the FedGov spending from its current 3.8 trillion to about 2.2 trillion.

    They aren’t going to do that. No how, no way.

    Therefore, I am thankful for the election results. The exposure will kill the Big Government leftism with certainty, rather than let it linger on and on and on……..

    There is nothing worse than a bad idea that lingers on and on and on……like the smell of lutefisk after Thanksgiving or Christmas, the bane of an otherwise comfortable home.


  • DNA

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to adopt an attitude of gratitude any hour of any day of the year.

    That my connection to infinite being and infinite intelligence is more than suffient to give me all that I desire.

    That I woke up in time to bring the garbage can down to the curb and someone else brought out the recycling.

    That Colorado and Washington made headway in re-establishing an honorable public appreciation of humanity’s relationship with the world’s most utilitarian plant.

    That MPR is as open and informative as it is given the collective egos’ resistance to accelerated evolution, tis but a dream we’re awa

  • DNA

    That MPR is as open and informative as it is given the collective egos’ resistance to accelerated evolution, tis but a dream we’re awakening from/within.

  • DNA

    Yes, grateful for all that is beautiful, good and true (ever manifesting in myriad forms of the Already/Always).

  • jockamo

    I see someone spoke too loud, and woke up the weed whackers……

    I wonder if the weed heads know that all those old quotes about the “world’s most utilitarian plant” are talking about hemp, which is used to make rope, and other useful utilitarian products, and have nothing to do with smoking weed.

    In the 1960’s, you could still find hemp plants growing wild in ditches in the rural areas of Minnesota where the wind and birds had helped the seeds relocate from the fields of hemp that were planted for the War Effort back in the 40’s (and before).

    Quite a few hippies tried to get high smoking those ditch volunteers along the rural roads. They discovered that you can smoke a bushel basket full of the stuff and the only high you will get is the high that comes from being blue in the face from toking so hard and so constantly.

    Hemp is for Capitalist products. Canabis is for smoking. Learn the difference.


  • Catherine

    For my grandparents, who I never knew, who had the courage to leave behind their home countries of Poland, Germany & Ireland. It was a daring thing they did to set off to an unknown, but brighter future in a new land. And for all their hard work that allowed my family to propser. And for raising good & decent children (my parents) even thought times were hard in the Great Depression. Through 3 generations we’ve passed on these enduring family values, service to country & hope for a better life.

    For my gardens whose beauty & fragarance delighted me all summer. Gardening is my therapy. Now all the plants snooze happily beneath a thick mulch blanket. But their blooms live on in my memory.

    For the common sense, Midwestern practialness

    & intellligence of the MN voters in rejecting the 2 divisive, discrimminatory & harmful Amendments in the last election.

  • Catherine

    For our farmers & growers & those who harvest our crops. They labor long & hard to provide us with the foods we enjoy at this holiday time & all year long.

  • jockamo

    ……………….BREAKING NEWS………………

    The president has taken Dictator powers, setting himself up above the courts, so he can do whatever he wants, and will have no one to answer to.

    The president explained the move by saying it was necessary in order to cut through the political deadlock that exists in the Country.


    No, not yet anyway. Not that we know of, anyway.

    President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt.

  • Koko

    I’m grateful for having an open yet discerning mind.

    …for patience,

    and for the ocasional clarifying entry on Urbandictionary that help give nuance to the uneducated yet propagandic comments put forth by the boorish likes of jockamo.

    Entries like:


    “The way illiterate children who pretend they know what they are talking about spell “cannabis” because they are too goddamn retarded and arrogant to take the time to see if they got it right”.

    Of course, I’m also thankful for Google and the Internet and for the ability to research bogus claims.

  • jockamo

    For instance, Obama claims his 10 year budget plan would save 3.2 trillion in the next ten years by not giving the D.C. FedGov agencies and departments every penny they covet.

    But, fact is, we would have ALREADY saved 3.6 trillion dollars by now, this very minute, just by freezing FedGov spending at the level it was when Obama took office (2.9 trillion a year).

    Therefore, instead of pie in the sky lies, we would have had REAL savings of 3.6 trillion, and in the next 10 years would save over 25 trillion, not the tiny hope & promise crap of Obama and the Democrats.

    There is no amount of taxpayer money so large that the Libs are adverse to taking it against the will of the people. Nothing embarassses them. They think it all belongs to them.

    Sad…..but true.

    And, of course, such greed by the Democrats will confirm their eventual demise. Greed……the downfall of all self-aggrandized theives.


  • Emery

    Words, words, everywhere, with not a stop to think.

    (with apologies to Coleridge)