What do you think of Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate?

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his choice for vice president, bypassing former governor Tim Pawlenty and others. Today’s Question: What do you think of Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate?

  • lol@mpr

    WOW! No comments! Not even Steve The Citidiot. Crickets.

  • linda

    I cannot support the ticket-no way no how.

  • Clark

    Ryan is a great selection. Congressman Ryan understands our current spending is just non sustainable. As Obama and other rdical left democrats work to punish success, the fact is there are simply not enough wealthly to pay for the cost of Obama’s expansion of the federal spending. Therefore, Obama is either a lying liar or he doesn’t understand the math.

    If you took every dollar of earned income above $250,00 a year, it would just cover one year of the Obama’s deficit, Sorry lefties, the math simply doesn’t work.

    As obama and the other far left radical democrats work to punish earned success, Romney and Ryan will work to provide the incentives to achieve success.

    Obama believes fairness is forced income redistribution rather than true economic growth. Obama boo’s success and cheers failure. It is his nature to hate merit.

    I truely hope the Ameican people understand the stark differences between the candidates and also hope that Romney and Ryan call out our cluess lying liar president. Obama is an economic illiterate.

  • Joberg

    Obamas worst fear, a VP candidate that actually understands math.

  • Steve the Cynic

    If Romney wins, Ryan would be impeachment insurance, like Dick Cheney and Dan Quayle were.

  • Rich

    @ Clark

    You are the typical right wing cliche. The Democratic plan would be to spend until growth returns and then growth gets rid of debt. This has worked at least twice in the last century: FDR and Reagan. But Paul Ryan’s plan has never worked. Ever. Contracting the money supply causes recessions, it doesn’t turn them around.

  • Allison

    @ joberg

    The Ryan plan would cut about $6 trillion from projected spending in the first 10 years. But the plan also would cut revenues by $4 trillion, and more over time, by slashing individual and corporate income taxes. The government would not run a surplus for three decades, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

    I believe this particular type of “math” was once called “voodoo economics” by President George H. W. Bush.

  • Clark


    At least Ryan has a plan. the dumnocrats have not passed a budget in 3 years. Their only solution is to increase taxes, penalize success and reward fallure. Growth, right, sure has worked well for obama so far.

    Obama has never understood the math.

  • Kurt

    Excellent choice. You can either vote for continuation of ” entitlement nation” and end up like Greece, or vote to deal with the problem. Choice could not be clearer. Win or lose,I like the pick.

  • Joberg


    Typical radical leftist democrat. Confiscate all income and wealth and when new spending has consumed this confiscated private property, what next?

    If you enjoy 10% unemployment and minimal GDP growth than obama is your man.

    He is a leaderless figurehead, Why didn’t he support his own deficit commission, Simpson-Bowles? I assume Pelosi provided strict orders to your man obama, not to support any spending cuts just tax increases.

  • Rich

    Wait, which one is which? Because I’m fairly certain that Ryan’s tax plan will give us the same problems that Greece has– massive amounts of painful austerity, massive amounts of money going towards the rich and banks, high amounts of joblessness, low amounts of economic activity, etc.

    Mr Ryan’s economic plan will fail. Why? It represents a contraction of the money supply to those who create demand.

    But why the hell would I want to choose that?

  • Gary F

    The choice is clear now. Do we want to continue chasing Europe over the financial?

    I can’t wait for him to debate Bidon. That will be priceless.

    Seeing that the Obama campaign last week told us Romney and Bain killed a guy, I can’t wait to see the lies they come up with for Ryan.

    Watch the hate begin.

  • Gary F

    The choice is clear now. Do we want to continue chasing Europe over the financial cliff?

    Sorry about that.

  • Rich in Duluth

    Ryan speaks very well and he seems intelligent. He also seems to be an extremist bent on defunding the Federal government, I think, to the detriment of the people.

    I’m hoping Ryan’s candidacy motivates Democrats and centrists to come out and vote for the President.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    A typically dangerous choice. As a sop to budget wonks and the extreme right, Ryan’s going to turn off just enough independent voters to tip the election to Obama. Every so often, I consider a Republican for President……but the running mate changes my mind, in the likes of Dan Quayle, Jack Kemp, Sarah Palin, and now Paul Ryan. Once again, the Republicans have taken careful aim at their foot…….then BAM!

  • Keith

    OK, so the GOP has a decent VP choice. Too bad Romney is leading ticket. Maybe Ryan will help Mitt figure out what he really believes in. It will be an interesting next 3 months.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    And an added bonus: we don’t have to listen to Tim Pawlenty ripping on Democrats. Pawlenty is unpalatable enough when he’s just speaking, but when he’s in his pitbull mode, bashing Democrats, he gets a look in his eye and a smirk on his face that are truly revolting. Thanks, Mitt, for sparing Minnesotans further humiliation..

