What do you want to hear in tonight’s debate?

The first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama is scheduled for tonight. Today’s Question: What do you want to hear in tonight’s debate?

  • Clark

    Admission by obama that one trillion annual budget deficit’s since he took office are not sustainable. That his political idealogy does not drive true economic growth. You can’t just tax your way to economic growth. Finally, would really like the moderator to ask obama to solve a math problem, as I am not convinced he ever learned how to add and substract.

  • Kurt

    Just for once, I’d like a fairly moderated debate where it is not a tag team effort by the moderator and opponent against the Republican. Who can forget Carol Simpson, her voice dripping with sarcasm, addressing Bush: “I’ll direct my first question to’ the education president'”. It would be amusing if they directed the first question in tonigh’ts debate to the “hope-y, change-y president” but, I’ll settle for fair.

  • Rich

    I feel your pain Clark.

    David Stockman, the wild-eyed leftist radical who ran Ronald Reagan’s budget, calls the Romney/Ryan budget plan “devoid of credible math or hard policy choices”.

    I would like to hear more about the offshore tax avoidance schemes that candidate Romney has taken advantage of. And then bring it full circle and talk about tax reform and tax expenditures.

    I remember in the worst days of the 2008 campaign, my brother’s father-in-law asked me how I expected to vote and I told him that John McCain seems to be doing everything he can think of to make me vote for Obama but I refuse to be manipulated. Romney, however, looks set to pull it off.

  • Sal E

    I would like to hear more about foreign policy. Our president has very little effect on the economy, creation of jobs or most of the things the campaigns have been yammering about, but he is Head of State and has much to do with how other countries see us. I would like assurance that we will no longer try to be the world’s policeman and will recognize that all legitimate governments are important in more ways than as our customers.

  • Keith

    I’d love to hear obama lose the debate and then the presidency. Music to my ears.

  • Claire

    I’m looking forward to watching Mr. Romney try to sell the GOP policies of more tax cuts and deregulation.

  • Steve the Cynic

    I want to hear Romney admit that his religion teaches against the kind of greedy materialism he’s been pandering to.

  • jenny

    i want the STUPID PRES,to explain why he tried to give his Muslim brotherhood 240 mil of our money?

  • reggie

    Short answers to clear and simple questions. But since that won’t happen, I hope to hear follow-up questions from the moderator to both candidates: “Sir, you didn’t answer the question I asked. Would you please explain [repeat the question here].”

  • Jim G

    The Middle Class has lost trillions of dollars in the economic collapse of 2008 and over the last three decades it has barely kept up with inflation. What are the candidates’ plans for rebuilding the Middle Class?

  • Rich in Duluth

    I would like each debate to focus on a specific issue, for example, a debate on the economy and jobs, the next on healthcare, after that a debate on social programs, and finally a debate on foreign policy. These issues are complex, so I’d want the moderator to ask for specific plans and data to back up their plans for each subject.

  • J

    Why bother watching when the debaters are two sides of the same coin? Especially since the Commission on Presidential Debates rigs the debate so real questions and actual debating will never happen…

  • Jim G

    Over the past three decades, we have become two Americas: One America for the rich where almost anything is possible and one for the middle class and poor where the opportunity to improve one’s lot in life is melting away like arctic ice.

    How can we become that one large American family with shared prosperity and shared political and economic power, as we were in the decades following World War II?

    Abraham Lincoln’s words are clear, “ A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  • david

    The truth. Won’t happen so instead of watching I’ll be doing something useful. Maybe a bike ride, or take the dogs to the park.

  • Tom H

    What is the plan to stop the trillions piling onto the National Debt? Lay out your proposed changes in tax law? Lay out your proposed reductions in budget. When the national debt has ballooned by 7 trillion dollars and the economy is still just sliding along how do you propose a nation is suppose to get to financial fitness and remain a viable economic power in the future?

  • Gary F

    Why the cover up over the killings at our embassy?

    And why does the media fail to pursue this story?

  • Marcus

    A third-party candidate speak

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    I’d like to hear Gov. Romney explain why he threw away his personal integrity by flip-flopping on just about EVERY issue in order to pander to his right-wing, lunatic base.

    Then, I want to hear both candidates explain how they will balance the budget AND set the stage to pay down 16 trillion dollars of national debt. The words “tax cuts” will tell me that they have no idea how to do it.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    America wants to hear the truth on how our economy failed and how to fix it. Obama takes no hard questions all these years from the press. Media avoids things like saying who is Obama and what is his ideology? In former Romania we would all say it is obvious to any one watching the President’s earlier speeches. He is a Marxist, just as too were his mentors in college and afterward. We want to hear why his 4 years of policies did not help America, caused more deaths in consulates, wasted billions for his cronie friends for solar companies, lied and lied some more every day, not doing his job. Why we pay him when he plays over a hundred golf course rounds and wastes so much money to help his friends while American families struggle so much? Obama is a racist, he hates whites, but he uses his white grandparents at speeches when he needs sympathy and campaign funds. Listen to his 2002 speeches at martin Luther King holiday and see for yourself how racist he is. l;ook at his 2007 speech about Katrina storm_ all more racist stuff, says the government don’t care so much about blacks, government is out to get you,” all that crap he spews all the time shows he should never have been a president of the best in the free world. Liberals here say all lies, then they call conservatives terrible names to try to shut them up_ so will Obama do that to Romney when he does not so much like what the truth will say about his last 4 years? I want debate to ask what is their view of how government should act…government works for us or WE work for the goverment as Obama says we should, to be patriotic. my spelling may not is so good but I am educated, have two graduate degrees from respectful University and what I see in past 4 years is a crime against this beautiful powerful country where all want to come to. Only liberal americans say it is bad when it is not moving toward socialism fast enough_ they can go to hell and move away and give up their citizenship if they don’t appreciate their country and the Republic of the United States of America.

