What are you hoping to hear in the final presidential debate?

The third and final presidential debate of this election year is set for tonight. Today’s Question: What are you hoping to hear in the final presidential debate?

  • reggie

    A pledge from both candidates to start no new wars unless the US is directly attacked by another nation. Since that is highly unlikely, it would mean at least four years to heal our wounded, concentrate on our diplomatic relationships, and save a trillion dollars.

  • Richard

    From Mr. Romney: I would like to hear how labeling China a “currency manipulator” would be beneficial to American trade.

    From Mr. Obama: I would like to hear the President respond to Mr. Romney’s answer and explain how a trade war with China would effect the American economy.

  • Duane

    A cynic would say “Truth” but that would fail to address the concerns of most of this country. We have seen a volatile situation developing in the mid east counties in the past few years. Are we willing to “speak softly but carry a big stick” as prior presidents have done?

  • Claire

    Obama should mention that fracking technology was developed by the Department of Energy.

    Romney; what is the net present value of clean air, water, and soil?

  • Gary F

    Watching to see whether Bob Schieffer can help Obama win this one.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Truth. But, as Duane says, “that would fail to address the concerns of most of this country.” Sad to say, truth is irrelevant in American politics. The key to winning political debates and elections is manipulating the confirmation bias of “independents” who lean your way.

  • David Korb

    1. We Kill people who kill people, because killing is wrong.

    2. Explain how a war on “terror” is somehow different than a war OF Terror.

    3. Explain sanctions on Iran, starve the innocent into action, then blame the target?

    4. Reveal to the public the budget today for our Special ops, be honest about how many countrys we are deploying these special ops into, and how can they frame our war of terror is somehow making us safer .

    5. If you stomp on a hornets nest, will that settle the little bastards down?

  • David Korb

    Ask both candidates…

    This God they worship is so powerful that he can create all heaven and earth, Is this same God so stupid and incapable, that he needs General Electric to make billions of tax free dollars to help him Kill people, who kill people, because killing people is wrong?

  • GregX

    I want to hear more about Romney’s plan to have a plan to meet to plan the planning of the plan that will save America. Meeting #1 to be held after the election.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    What I’m hoping to hear is not one more word from either candidate until the morning after the election, when a short concession speech would be appropriate.

  • David Korb

    Christians are familiar with the old testament story in the bible that describes how God defeated an entire army with a swarm of bee’s.

    1. When did God lose his MOJO?

    2. Does Killing people who kill people because killing people is wrong, create American jobs, or did we outsource these jobs to China because they have a poor reputation for human rights and expands the off shore bank accounts for God and Haliburton?

  • Paul

    What would they do if the B.R.I.C. balloon bursts?


    Romney is interviewing for the job of Commander in Chief. Before we hire him he needs to give specific answers to these questions.

    *How will he SPEND his $2 trillion military increase?

    *How will he PAY for his $2 trillion military increase?

    Why is it important?

    The last republican charged two wars on a CREDIT CARD leaving our children with an enormous national debt.


    How many plants does Romney/Baine Capital own in China? How many workers in Freeport did he lay off and replace by Chinese women being paid 99cents/hr.? Why did he move a plant making a profit of over $500 million oversees? Why does Congress give him a tax right off to move his machinery over there? Considering all his investments in China, would he actually start a trade war with China or is this just boasting? Sounds like he has more invested in China than America, CONFLICT OF INTEREST???

  • kennedy

    Won’t be watching. Debates feature posturing, half-truths, and empty promises. The records of the candidates are a better indicator of how they will govern, and that information is available any time.

  • Lawrence in Mankato

    Many of us independents in MN want to hear exactly what their plans are for the coming 4 years. FACT is, to date, Mr. Obama has yet_ to produce any economic plan to get our country rolling again_ four years later after the failed stimulus bill and still no plan. Instead he spend more, taxes more with no positive effect.

    Nor has Obama ever presented any foreign policy. Not in 2008 and not yet today. In 2008, ABC anchors said, ” we really don’t much about Obama or what Obama’s policies are!” Because no media would vett Obama_ all caught up in the glamor.

    I want to hear Obama explain why most of his foreign supporters are the WORST dictators and socialist/communists.; e.g., France’s liberal socialist president loves him. Palestinian Hamas dictator, the US Communist Party endorse him, they love him.

    Get a clue here Minnesota: when our enemies endorse our president then it is time to rethink who our leader is.

