What do you think of the introduction of electronic pull-tab games in Minnesota?

Electronic pull-tabs began making their first appearances in Minnesota bars and restaurants this week. The state hopes that revenue from the video devices will help pay for the new Vikings stadium. Today’s Question: What do you think of the introduction of electronic pull-tab games in Minnesota?

  • Gary F

    Mixed feelings.

    I. I’m glad all the folks that are “Happy to pay” can step up and pay. You can always pay more taxes if you want to. It’s just another way of taxation. Just like smoking, I tell those folks “Light’m up, there is a politician with a spending addiction that needs a fix”.

    2. More people flushing their money down the drain. Hopefully, its folks that can afford it. I guess they must already have their kids education paid for and their retirement accounts full, and their credit cards paid off.

  • Rich

    One of the electronic pull-tab games is named “Big Money Heist.” I think that says it all. ;^)

  • Steve the Cynic

    The state should not be in the gambling business at all. Nor should it be in the business of building football stadiums. Since this expansion of gambling was part of the deal to finance the new stadium, it’s doubly reprehensible.

  • Steve the scenic

    Lawmakers are relying on taxes from electronic pull-tabs to help the state repay borrowing for the $975 million stadium. And the fact is; privately owned sports team will be playing in publicly funded venues.

  • Surley the Synic

    Just think of how much revenue we are getting out of that 47% that don’t pay federal income taxes.

  • Jim G

    I don’t agree that the state should be encouraging and introducing citizens to new addictive gambling games.

    Also I have a question about the IPads: How are they going to keep those things clean? I guess the money the state rakes in really is “Filthy Lucre.”

  • GregX

    I think ripping an iPad in half to see if you’ve won will get very expensive – very fast. 🙂

  • GregX

    This is a snippet of some info I saw on the news last night.

    85.0 % of the pull-tabs goes to the bettors

    04.5 % goes to overhead and management.

    04.5 % goes to the charity

    the rest – I think goes into a slush fund at the legislature for “junkets” to Vegas and Atlantic City.

    and… in 2004 – Minnesota rang up a nation leading 1.3 billion in pull-tab sales .. so … at that level it would generate $58,500,000/year for the charities. That’s all charities combined.

  • Mikey

    I have a nostalgic view of pull-tabs – northwoods or exurban bars, folks from the local Rotary or Lions selling them, sitting down with a table of friends and a big pile, tearing through them. I’m not a gambler, but I’ll blow thru ten bucks a few times a year just for the outlandish amusement of it.

    I have zero interest in futzing with an iPad at the bar (and I was born in the 80s). I hope it works, because I’d hate to see the money come out of the general fund, but that’s the creek the legislature and Dayton put us up, paddle-free.

  • Craig

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a large overlap between football fans and pullers. Nonetheless, it’s exploitative.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    It could be worse, its just a lot more $to rake in to feed the politicians spending habit, spending on things that do NOT directly aid citizens but it helps their cronies..sort of like this bit of news that is crashing POTUS’s election chances_ whos side is really on? ” The Obama administration is weighing the release of blind Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman — the spiritual adviser to the 1993 World Trade Center bombers — in a stunning goodwill gesture toward Egypt that has touched off a political firestorm, officials said yesterday.

    The Egyptian government “asked for his release,” an administration source told The Post — and Rep. Peter King (R-LI) confirmed the request is being considered.”

  • David Poretti

    Interesting how “the numbers racket” has gone from a gangster activity with the feds trying to stop it to a state sanctioned “game”. Now the state gets a cut and the gangsters get stadiums. Of course, we have a virtual casino in every convenience store, so this is really nothing new – it’s just shiny.

  • Leonard

    Shouldn’t we be asking more current and important questions for our listeners to discuss on air than pull tabs such as:

    9/11/2012 The second big Islamist terrorist attack that was _planned and our government didn’t prepare for it. Four Americans slaughtered.

    Why didn’t they prepare? Avoiding on purpose or their intelligence is so flawed or that Obama was at a fund raiser with billionairs while our consulate was attacked?

    If they did admit they knew it was coming, they would have to gamble that the public is aware of their failed policies that allowed our Ambassador to be killed? Our country, our consulate and embassy was attacked and the media barely gives it any critical scrutiny..why?????? How come we don’t discuss things such as the new film, Obama 2016 or ask, “Is the media withholding information to manipulate our views; e.g. Today there is a $100,000 reward for the unedited complete video tape from 2004 where Obama was at a gathering where they supported Sheik Kahleid, the former terrorist supporter and anti Israel Muslim. Why are they hiding that? It was brought up in 2008 but the L A Times wouldn’t release the tape. Now they threaten to release it because the pro Palestinian americans are complaining that Obama isn’t tough enough on Israel? OMG_ True colors come out at last and the media ignores it. I guess pull tabs are so much more important for the 10% that waste their money?

