What did you think of President Obama’s speech?

President Obama formally accepted his party’s nomination for a second term last night at the Democratic National Convention. Today’s Question: What did you think of President Obama’s speech?

  • Emery

    Obama hit the right note in his speech. It was measured and comprehensive, a look backward and forward from the midpoint.

  • Clark

    Didn’t watch our current cluless community activist president as I don’t plan to vote for expansion of the moocher class.

    Perhaps when obama loses in November, he can attend some math classes at his local community college.

    Hilliary was right, he was clearly not ready to be president.

  • Pats

    Thought President Obama’s speech was a light in the darkness. Go Mr President, all power and wind in your sail. Tremendous! Makes America look like the leaders they used to be, before, well,….things all went a bit dumb. I think the President will deliver given the chance, he took a poisoned chalice at the start. Give him the time America.

  • Richard

    This simple observation represented a marked raising of the rhetorical tone is a measure of how shrill the debate has become. His words amounted to a rebuke of angry partisans in both parties:

    “We don’t think government can solve all our problems. But we don’t think that government is the source of all our problems—any more than are welfare recipients, or corporations, or unions, or immigrants, or gays, or any other group we’re told to blame for our troubles.”


  • Bob

    The best way to check a candidate’s speech is to see how the fact-checkers respond to it. Obama’s lowest mark from politifact was a half true which was higher than Romney’s.

    personal note to Clark – On several occasions you have written disparaging remarks about the President referring to him as a clueless community organizer. Here are some other items that are on the President’s resume that you fail to mention:

    graduate of Columbia University

    graduate of Harvard Law School

    president of the Harvard Law Review

    worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago

    taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School

    served three terms in the Illinois State Senate

    Served four years in the US Senate

    Perhaps you would like to share your resume with the MPR web site audience and let them decide who the clueless one is.

  • Phil

    I thought it was a good speech. I was going to vote for him anyhow though. I think those who were going to vote for him liked it and those who were not going to vote for him thought it was silly. There is a comment ahead of mine where the person uses words like “moocher class.” There was really nothing the President could have said that would have received a warm reception from people like this individual. I do have to tell this person though that I have been in the class of people he despises so much. I have been homeless. I have slept in my car in the back of Cub Foods parking lots. I have “bathed” in the sinks of gas stations. With a lot of work and sweat I worked myself out of that life and got my education. Now, I am far from rich, but I have a good job, make a respectable salary, and along with my wife have a town home in a nice suburb, and oh yes, I pay my taxes and contribute to society. My successes in life were in spite of the the Republicans. The programs of the Democrats did more for me than anything the Republicans had ever done.

  • Gary F

    I has to turn it when he said “I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear”. That was the whole premise of him getting elected.

    I’m glad they didn’t boo the Archbishop. Seeing how a majority of them no longer God in their platform.

  • Gary F

    I’m glad they didn’t boo the Archbishop. Seeing how a majority of them no longer *want* God in their platform.

    Did anyone watch Chris Matthews? I was predicting that the tingle in his leg was now to the “Elvis leg” stage.

  • Bob Moffitt

    It didn’t quite match his famous 2004 keynote address, but that’s a pretty high bar to clear, even for Obama.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Good speech. Not gonna persuade anyone who’s not open to persuasion, though. The other Dem speeches were good, too. Especially Clinton’s. Biden disappointed everyone who was eager to see him swallow his talus bone.

  • Keith

    Somewhat disappointing. I was hoping for less principle, more specifics.But is was a good rallying cry, providing some differentiation between what the Democrats stand for vs. what the Republican appear to stand for (one can always argue whether perceptions are reality). I was perhaps more impressed (surprised might be a better word) with the kindler, gentler Joe Biden.

  • Clark


    None of the previous occupations you mention prepare him for the office of the president. He was a state senator for 6 years and a U.S. senator for 4 years. Her did not manage a state budget or a corporate budget. He has a total lack of understanding of economic issues and his lack of leadership was evident the past four years.

    Obama has no interest in compromise as he believes his political views should never be questioned. Even his fellow democrats questions his ability, when the door is closed.

    You provided no evidence he was qualified other then he went to school. Further, if you know anything about Harvard Law school. unlike other law schools, popularity actually matters more for the law review then grades.

    Sorry, as usual, another democrat failed the test.