  • Jim G

    From Romney I would like to hear how following the lead of the current leadership of Israel on drawing a “red line” policy on Iran will advance the prospect for peace in the Middle East. We don’t want or need any more undeclared wars. What will the our foreign entanglements look like if he becomes our president?

    From Obama I would like to see and hear a vigorous defense of his foreign policy over the last four years. He has many accomplishments and should be forceful in his presentation of his record; laying out his differences with the Republican neoconservatives who shaped Bush II’s horrendous policies. These same people are the ones are still in ascendancy in Romney’s policy formation and they have shown no growth in wisdom over these intervening years.

    Lastly, Obama needs to a draw vision of an America where his policies will help the working and middle classes rebuild themselves. He needs to depict Romney as he is, pointing out his recent huge leap from the extremist right to the middle with with rhetoric trying to erase what he has said earlier in this campaign. Romney is a rich guy. A corporate raider who with his own words has stated that he doesn’t understand, or care about at least 47% of the American people. Nothing has changed his condition of being a privileged white guy which will ultimately shape his policies. He will help corporate business, and the top 1% increase their huge slices of the American economic pie. It is the average, ordinary folks who are trying to keep their heads above water in the eddies of the Great Recession who need help not the ultra-rich who are now in ascendancy.

  • Lawrence in Mankato

    All we need to hear is what the media totally ignored earlier this year: i.e., when Obama rests his hand on the Russian diplomat’s knee, and then says to tell their President, ” I can be more flexible after the election.” Obama was discussing the arms negotiating and missile defense!! NO American PRESIDENT has been caught talking that way to our antagonist Russia. Obama was giving the store away with his comment intended for Vladamir. Obama ‘s statement shows he is more concerned with his personal agenda then to broker a deal for all of America…..makes me ill to see our adolescent President act this way.

    WHY did our media, NPR too_ ignore this story?

  • Wally

    Well, Duane, I’m a cynic, and all I want to hear is “The Truth,” but we won’t.

    What I’d like to hear is less sucking up to BeeBee NetAndYahoo, and they’d both tell the Israelis: “We’re done spending billions and spilling American blood protecting your Police State,” but we won’t.

    [Note to Dianna E. WELL SAID!!]

  • Jim G

    I would like Romney to explain his “Magic Math.” He needs to explain how his unwanted two trillion dollar defense spending increase and continued tax cuts for the ultra-rich add up.

  • Pearly

    I would like to see the first lady sit on her hands. And not hear her clapping.

  • Regnar James

    What I would like to hear is one or both grow a pair and say “We are spending more than we make… if Big Bird can make it on his own then go for it…. The Gov’t from here out will not be your nanny.” “We will not be the global police force any longer – ALL forces will be coming home, our boarders will be manned 24/7 …. Anything in or out without proper approval / paper work will be shot.” “ Illegal drugs are just that ILLEGAL… anyone selling poison will be killed.”

    That is what I would like to hear.


  • Clark

    I would like Romney to call Obama a liar to his face and ask these simple questions:

    53% of college graduates under the age of 25 are either unemployed or underemployed in 2012. Do you accept responsibility for the lackluster economic recovery?

    According to 2009 IRS tax data, the entire taxable income of everyone earning over $100,000 a year was $1,582 trillion. Even if you took 100% of this income it would barely cover one year of your massive deficit spending. Therefore, where will you cut spending?

    The top 10% of American income earners now pay 35% more in federal taxes then their share of income. Please explain why this is not fair?

    Is is fair that during your presidency the poor are poorer, the poverty rate is rising and the middle class are losing income?

    Is is fair that the American federation of teachers have now spent 99.6% of all campaign donations on democrats, ($24.5 million to $16,000) to insure they elect the very politicians who will nenegotiate their contracts?

    I realize there is a lot of math here so don’t worry Mr. Obama, your aids can walk you through the addition and subtraction when your unemployed.

  • Gary F

    Think the unbiased Bob Schieffer will ask Obama about the open conversation that Obama had with Medveddev?

  • Carrie

    The debate subject is foreign policy tonight. I would like them to stick to the subject but I doubt that will happen. No doubt Gov. Romney will develop “Romnesia” again.

  • lawrence

    Minnesotans want to hear our President explain why so many small business owners are saying publicly that when ObamaCare is fully operational, they will have to cut jobs and if unions are forced upon them, more jobs will have to go.

