What benefits should a sports team bring to a city?

The economic benefits of professional sports teams are far from clear. The NHL lockout, for example, may not have the impact on St. Paul’s economy that city officials had predicted. Today’s Question: What benefits should a sports team bring to a city?

  • Hiram

    They provide us with something in common. But the minor sports, hockey and basketball, just don’t matter much at all.

  • James

    Entertainment. And in most cities, the opportunity to occasionally feel some shared civic pride.

    There are likely some minor economic benefits to some small businesses in the vicinity of the arenas (parking lots, bars and restaurants) but I would guess that on a net basis, money leaves the Cities as a result of professional sports, as our gladiators tend to live elsewhere and take their riches with them.

  • John

    A sports team that is financed by the people should be required to have open books to the profits and the people should benefit from the profits at an equal rate of return to the investment. This should apply even if a team is sold. Of course this isn’t happening here, Ziggy walks away with everything.

  • GregX

    unfair business practices. the sports-industrial complex is well enough off that it should be self-funding and … actually giving/paying cities and state governments back for decades of tax money pumped into their system. Pro-sports shouldn’t be making one-talent athletes into multi-millionaires until they’ve figured out how to fund and support farm teams , collegiate and high school level programs in their sports. Currently – the taxpayer supports sports far in excess to its retun value to the community in terms of tangible improvement in the nutrition, health, education and job-success of its inhabitants. Sports owes the American tax-payer … big time.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    Sports team should bring us entertainment to help us all avoid the reality of the world among us so we never , ever, ever discuss things such as;

    In 2001, an inconspicuous manifesto now known as “The Project” was recovered during a raid in Switzerland: A manifesto that turned out to be a Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West. Today, files containing evidence from the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history, which include details about “The Project”, are being withheld by the Department of Justice.

    When Iran says they will wipe out all of Israel, can a sports team keep us distracted while they build their nukes?

  • Ann

    I don’t watch sports unless I am waiting for the 10 pm news and sports delay the news. I usually give up waiting and turn off the TV.Is there anyone else out there who is bored by sports? There must be a benefit for the local and national media because it is difficult to avoid sports news.

  • Pat


  • Mary

    Sports teams “should” bring jobs and a great way to get rid of stress. I got rid of a ton of stress yesterday yelling at the replacement refs during the Viking’s game yesterday.

  • Gary F

    The Saints stadium isn’t really about jobs, its really about appeasing Chris Coleman because he didn’t get his LGA money.

  • Jim G

    If there are benefits, they are much less than those claimed by sports team boosters. The funding for these supposed benefits are have been largely paid for by the average Dick and Jane. The biggest benefits go to billionaire owners, then come millionaire players, next in line are restaurants and hotels in the very immediate areas next to the stadiums, finally there are the low paying seasonal part-time jobs to which Dick and Jane need to be thankful for. What’s left of the sport benefit for Dick and Jane? Not much “bang” is left.

  • Wally

    Sports teams provide the “circuses,” but it costs too much “bread.”

  • David Poretti

    I enjoy the grace of good athletes and the drama of competitive sports. I enjoy witnessing the passion of the players. I have found that the park-rec leagues my grandchildren play in, the high schools with more accomplished athletes and the college games are more than enough of a sports buffet to choose from. Televised sports are boring – too many advertising timeouts, commentary and camera shots that distract from the game. A professional sports team should at least pay its own way – under the current model, they are a very expensive ego boost and a net negative to the community.

  • Jennifer

    Grace and ganja, for healing and fun.