What’s the hidden gem at the State Fair?

The Minnesota State Fair opens today and runs through Labor Day. Today’s Question: What’s the hidden gem at the State Fair?

  • Jim G

    The free horse shows in the coleseum, the goat barn, machinery hill, the 4H building, Brat mit Kraut, and finally the beer garden with karaoke. I can’t wait.

  • Gary F

    Seeing that the State Fair is a mine field for someone on a diet, I will not be partaking.

    Scotch Eggs.

  • Rich

    We’ve always enjoyed taking our kids to the Home Depot building. Once inside, children have the opportunity to use hammers and or screw divers to assemble; bird houses, letter boxes or other similar projects.

    I would guess that quite a few of these kids would not have the opportunity to do a similar project at home. It is a wonderful opportunity for a parent and a child to build something together. And a chance to work on their relationship as well.

  • Phil

    I want to see frozen syrup of ipecac on a stick.

  • Sarah

    The honey sunflower ice cream and wine ice cream at the Horticulture building. It’s just as cheap as the crappy soft serve found elsewhere at the fair, but uses local ingredients and interesting flavor combinations. Usually the lines are pretty low unless it’s a super hot day, so the ice creams are my favorite treat!

  • Steve the Cynic

    There’s a hidden gem? Who hid it? Was it stolen? Is there some kind of nefarious conspiracy by a secret cabal? Maybe “hidden gem” is a code word for a terrorist’s bomb. Maybe al Qaeda is behind it. Quick, somebody call Michele Bachmann!

  • Steve the Cynic

    What’s the matter, Phil? Isn’t deep fried butter on a stick disgusting enough for you?

  • Alex

    The Peg.

    It is on the side of the agriculture building facing the international bazaar.

    It is where anyone who has worked at the fair a long time eats because it is the only true sit down place at the fair where you can get served.

    Owned by some wonderful Minnesotans!

  • Rachel

    Hot Dish on a Stick from Ole and Lena’s!

    It looks obscene, but tastes divine.

  • Gary F

    For 50 weeks out of the year, the media wrings their hands over how bad Minnesotans eat. Oh, this is bad for you, that is bad for you, we need to police kids lunches at school for veggies, organic this, free range that, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, oh, the list goes on.

    Then for two weeks, the Twin Cities media, including MPR, praises bad for you food.

    Go figure.

  • Ariel

    My favorite hidden gem is the lemonade made with honey that you can get near the bee exhibit. The honey gives a wonderful flavor to the lemonade, and it is perfect on a hot day.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    My personal hidden gem has to do with my favorite parking place, less than half a block from the main gate. However, this gem can only be had by arriving at the fair by 7 am on the last Sunday of the fair. This gives me an hour to walk around, stretch my legs, get an idea what I want to see, finish my coffee…..and then see the fair before the crowds arrive. Then, when I get back into my car for home by mid-afternoon, I get the added pleasure of giving up my favored parking place to some grateful family or older couple, looking for a good parking place for themselves. The big Minnesota smiles and waves are so refreshing.

  • jockamo

    I found a hidden gem at the State Fair.

    In the back of the Democratic Party booth.

    Rep. Kerry Gauthier (DFL-Duluth), is conducting classes on how to write an effective Craigslist ad.

    Very informative.


  • Steve the Cynic

    So, what do you plan on doing with such knowledge, jockamo?

  • Wally

    The Fine Arts building, and the incredible examples of the skills of regular people, who aren’t getting government grants, but just doing real art.

  • Connie

    The Sky Glider. That wonderful open air chair-lift ride that gives a great view of the fair and opportunity to enjoy whatever high you’re on (mine’s ganja).