  • Lawrence in Mankato

    Our community would like to hear the answer to this:

    ” In December of 2008, after the Katrina storm was settled, gasoline was back down to around $ 1.56 a gallon. However, since January of 2008_ (now go Google the average gasoline price and ask the next question.)

    Why under the current presidency had this been possible?

  • Jack

    How they can have the heart and mind to continue the failed War on Drugs and Prohibition of Cannabis/Hemp? Both of which shackle the American people to capitalism in the fascist style of expression.

  • Clark


    How about a college bowl format, with Romney and Ryan and Obama and Biden responding to very tough questions regarding the economy that actually required math skills.

    No speeches and political crap just the numbers please.

    I put my money on Romney and Ryan. At least they have the ability to add and subtract, something the other two have not yet proven after four years.

  • Philip

    This is what I want to hear:

    Now, back to your local news.

  • georges

    I have advocated, for the last 25 years, that the 4 national candidates be required to compete in an hour long version of Jeopardy for each pair.

    This year, Romney and Obama would compete head to head, and Biden and Ryan in a separate contest, with the winners moving on to a final hour of competition, the winner to be then crowned by Alex Trebek.

    The Jeopardy catagories would have to be limited to areas of science, history, geography and other basic knowledge, etc….. absolutely no questions that are in any way political.

    The object being to see how smart these guys are, in general, without any political BS interfering with the process.

    Perhaps we would need to start them out with a version of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader”.

    Just to weed out any Public School Teachers.


  • GregX

    I want to hear anyone running for office make the following statement. “I’ve changed my mind and her’s why …” . I ‘m pretty sure that an inability to change one’s mind earn’s one the appellation “cement head” and I for one, am thoroughly disgusted with cement-headed leadership. Congress …. you’re next.

  • Josh D.

    I’d like to hear something that actually makes me (re)consider my position. Like most people, my mind was made up before this thing even started, and every time I hear either candidate speak is solidifies and reinvigorates my passion for one candidate and my loathing for the other. So what would be really interesting would be to hear something that doesn’t make me feel that way, something that actually makes me think something different.

  • Rich

    I feel you Clark.

    I look at the economy and I don’t see how Obama can win. And then I look at Romney and I can’t see how Obama can lose.

    There is one thing for certain. Conservatives will blame “liberal media” and or voter fraud for the GOP ticket going down in flames this year.

  • jockamo

    “When you speak to African-American audiences, and say things like, ‘They don’t want you to suceed, they don’t want you to have anything, they don’t want OUR businesses to be profitable!’, are you being a racist, or playing the race card? If you answer ‘No’, please explain how that can possibly be true.”

  • CalGirl

    Here’s what I’d like to hear and see: Obama laying on his thick “Son of the South accent that he picked up in Hawaii or Indonesia (can’t decide), , saying things like “folks,” “y’all,” “our people;” and so on, and then, I’d like him to whistle through his teeth and hike that left upper lip up a little over his teeth as he explains (lies) about how our Ambassador to Libya was targeted, tortured,burned, suffocated, maybe sodomized, dragged through the streets half alive for a few hours before being dumped off to die at a local “hospitaL” AND IT WAS ALL ABOUT A STUPID HOMEMADE ANTI-MOHAMMED FILM THAT FEW HAVE EVER SEEN.. BUT–nevertheless they organized themselves to show up “spontaneously” with shoulder-fired armaments in protest……..then, I’d like him to thrust his jaw firmly in the air so he’s looking down his nose at us as he “doubles down” on his socialist Obamacare, income-sharing, bail-outs for those who are “too big to faill” WHILE he lets us little guys fail right into the WELFARE line—oh, excuse me, I forgot….more Obama voters…..And then, I’d like him to wag his finger at us and get that stern “I’m a Harvard-educated professor and you’re NOT,’ look……and tell me that I have to be a) contrite because I am an American who has lived so well when others in the world (Egyptians? Pakistanis? Greeks? WHO?) have not and it’s all my fault……b) I will be glad to pay $4.00 a gallon for gas or half my paycheck for electricity when he’s done with me…..and c) I will never be able to retire and, even if I don’t, when I reach a certain age, a health panel will decide whether I’m worth a hip replacement or just a couple of years of pain pills before I die…..(and if they’re lucky…I’ll die sooner due to the pain)…

    and then, I’d like him to hem and haw and stutter a couple of thousand times before telling me why (again) he doesn’t wear an American Flag pin…and then I’d like him to get that smart-ass Eddy Haskell tone in his voice and say something like, “Well, YOU can cling to your guns and Bibles….” Now, I could go on another page or two…but I’d really LOVE to hear a rehash of all this AND MORE at the debates tonight so we can decide about whom would be the better PERSON to lead this country.

  • david

    I would like to know how anyone can think fixing healthcare means forcing health insurance down our throats. I want to know why it cost so much for healthcare. Forcing insurance will not fix the cost of healthcare.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Anyone who thinks it’s important for a politician to wear a flag pin, or that it’s some kind of sacrilege or sin against patriotism not to, has one massively screwed up set of priorities.