During this campaign, have you changed your mind about any of the issues or candidates?

We’re just weeks away from the end of a long campaign season. Today’s Question: During this campaign, have you changed your mind about any of the issues or candidates?

  • Phil

    Yes! I was originally in favor of the voter ID law. I couldn’t sleep one Saturday morning and I ended up spending several hours researching the pros and cons of this law, after doing the math, I realized the instances of fraud are next to nil (especially compared to the number of votes cast). The number of eligible voters who will be excluded is significantly higher than number of votes deemed fraud. I am now going to vote against the voter ID law.

  • Roger Anttila

    I watched a 2 hour Frontline on Obama and Romney. The biggest take away I had is that Mitt Romney, with his consulting background, does market research and then changes his message to match the market he is trying to get elected in. Depending on your perspective – that is either really smart or deceptive or both. It has worked in the past.

  • Emery

    At present nearly two in three whites will vote for Mr Romney: and four out of five non-whites will vote for Mr Obama. The ideological divide is wider than in any recent election. Mr Obama is still moaning that the rich should pay more taxes. Mr Romney still tends to blame big government for everything. The pettiness of the campaign seems especially striking given the challenges the next president will face.

    Every election tends to get billed as the most important for decades: but this one really is. It is time the candidates and the public started treating it that way.

  • georges


    Watching the TV ads, I have learned some astonishing things….

    I have learned that Rick Nolan is a wild-eyed, crazy-haired, fire-breathing madman, who will indiscriminately condemn anyone who looks into his face to a life in the outer ditches of hell.

    And that Chip Cravaack is a mal-nourished zombie creature, walking the district 24/7/365, scooping up the souls of all who are foolish enough to be outside.

    I have learned that Jim Graves is a little black-footed ferret that was left out in the rain too long, and now his face doesn’t fit his hair.

    I have learned that Amy Klobuchar helps Republicans keep their Government Motors car dealerships if they will do an ad for her, in which they proudly continue to be Republican but at the same time support Amy for life, making fools out of both of them.

    I have learned that Kurt Bills was a public school teacher AND a conservative, until he found out that such a combination is against Minnesota State Law.

    In short, I have learned that none of these people are worth voting for. Which forces me to vote for the person best able to carry out the duties of each elective position. Myself.

  • linda

    No, I have not changed my mind. I am sick at the amount of money spent on ads touting half truths and sometimes outright lies. I can’t remember being as tired of a campaign and will be very glad when it is over. Nothing has moved me to change my vote.

  • Steve the Cynic

    No. I remain convinced that we should have elected Hillary Clinton in ’08, and John McCain in ’00 (but not in ’08).

  • GregX

    Yes. I used to think putting the vote to the people was “simpler” and wiser. I might still if the question wasn’t foisted upon them by a party hackery system. I used to think that the state budget was a rational concern of the legislature .. but after 10 years of tim-pawlenty and the GOP borrowing and accounting shift and theft of public school money … I’ve come to realize the GOP can remove the term “fiscally RESPONSIBLE” from their parties core values, while the Democrats can eliminate the tent “socially RESPONSIBLE” from theirs. It’s not fiscally responsible to not pay for your debts ( even it is means taxes) and its not socially responsible to contintue badly managed programs just because someone is used to them. Raise taxes to pay the debt , quit creating parallel programs for unique subsets of social groups.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    Yes. When I first heard about the proposed Voter ID amendment, I was in favor of it. It seems reasonable to expect a person to show some form of ID in order to vote. But when you think about the number of people who won’t be able to vote because they can’t get, or can’t easily get, an ID, it’s pretty clear that the real reason behind it is a drive toward voter disenfranchisement. Put that with the fact that the majority of those disenfranchised are Democrats, it reveals itself as a thinly veiled Republican power grab. So I’m voting NO.

  • Larry M.

    I was pretty indifferent to the Voter ID law at first, and then I thought about all the different people that might be affected. College students often move from parents home to college housing and back within a year, I don’t really know what happens when someone’s ID doesn’t match where they are currently actually living, do you? I think we should be encouraging the youth to vote as part of being a good citizen, not discouraging it. I also think that one generation deciding for all future generations is just plain wrong when it comes to the (anti) marriage amendment, especially since the youth of today do not hold the same prejudices as the older generations.

  • Regnar James

    No, they are all still ingenious and corrupt.

    I wish Ross Perot would run again.

    However; truth, fortitude and integrity may be foreign to most.


  • Paulaua

    Two events changed my neighborhood’s vote:

    1. The news media finally disclosed the truths, 4 weeks later, about our Ambassador murdered at Benghazi and three others Americans killed in a five hour long firefight. Disclosure of our administration’s State Department refusing to provide real security teams even after 16 other attacks in the past 2 months in Libya, Watergate was bad but no one died from it_ This Benghazi attack /cover up scandal is ten times worse. The facts are finally out,; for the disbelievers, read last week’s Congressional record . When the State Department and their spokesperson is told to go on the cable news shows and give misleading information on to the public_ when our president and VP both while knowing full well that the attack was not from some unseen video You Tube, yet denies the truth to us, when the VP says on the debate hour that he and the Obama were never told..well we have incompetence or a cover up.