  • jockamo

    graduate of Columbia University-Affirmative Action

    graduate of Harvard Law School -Affirmative Action

    president of the Harvard Law Review-Affirmative Action

    worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago-Affirmative Action hire

    taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School-Didn’t teach a real class. Got paid big money for occasional lectures, financed by the Taxpayer, therefore, Affirmative Action

    served three terms in the Illinois State Senate-Government job

    Served four years in the US Senate-Government job

    That’s quite a resume. No wonder he doesn’t think anyone built what they have. He didn’t build anything, just lived off the taxpayer, so he thinks no one can be better then himself. Typical immaturity of thought.

  • Jim G

    His speech showed passion and answered the Republican misinformation campaign point by point. He deserves another term to move this country forward into the future. The Romney/Ryan budget plan will continue the decline of the Middle Class, destroying Medicare, Social Security, and Higher Education Pell grants as we know them. This country and the Middle Class can’t afford returning to the social stratification of the Bush years.

  • James

    Obama’s speed was a little underwhelming. 3 issues:

    -A little short on specifics

    -Sometimes too subtle…it takes a second listen

    -He followed Clinton, who completely knocked it out of the park.

    Overall the Dems did what they needed to do. Clinton specifically eviscerated Romney and Ryan’s platform, point by point. The Republicans in our office yesterday were noticeably licking their wounds. Very fun to watch!

  • John

    I was upset that he didn’t talk about the WARS that he wants to put US in for Israel. He managed to change the Platform to make sure it says that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, now what does that have to do with US, other than the Israeli lobby is the strongest lobby and owns both candidates.

  • Kurt Nelson

    I thought the speech was okay, not overwhelmed, but solid. Hard to follow Clinton, who nailed it hard.

    As an aside, there is no president of a Law Review, there is the Editor. A subtle difference, but important.

    Contrary to what jackaidiot said about affirmative action, Editor of Law Review is a position chosen by peers (a very competitive group of people, many of whom also wanted to be Editor). So in Obama’s case, his peers at Harvard Law chose him because of his skill and intellect, and not because he had a white mother.

  • georges

    Always fun to watch the ordinary Democrats being made fools of by the Democrat Party fat cats.

    “Don’t change horses in mid-stream!”

    What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Four years, and your horse has only made it to the middle of the stream? HaHaHa

    It’s a STREAM. Not even a river, for god’s sake. A little bitty stream. Someone with real abilities would have made a couple of round trips across the Pacific ocean by now. Swimming, no horse. And this guy can’t even step across a little stream.

    “We can’t go back to the policies of the Bush Administration.”

    That’s true. We can’t go back to them, because we never left them. Obama has carried on Bush’s work (and every president since LBJ), and put it on steroids. He has accelerated the transfer of middle class wealth to the rich. Unfortunate, but true. He is the Son of Bush.

    Remember…the president is merely an employee of ours. He works for us. He has an exact job description, set out in the Constitution.

    No part of his job description includes being a worshipped leader.

    If you need a leader in your life, you’re in luck. There is one in every church and one or two on every street corner and TV show. Have at it. But leave our employee to his duties in his servitude to us, his employers.

  • georges

    “As an aside, there is no president of a Law Review, there is the Editor. A subtle difference, but important.”

    Some guys just never get tired of being wrong. Tis their lot in life.

    The Harvard Law Review has one president and many editors, at any given time. And Obama was one of the editors, and then the president. Susan Estrich was the first female president of the HLR. Susan was another giant disaster.


  • Ann

    What kinds of incentives is he going to give companies to hire those of us in our 40’s and 50’s?Veterans aren’t the only ones that are having a hard time finding jobs. A lot of us are going to be on the street in a few years…Also, it is childlike for him to be constantly saying that “the Republicans did it. They caused the financial mess.” The dotcoms were failing when Clinton was still president. Clinton also wanted the type of mortgage situation that got people in over their heads. Companies like Enron and 911 bombings weren’t Bush’s fault. How about taxing those cadillac union benefits so that other people don’t have to make up their share in taxes? Obama’s message is “shame on those rich employers.” He thinks that taxing them will solve all the problems. If more people had jobs, there would be more tax revenue. He could consult Germany. Their government worked with the unions and companies to make conessions and come up with ways to get people into the right jobs.I also didn’t like the way the speakers seemed to be proud of their abortions. They seemed to imply that babies are just excess tissue that interferes with their careers. They didn’t seem to have sorrow about all the abortions..

  • GregX

    Those who think Romney can “fix the country” like hefixes a “broken” company – is under the wildly incorrect assumption that you can :

    (1) close and sell off the under performing states ( Florida, Texas, Arizona, California)

    (2) rent/lease the marginal states – Michigan, Maine, Montana, Idaho, Nevada,)

    (3) simply abandon support ( pension-health care,etc) to entire populations of American’s

    (4) reinvest the profits in the remaining states.