    We also want to know how after 4 years, foreign trade is still arranged so cronnie capitalism favoring the President’s contributors are allowed to function. Yes, it is true; e.g., Solyndra bankrupt and we lose our grant $ to them, South Korea just got a solar company deal arranged through the Mayor of San Antonio, TX using $125 million of our tax dollars even though the South Korean company’s bid was higher and will cost more for the next 2 year deal selling us electricity than the American bidders would have cost_ not to mention Obama’ support of this indeed will steal American jobs. How did that help create American jobs? It did not.

    Hypocrisy again.

    Talk about fat rich cats influences, look at how many $millions to the Obama campaign come from super wealthy Hollywood types and from the One world Order Mr.George Soros’ groups. Isn’t it odd that the US Communist Party endorses Obama???

    Isn’t it a telltale sign when the former commander of the US Cole ( yup, the same ship attacked by radical Islamists during Carter’s reign, speaks up about how terribly weak our President is?

    How about the Arab Spring? Oh, that went reallllly well_ well enough for the Muslim Brotherhood thugs now in charfg and hell bent on wiping out Israel and us. BTW_ the writer complaining about Israel is likely a plant for Palestinian Hamas or is a neo Nazi…or worse, is a Van Jones groupie. Van Jones is often invited on Sunday’s MNBC Meet the Press That is amazing_ now we have to listen to a self avowed 9-11 Truther that has spoke so many times saying Bush caused the Trade towers destruction..Van Jones is an amazing wacked socialist that was run out of the Obama administration once Glenn Beck revealed Van Jone’s true communist endorsing background_ Almost as bad as Valium speaking liberal Garrison Keillor’s Sunday radio skits that always bash conservative values. But oh no, NPR isn’t biased at all?….no wonder they refused to air in depth stories on the Ambassador’s murder. Obama’s so called fly by night foreign policy of “Lead from Behind” sounds pathetic_ but don’t expect much from a Presidnet who came to office with NO experience in anything except handing out leaflets and promoting people to his cabinet that say Chairman Mao is their hero_ Anita Dunn…( gag)

  • Linda in Plymouth

    We want to hear, so many women care much for how our leader will provide for our country security yet must not steal our freedoms to do that. Last year, one of our billion dollar technology Stealth drones made a emergency landing inside Iran. Our President needs to explain why he allowed the stealth technology to sit in Iran until Iran handed it over to Chinese. Now Chinese will have stealth fighters within a few years to sit on their new aircraft carriers. How does that protect America? Obama also allowed the Bin laden raid where a stealth helicopter crashed, to sit for Pakistan to keep and they had Chinese engineers there to see it within 2 days. How does Obama’s negligence help protect our technology and security? Where were the news stories to show these facts? They all silent as can be. This reminds me of communist Romania where media was controlled. There was no free speech. Romanians knew only what they wanted us to kno.

  • georges

    “Mr. Obama, why do you continue to give Billions of Middle-Class American Citizen dollars every year to people who hate us and murder our overseas personnel?”

  • Ann

    Since the debate is about foreign policy, I want to hear that the candidates will support Israel.I want to hear about trade and how we can help US companies compete.I want to hear that we will limit immigration when so many of us need jobs. I want to hear that we can do what Germany did. The government worked with unions and companies to make concessions and get people trained for the right jobs.If we don’t do this, many of us who are in our 40’s and 50’s will be in poverty in a few years–with savings used up.

  • Perry

    What am I hoping to hear in the final presidential debate?

    The last few years the top internet question,

    that is regarding: allowing Americans to grow/access Hemp/cannabis, which has been called “the world’s most utilitarian plant”, for every good purpose, that is medicine, food, housing, industry, economy and ecology etc… has been consistently avoided and/or laughed away apparently in denial of the revolutionary consequences, how do you two tonight respond to the American internet community?

  • Joberg

    Romney to request Obama run for his old job as an Illinois state senator where he will inflict minimum damage on the U.S. economy. Ilinois is already toast.

  • David

    A question as to why hemp/Cannabis is prohibited to be grown by American farmers and consumed by American public and industry… whatever Bob Schieffer can craft.

  • jockamo

    Gotta love it when Obama starts making up words. Like Romnesia…..

    Poor lil fella is blissfully unaware that he himself is the optimal “easy target” of such satire……..

    Words such as Obamaniac. And Obamania. The ever popular Obamarrhea. And Obamabully. Obamabuser. Obamatweener. BarackOliar. Obamassiah.

    Just to name a few.

    People who live in glass egos shouldn’t throw stones.


  • Wally

    Well Ann, you got your wish and I didn’t. They both bent over for the Israel/Jewish lobby, and hinted at some kind of conflict with Iran, beyond those “crippling sanctions.”