What long-term goal have you pushed yourself to reach?

For some of those running the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend, the race will be the fulfillment of a goal that once seemed unattainable. Today’s Question: What long-term goal have you pushed yourself to reach?

  • GregX

    That everything is long term and what looks like a goal is actually a milestone on a path that can end at any time. Keep on Truckin’, Try to stay between the lines, Help out fellow travelers.

  • James

    Does raising kids, staying married and not going broke count?

    Unfortunately, I am short on other examples, and need to pick one or 2 and get going.

    Congratulations to the 1st time marathoners of 2012. You rightly deserve to be proud of your accomplishment.

  • Jim G

    This year’s physical goal is to ride 1,500 miles on my bicycle. I’m at 1,250 miles now, and it’s getting chilly out there.

    I could never even imagine running a marathon. You know that the first guy who ran from Marathon to Athens to report their victory over the Persians DIED? That’s enough evidence to me that running is an extreme sport that should be attempted only by the addicted and long legged.

  • Leonard

    Title of the Forum is ” Question of the Day, Share your insights on the News.”

    And now everyone’s personal goal is somehow news so we share our insights? Shouldn’t Minnesota be talking about our choices for MN congress?

  • Jonathan

    I finished “A Course in Miracles”, it took me 7 years, but I finished it.

  • Jim G

    Another of my longterm goals is educate myself and become a life long learner. That includes researching and finding answers to the question: Who stole the American dream?

    I’m finding out that 1978 was a pivotable year. Corporate America and its leaders decided to rebel against the middle class weaken its institutions and preceded to rewrite rules of the country in its favor there-bye stripping trillions of equity from the heart of the middle class.

    Romney is continuing this fleecing of the working people by his enrichment of Bann and its officers by killing America jobs

    There you have it, the truth. Now, Leonard, this is your chance to refute my discovery.

  • georges

    It isn’t that Liberals don’t know anything.

    Just that so much of what they know is not true.


  • dewber

    me gole is to gradutate 5fth gwade and geet me dipomata

  • Jefferson

    Okay, now it’s starting to get ridiculous…I just listened to an entire story on NPR about the new job numbers. Not once did they even mention the 456,000 net people who left the labor market! They only talked about the positive numbers like the 114,000 net job gains and the 7.8% unemployment rate. Why did every story hide the 456,000 number? This is outrageous and I’m demanding that all government funding immediately end for MPR and NPR, you cannot take my money and leave out key numbers when reporting on the economy a month before an election; that is dishonest and wrong!!! I will never give a dime to MPR until the reporting improves and funding from my taxes stops…I would also like an apology from NPR for that report!

  • obamacare

    sounds like jefferson is voting for romney, oh goodness please someone apologize for sounding positive, please please republican paid for his message i tell ya, stop the madness jefferson

  • Jefferson

    obamacare – [sounds like jefferson is voting for romney, oh goodness please someone apologize for sounding positive, please please republican paid for his message i tell ya, stop the madness jefferson] ***I have not yet ever voted for Romney…I voted for Obama in 2008 primary and I voted for Paul in the 2012 primary. Thanks for proving my point, bias is everywhere…it just takes a non-partisan person to see it. Do the simple math losing 456,000 people from the labor market in September while creating only 114,000 jobs is not positive news…in fact it would be much better economic news if the unemployment rate increased due to more people joining the labor force. It’s sad that some people only look at one number (7.8% unemployment rate) and base everything on that number while not being interested enough to understand why the number went down. I can tell right now you’re voting for Obama since you actually believe that the jobs report was positive based on a single number; I feel very sad for this country if the majority of the population has the same outlook on those numbers.

  • obamacare

    jefferson i agree, i like ron paul and jesse ventura

  • John

    My goal is to never vote for who the mainstream media tells me too. I’m not going to waste my vote.

  • JMM

    A couple years ago I decided to write a canon a day, everyday for a year- I am still going strong and I am on my way to 1000 canons- one day at time. It’s become a intellectual and spiritual practice- it’s tremendously rewarding even when I am tired.

  • David

    Ending both the failed War on Drugs and the Prohibition of the world’s most utilitarian plant, Cannabis/hemp.