    Yet that is how Romney solved nearly every corporate problem he encountered in companies. Get rid of the bad, fix the mediocre and promote the best. Unforunately – that appraoch would tear America apart. Please do let him become the “Bain of our Existence.”

  • Mark

    I agree with steve that it was a good speech . I think that Miz Fluke, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden had the strongest speeches of the convention…. As a commentary note; many people said President Obama did not have a strong speech and played it safe, kind of like holding on for the win and not making a losing mistake instead of trying to “hit a home run”.

  • GregX

    “We can’t go back to the policies of the Bush Administration.”

    That’s true. We can’t go back to them, because we never left them.

    & crossing streams and oceans.

    ============== >> pretty un-informed review. Congress is no longer a working body. They are the definition of an impediment. No Presidents agenda gets through unless

    (1) there is a massive national paranoia – (see 9-11)

    (2) near party super-maojority in both bodies of congress

    (3) a complete fluff piece of an issue.

    If Romney is fortunate enough to get into office – you can bet that the democratic impediment will keep him from achieving anything too. It doesn’t take much to stall “legislation.”

  • Rev

    Obama’s speech was good. It roused the people and brought out a sense of accomplishment, while maintaining sobriety. It wasn’t the factual spanking that Clinton gave refuting all the disinformation being spread by the Republicans, but it was a good speech nonetheless.

    I’m still waiting for any facts or plans from Mittens & Co., though. All I’ve heard from them are soundbites, nationalistic jingo, religious crap and false accusations. I’d take them much more seriously if they weren’t constantly throwing tantrums.

  • jockamo

    “Get rid of the bad, fix the mediocre and promote the best.”

    Lets see, now……..Get rid of the bad….naturally…..fix the mediocre……of course…..and promote the best………absolutely

    Exactly what any sane person would do. Maybe I will have to vote for Romney afterall, if he is that rational……..

    Obama must want the opposite, then…….deify the bad……….glorify the mediocre………..and vilify the best……..now, THAT is a recipe for failure.

    No wonder Obama and the Democrats are stirring up a big batch of that pudding.


  • Grahame

    I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve been so burned out on all the ruckus surrounding this election (as I was with the 2010 election), that I just don’t care anymore. I only get two choices, and I don’t really like either of them because the prevailing attitude seems to be, “You either agree with us on everything or you agree with us on nothing.” Well, Washington, it takes several colours to make a full spectrum.

  • Steve the Cynic

    Keep posting, georges/jockamoo. You’re succeding at making the far right look as ridiculous as it is.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    A decent speech. Obviously, Clinton and Michelle were a hard act to follow, but he got the job done.

    No doubt Republiclowns hated it, and will continue to do everything in their power to get Obama to fail (their stated goal)–all while colloecting big salaries at the expense of the taxpayers.

  • Leonard

    Actually, Obama’s speech was the same old thing, he took no responsibility for his failed policies, he ignored the fact he had total control over the House and Senate and all he did was sneak through a massive unheard of travesty in 2,000 pages that then has since added another 21,000 pages of new orders allowing Health Secretary to enact at her will even more intrusive regulations. _ it was called the Affordable Health care Act. Obama care as directed by Pelosi. He failed to mention he ignored actions that could have increased incentives for the economy and jobs. Today we have 89 million Americans out of work and unemployment is still unchanged. Everyone should see Obama 2016 film..not even NPR will dare discuss that film. Giving a good speech does not speak louder than actions_ Obama failed us again and I won’t vote for him again.

  • Leonard

    I stand corrected. Obama’s speech was a near carbon copy of President Carter’s convention speech! Obama would have done thse few things to regain my vote:

    1. Tell the people the truth in that while his admin has opened up new energy field leases, they have not approved them. The oil increase from Dakotas came from private land that he couldn’t control!

    2. He forgot to admit that his promise of shovel ready jobs from two years a go, he stated, ” weren’t quite shovel ready after all.” after using that as part of more stimulus spending.

    3. He would have had to tell the truth that his wife’s career included free jobs from Obama’s now chief adviser, Valerie Jarret. Valerie got her a $75K board member job at Chicago’s University Hospital that was found guilty of patient dumping to avoid costs of medical asst patients.

    4. He would have had to remark on his comments that he did his best given his absence of any job history, never made payroll, never was responsible for employees….just a career politician.

    5. That 90% of his initial appointees have quit, resigned or found incompetent.

    6. He would have to take repsonsibility for ordering the assassination of Bin Laden vs capture as was Sadam. Why was that? Capture means interrogation and camp Gitmo, which he has failed to close as he promised.