    Shameful…and people wonder why NPR should be cut off from public tax dollar funds? One sided bias is through ignoring ground breaking stories that are not so favorable to the far left. Shame fully obvious.

  • Gary F

    How about this for tomorrow?

    Can Islam live in a world with personal and economic freedoms?

  • Gary F

    Does appeasement work with radical Islam?

  • Linda in Plymouth

    Picture this: A man walks into his place of work, minutes later his building is stormed by mobs chanting Kill America and then the building he was rushed to, is shelled. Blood is everywhere as the mob drag him alive but begin kicking him in until he dies. His family grieves and asks how could this happen to an American Ambassador?

    The mob denounces gambling, wealth, freedom of speech and rights to all women. The man’s death could have been prevented but not from appeasing the mob’s values of denying freedoms but through heeding the warnings on that day ( 9/11/2012) and doing what his top leader swore to do as his primary responsibility_ Defend the Constitution and keep Americans safe. Instead, our leader just 4 hours after the brutal death, is on a jet to do a fund raiser with millionairs. He skips again_ his own security council briefings..he is absent and sends his cabinet out to push a false story of “not my responsibility, we didn’t suspect anything was to happen.” Two weeks later, the lies are uncovered. The media is essentially quiet and our leader does another three fund raisers. And we should worry about freeking pull tabs??????????????

  • Linda in Plymouth

    Let me ask if Minnesotans really care about our America and our role as a super power? Does the military vets agree that America seems weaker today then 4 years a go? Are your children safer today and does the lack of leadership in the White House and the numerous scandals not seen since the days of Nixon, cause us to worry about where our country is headed?

    Will our children be saddled with trillions of debt added in part by an unregulated federal reserve bank that controls more than they were ever authorized to do? Is it OK for our President to use the FBI to nab the film maker of the so called middle east Islamist’s excuse to storm our consulates? Or are we all sheep avoiding the truths? Is it OK for the President to have a Kill List that only he is in charge of? Is it OK to have a President of our Republic who gives speeches that he is contrary to our American free market of capitalism by saying, ” I am for wealth re distribution.” Does he not know as a great Harvard scholar that had barely passing grades ( OH PLEASE show us his transcripts) that “wealth redistribution” is the tenant of SOCIALISM? Ask Minnesota, what is really important to your future, Pull tabs or electing a leader with experience to save this country? Or do we really want the USA to end up like the old USSR or Cuba or Greece?

  • Owen

    I totally agree with Steve the Cynic at 7:19 for once, just once.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Get a grip, Leonard. It’s not like the TQ is going to change the course of world events, or that catastrophe will strike if MPR doesn’t ask the most crucially important and urgent question possible every single day. I suspect the reason questions like you suggest aren’t being asked here is that MPR has no interest in innuendo or giving credence to paranoid conspiracy theories.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Linda, what, pray tell, do those inane rants of yours have to do with today’s topic? Sheesh! At least Leonard tries to make an excuse for going off-topic and ranting. You don’t even do that.

  • Bear

    @ Steve the Cynic, pray tell who appointed you police of this blog? Get a grip on your ego dude. Your opinion isn’t necessarily the only “right” POV, sheesh, you’re as much a troll as a troll is …

  • Wally

    Steve the C. said: “The state should not be in the gambling business at all. Nor should it be in the business of building football stadiums. Since this expansion of gambling was part of the deal to finance the new stadium, it’s doubly reprehensible.”

    I agree 100%! [though it seems to scare him when I agree with him.]

    And if Steve the C. wants to try and keep people on topic, more power to him. The MPR moderators aren’t. Hundreds of words on a totally different subject are like an inbox full of spam. Trying to wade through it all, you can miss the good stuff.

    (Sorry to be late to this discussion, trying to get fall work done before the snow flies.)

  • Bruce

    It’s ridiculous to have gambling legal and not ganja!

  • Steve the Cynic

    Not that you’ve ever strayed from the topic, Wally…

  • Mike

    Legal gambling? Then legalize Cannabis and hemp!

  • kyleyoder

    I’m so over this