What ‘s been your favorite moment of the London Olympics? Least favorite moment?

The 2012 Summer Olympics wraps up this weekend. Today’s Question: What ‘s been your favorite moment of the London Olympics? What was your least favorite moment?

  • John O.

    Favorite moment: Chinese hurdler with an injured achilles tendon hopping across the finish line on one foot to the cheers of tens of thousands.

    Least favorite moment: Bob Costas.

  • Kurt

    Fav: Aly Raisman winning the floor exercise and then paying tribute to victims of the 1972 Olympic terrorist attack.

    Least: Ryan Lochte peeing in the warming pool. C’mon man!

  • linda

    I have enjoyed all I have been able to watch and proud of all the athletes.

  • Keith

    Favorite is beach volleyball.

    Least favorite was listening to the gymnastics announcers pointing out every little flaw in each routine, making them sound like major gaffes.

  • Gary F

    Only watched about an hour of this over the last two weeks.

    Best: Italian men’s archery team. Bucket style fishing caps, scruffy beards, not quite portly, but sporting a good beer gut, and they won the gold.

    Worst: Weather too cold so the women’s beach volley contestants had to wear t-shirts.

    Bob Costas’ totally tripping over himself to be PC, priceless.

  • Jim G

    Favorite: I loved the the opening ceremonies. The “Queen” jumping out of the helicopter was a hoot. Paul McCartney’s Hey Jude, ” Naah…Naah…Naah.. Nah-a-Nah, Naah… Hey Jude.” So 1970ish… got to love it!

    Least: The medal count by country is so 20th century Cold Warish… it doesn’t work for me anymore.

  • John

    I like the beach volleyball the best.

    I least liked the pro-Israel comments at the opening ceremony, and the anti-Palestinian comments. It just shows you who is the real broadcaster.

  • kennedy

    Least favorite moment has happened several times. I hate when an interview includes a question about how disappointing it ifeels to win a silver/bronze medal. I would include the McKayla medal pout, but others have turned that into something funny.

    A related favorite moment is the joyful celebration Galen Rupp after finishing second in the 10k run.

  • Candice

    Favorite: The Olympic American swimmer and Cannabis user Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals.

    Least favorite: the bad badminton behavior.

  • Bruce

    Worst: The play by play announcers, Bob Costa looks terrible.

    Best; The competitors that do try to do their best to win.

  • Ana E

    Best: Watching the Brits cheer on the hometown team.

    Worst: People whining about ‘spoilers.’

  • JasonB

    Best: watching athletes from smaller nations get their chance to beat the big guys. Also when an athlete shows grace, joy, and humility regardless of how they performed.

    Least: NBC airing a commercial that announced gymnist Aly Raisman’s gold medal performance in the floor exercise before the event aired.

  • Janice

    Best: Women’s volleyball, maybe soccer beautiful US!

    Worst: When U.S. judo competitor Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the London Olympic Games on Monday after testing positive expelled cannabis.

  • jockamo

    Best moment:

    The guy demanding that Aly Raisman’s parents sit down and shuddap. Those rude parents are the type that give America a bad name all around the world. Got to put them in their place. Way to go, old guy.

    Worst moment:

    The continuously shrinking speedo thing the male platform divers wear. What is more offensive, the crack in back, or the stubble above the bubble? Or the whole package? Disgusting, to say the least. The Olympics takes another step into sleezedom.

  • georges

    My favorite moment was bringing back Freddie Mercury from the dead. Perhaps the best rock and roll performer of all time. Even with his fatal flaw.

    The worst moment was Insain Bolt declaring himself a “legend”, over and over and over again. Hey, pal, if you have to do that yourself, it means others are not. Pathetic.

  • Modest Past

    The frozen digital enhancement of photo finishes in the mens 200 meters. The runners look thew same as the old Greek art depictions of their runners. Only faster– yet spooky.

    Worst intentional moments. The cameras hovering in the gymnists’ face as we wait for a score, and of course some tears from the Russian girls. it’s insufferable for any casual viewer who is not into the medals, anthems and obsolete nationalism. And the Asian badmiton women trying to lose for a better matchup–better get back to a sudden death tournament and give up the maximum tv audience value of roundabout advancement to the final : /