    7. He would have had to take ownership for breaking his promise to cut the national deficit in half in his first year, the years he controlled the House and senate where he could have apssed anything.

    8. That the Repubs and the Dems all voted without dissent to refuse his first budget!! Even the dems wouldn’t vote for it.

    9. That he authored the Bill while in Illinois, to ban doctors from taking life saving efforts for botched abortions, preferring a live birth from failed abortion to die off in a room with no care.

    10. To admit he_ voiced his support for traditional marriage all the years before this year!

    11. That he marched with the new Balck Panthers, on video, in 2008 and appointed a racist Attorney General that would rather charge states vs radicals.

    In short, more honesty in a speech would have took him further.

  • GregX

    Jockamo – Glad to see you support Romney splitting splitting up the country..It could be a good thing. The Nothern states could then finally become part of Canada.

    hmmm maybe have to rethink this Romney vote. A vote for For Romney is a vote for Minnesota joining Canada.

    Not Bad – finally free of the insufferable conservatives.

  • Clark

    I repeat, when it comes to macro economics, he is as clueless as a econ 101 student. Stifling regulations, employer mandates and unknown future tax obligations has not and will not create economic growth.

    If you are unemployed or under employed and you believe he has a plan, the tooth fairy is alive and well.

    I see the downstream effects of this over regulation every day and question why the economy is not in worse condition.

    I don’t know if Mitt can make significant improvements but obama is clearly lacking leadership skills necessary for the job.

  • FH

    Obama’s speech was more of the same. Could anyone have fixed the mess that he inherited? Not sure, but a good leader could have made much more progress and created some momentum for the country. Let me give an example near and dear to many people in MN. Medical Devices are now getting a 2.3% excise tax as part of the Healthcare bill and the regulatory requirements for approving medical devices over the last couple of years have become extremely onerous. The net result – the loss of good paying middle class jobs. Here are some of today’s headlines from FirstWord Medtech:

    Related News

    – Medtronic completes half of 1000 planned job cuts

    – Abbott to cut 700 jobs due to restructuring of stent-manufacturing business, reports financial results

    – Olympus to cut 2700 jobs as part of new strategy

    – Smith & Nephew reveals plan to cut 770 jobs; fourth-quarter profit drops

    – CCS Medical cuts 101 jobs in Tampa Bay

    If you have ever been in business, you understand the impact on your business of taxes and all these regulations. If you have not, than you don’t understand how easy it is to regulate businesses to death or the impact tax rates have on your business decisions. We need a change to someone who understands how to help businesses grow, and understands the fact that wealth and jobs come from the production of real goods and services and not from the redistribution of wealth or creation of government jobs.

  • Leonard

    This is why more Minnesotans are not voting to keep Obama. His speech was proof that he is clueless, he really doesn’t understand his role or the American ideals, then again_ he spent his formative character years of growth, 1-14 yrs living as a Muslim in Indonesia with a step father yet his speech talked ONLY about his white grand parents as his main influence..such nonsense he wants us to believe.

    This summary says it all on why a president as Obama failed_ he simply doesn’t have experience prior to taking office.

    ” If a company needs to fire a group of incompetent employees to make its workforce more productive, it risks a million-dollar lawsuit. If a developer seeks to offer low-cost housing in the vast, unused tracts of land in expensive California districts, too bad–that would go against environmentalist “open space” laws.

    If a health insurance company tries to win more customers with deductibles, coverage and limits that will make insurance far more affordable, the idea is sunk; states dictate the terms of health insurance contracts. If a group of venture capitalists want to invest in new nuclear power, to supply cheap energy to a new market, it cannot–environmental regulations have prevented any new plants for decades, despite the technology’s stellar safety record. The role of the EPA has tripled in the past 4 years. Now farmers have to worry about EPA fines for creating dust as they plant crops.

    If the board of a struggling public company wants to hire a top-flight CEO to turn its company around, its job is much harder (and more expensive) thanks to the CEO-repelling climate created by Sarbanes-Oxley, whose vague laws and new criminal penalties make managing a firm much riskier. Even the simple project of building a larger facility to house a growing business can easily be held up for six months, while the owner must glad-hand zoning and permit bureaucrats.

    And this is just the smallest indication of the regulatory strangulation that American businesses suffer. Imagine the economic stimulus, the explosion of productivity, that would occur if these regulatory nooses were removed.

    For that matter, consider how our government wreaks economic destruction by taxing the wealth of the productive and diverting it unproductively. Americans pay trillions of dollars in taxes annually–the vast majority of which is not for the agencies that protect our rights (police, military and courts), but for regulations and for entitlement programs that transfer wealth from productive individuals who have earned it to those who haven’t.