    2. Second event was Bret Baer’s Fox News investigation piece showing the truth behind the current EPA agenda and the ruse of the “sustainability” mantra from the Progressive radicals. e.g. the EPA killed all Gulf oil production for a year, thus killing 34,000 job. Obama’s appointed EPA Czar was later caught doctoring the recommendation reports in order to mislead and to “never let a crisis go to waste” as she attacked oil well drilling by ordering shutdowns.. BTW, since Obama can’t come up with an energy policy to be put in print, then why trust that he has any clue on what he is doing other than weakening America to appease his deceased father’s agenda? ( Source: book,” Dreams Of my Father”

    No one in their right mind would re-elect Obama for president unless they think that a failed economic recovery, more threats from Iran, more attacks from terrorists, higher poverty, fewer jobs and higher energy costs is a good thing?

    This is what what we get when we voted for a man with NO real life work or leadership experience beyond doing a few votes in Congress. The Presidency is not a ” beginner’s learning on the job ” position. And Whites best give up their ” white man’s guilt” B.S. mentality in order to justify their past voting record.

    Signed: Disgusted minority in Mn

  • kennedy

    I have changed my opinion on the importance of issues facing our nation. I now believe the most important issue is the upcoming vote on the debt ceiling. How our elected leaders choose to resolve the issue could promote economic stability or drag down the national and global economies.

    Thankfully this has not been a hot button campaign issue as that would drive candidates into entrenched positions and make future cooperation (and a solution) less likely.

  • Michael

    “Prohibition… goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control mans’ appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes… A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our Government was founded.” – Abraham Lincoln

    Anyone who upholds Cannabis/hemp Prohibition is a corrupt shill or a brainwashed dupe.

    Obama and Romney may as well fall into either of those camp.

    The Greens and Libertarians (and a few other) on the other hand do not. The debate between Stein and Johnson on “All Things Considered” Oct 6, 2012 was great (albeit short), I wanted to have Jill be Gary’s vice. I think that means I’m leaning to a Green Libertarian.

  • Marty

    Steve the Cynic, I really appreciate you. Have you watched The Union: The Business Behind Getting High is a 2007 yet?

  • mary m beckman

    Initially I was led to believe that a purpose of the Marriage Amendment was to protect my church’s member’s definition of marriage by defining it in the Minnesota constitution for it to apply to all . This was in the name of religious freedom so that no judge or law could redefine marriage. I have come to see that this amendment does just the opposite. Churches have always had the right to restrict marriages ceremonies in their churches. Catholic priests refuse to marry couples with valid marriage licenses because one has been legally divorced. They can marry in another denomination which believes in divorce. This amendment codifies some religions’ beliefs over other equally valid religions thereby disenfranchising them.

    I have come to see that this amendment seriously restricts religious freedom and would be a dangerous addition to our constitution.

  • Ann

    I feel a little better about voting for Romney after finding out that he has the courage to make changes. He will even take a rather unpopular stand like being against PBS funding. Now if he will only speak out against taxpayer funding of NASA also. Why isn’t MPR asking listeners about their opinion on 400 trees being cut down to get the Endeavor through the streets of LA? After hearing women at the Democratic convention speak proudly about thier abortions –as if a fetus is just excess unwanted tissue, I know that I could not vote for Democrats.Also, homosexuals can call their unions something else and use that word in legislation pertaining to their rights. The discussions have reinforced my belief that marriage means just one thing to me.

  • Carrie

    I haven’t changed my mind on any of the issues or candidates. I listen to MPR, so I’m well informed.

  • Pearly

    I listen to MPR also, and I have only herd one side of the photo ID required to vote issue. I am not well informed 🙁

  • Carrie

    They just broadcast a debate on MPR today about the voter ID amendment held at Metro U on 10/4. You can probably find it on the MPR website.

  • Owen

    I had planned all along to vote no on both amendments because putting them on the ballot is a cop out by the legislature.

    I had thought maybe, just maybe, I could vote for Romney, but I also saw the the two-hour Frontline program and now I am sure not to vote or either of them. Johnson won’t win, but I’ll have a clear conscience.

  • jockamo

    You don’t let the toddlers choose what’s for dinner every night. Ice cream and Twix bars is not exactly a balanced meal.

    You don’t let the punk rocker decide where the family is going on vacation. West Hollywood is an acquired taste.

    You don’t allow the tweener girl to pick out the new car for the family. A Barbie pink Corvette has limited usefullness.

    When a new bridge over the river is required, you don’t hire the wino living under the old bridge in a refrigerator box to design it.

    Why, then, would you want the ill-informed, dis-interested, incompetent or immature to vote in public elections?

  • Jim G

    No. I do my own reading and research and don’t depend on others to validate my opinions.

    I am voting NO on both Amendments.

    For: Obama, Klobuchar.

    I won’t be voting for any Republicans although I have in the past. They’re too extremist for me.