    Over the years, these programs have prevented individuals from investing trillions of dollars in new ventures. It took a million dollars to start Google (nasdaq: GOOG – news – people ); if the government hadn’t drained us of millions of dollars, picture what other amazing technologies, products and services we would be enjoying today.

    The economic stimulus that would result from drastically cutting government regulation and spending (and thus taxation) is almost unimaginable. Obama fails to take responsibility for his own failed policies. Each job created by the stimulus, those that are still active today, cost tax payers over $1.2 million for each job created. How is that useful for asking us to fund a $780 billion stimulus?

  • Shirley K

    I don’t understand why the Democrat convention had numerous attendees BOOING when ever GOD was mentioned.

    Why do they now denigrate religion?

    Why did they attack the Catholics over graduate student,Sandra Flukes’ plea that we should all pay her with free birth control so she can have sex when ever she wants while she spends $100 a month to go out to eat and drink?

    Why do they support late term abortions on demand vs adoption as a true choice?

    Why did so many, half, boo the inclusion of recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel?

    Why do they use the race card when ever anyone disagrees with their policies? There are more whites on food stamps than blacks so calling Obama the Food stamp president isn’t racist against blacks.

    They lost a lot of independent voters last night.

  • Sheri

    The President reminded me of why support him. He always asks to be our better selves. I appreciate his belief in people & introduction of the idea of “Citizenship” into the policy discussions of this Campaign.

  • GregX

    Shirley K. “I don’t understand why the Democrat convention had numerous attendees BOOING when ever GOD was mentioned. ” ………….

    You misunderstood … they booed when GOP was mentioned.

  • GregX

    Leonard – I can tell you why Minnesota won’t vote for Romney in far fewer words.

    We someone who build a country, not part it out.

  • jockamo

    Now, with the close of the Democrat Party Convention, we can rejoice, our faces full of happy smile lines….

    …..and revel in the words of that old Norwegian spiritual……….

    Free at last………free at last……..praise God Almighty…….


  • georges

    The conventions, taken as a whole, prove once again that old American truism:

    Democrats have more sex, but Republicans have more orgasms.


  • Leonard

    Fact: Obama said in his speech, that under his leadership we are less foreign energy dependent today but failed to mention that under his rule, per the gov’s own data, we had 39% less oil leases opened up than in 2008. If not for the private lands, we would be at 50% less development. Hows that Hope and Change worth when gasoline is now more than double from when he came to office.. or what about we waste 36% of our corn yield for high octane ethanol effecting higher food prices as a result. Look at the cost of a gallon of milk compared to 2009, insurance premiums have still risen way too much and he allowed our billion dollar Stealth drone technology to be captured by Iran..some leader, full of rhetoric and broken promises. Then again, Obama had NO real life work experience when he took office and he appointed all academicians that also had NO real experience or responsibilities to others in their work life. It takes more than a good speech orator to be a leader. He has failed on almost all accounts. Yet, all they can do is preach hatred toward those that disagree with them. Progressives are now the true Party of hatred.

  • Kurt

    The speech was lacking the grandiosity we know and love, probably because he was privy to the job numbers. Certainly not his best. Michelle was good, Bill was excellent but is not running. He could actually be in trouble.

  • Mike hoy

    The Democrats are encumbered by the convention that the sitting President is automatically their candidate for a second term. Poor Obama inherited a mess that nobody could have done much about in 3½ years. They Republicans have certainly spent that time doing their very best to ensure that Obama (and hence the country) did not do well. Nevertheless he could have put up a much better show of it by words, attitude and policy, if not results. He has been far too conciliatory, and his ideas insufficiently different from his opposition. He has been weak and uninspirational even to those who wish him well.

    Many, perhaps even a majority, will turn out to vote for Obama simply to oppose the deranged and mendacious party that the GOP has become. But we really should’ve had a better Democratic presidential candidate in this time of great need.

  • Lee

    I’ll be much more impressed when I hear his re-inauguration speech in January. The negative commentators here, are just speaking to themselves. There will be an election in November, and Mr. Obama will be elected President once again. Making the negative comments won’t make a bit of difference. Facts that conservatives refuse to believe.

  • jockamo

    Some just drink the kool-aid……

    Others gulp it.


  • Michelle

    He didn’t mention the War on Drugs or decriminalizing cannabis.

    “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our nation’s marijuana laws.” – Barack Obama, January 21, 2004 debate

    Romney can only do worse.