  • Emery

    Mr Ryan is a different political animal—more substantive and less vitriolic—but coming from the House he is associated with a specific form of conservatism that is all about insurgency, purity and Washington dysfunction. Remember, it was Mr Ryan’s polarizing budget plan that sacked an earlier (grand-bargain) bipartisan deal.

  • Duane

    An excellent choice, now we have two highly intelligent people that will be able to drag the liberal left kicking and screaming back to the important topics of the day….fiscal responsibility. Romney has two advanced degrees from Harvard and we know graduated with honors and Ryan has a political science and an economic degree. Obama has a law degree….we believe… but has never practiced law and we know nothing of his academic accomplishment in the two or three schools he attended. Ryan has it right, this president has been a failure in the past three years and McConnell was right, it is our responsibility to see that he only serve one term.

  • Patrick

    Paul Ryan is a perfect pick for Mr. Romney. We now have a right wing ideologue backing the former “liberal” Governor, cleansing him of his past ideological mistakes. It completes Romney’s charge to the right and makes the coming contest clear. Republicans continue to paint President Obama as a big spender and weak economic leader, forgetting that our current low tax rate and stalled economy were problems that he inheritied, and that they have spent the last two years maintaining. They rant against “obamacare” but propose no alternative beyond returning to the old “free market” solution that left 45 million without any health care coverage at all save emergency rooms.

    Clearly, Republican leadership including Ryan and Romney have seen it as more important to oust Obama than save the Nation from its economic downturn. Remember, Ryan voted in favor of much of the spending that the administrations of Bush and Obama advised. If voters can see through the smoke and mirrors they will note, and vote accordingly.

  • jon

    Ryan was clearly a choice to energize the republican base and the tea party to get out and vote for a candidate they aren’t particularly fond of because they like the VP option.

  • david

    Awesome choice. Like sarah palin did, ryan will push any independents who were sitting on the fence to re-elect Obama. Especially those with an education about the economy, budget, and what’s going on in Europe that doesn’t come from fox news and republican rhetoric.

  • James

    Seriously, who cares?

    The VP position is powerless, unless you are Dick Cheney and your boss has never had success with an enterprise more complicated than a paper route.

    It amazes me that everyone is excited because there is now someone on one of the tickets who can apparently do math. Trust me, there are lots of people in Washington who can do math. Unfortuanately those with all the power (Congress, the military, seniors, etc., etc.) don’t want to be bothered with math.

    4 years ago lots of people got excited because a charismatic, good looking female joined a failing ticket.

    It’s more of the same this year.

    This too willl pass.

  • Aud

    It means nothing other than it gives Dems and GOPers one more thing to taunt each other and retort over. We get all up in arms over VP choices but ultimately they don’t matter. We were happy to allow Cheney to hang one heart-beat away from the presidency. Lots of voters looked past substance and seemed fine w Palin on the ticket. They were all energized by her, when behind the scenes even McCain’s people didn’t want her on board. Apart from his gaffes, I don’t know much of Biden other than he isn’t in the media too often. It’s a super slim % of people that vote for or against a VP candidate.

    What continues to amaze me is the number of people who practice willful ignorance, trumpeting talking points put out by candidates and amplified by their chosen media instead of fact-checking with unbiased sources and using common sense. Case in point is the guy on here questioning Obama’s law degree: really — you can’t find any info on his career? It sounds great in a forum, but you missed a lot of public info already out there. When will we move past a system that has bought into repeating mistruths often enough that they become the new truth?

    I’m tired of seeing people labled “typical liberal” or “typical conservative” like those assumptions can even be made from a post less than 200 words long.

    The question here really is how much of an impact do voters think Ryan will make on Romney’s leadership. And I think as far as the economy is concerned, the selection of Ryan more clearly defines the Romney campaign. Perhaps this next election will be a moratorium on the Ryan plan.

  • michael sampica

    Romney has finally shown that he is nothing but an empty suit, and will go any way the wind blows as long as he thinks he can win. He has no core beliefs that he will stand up for, he thinks corporations are people, he adopted and passed a health care program while governor that he now can’t remember pursuing and he believes in self deportation. Now he pursues a budget plan that calls for privatization of Social Security and vouchers for Medicare and this guy thinks we should vote for him instead of against him.

    the Ryan pick reveals how desperate Mitt is and good luck with that.

  • P. Nielsen

    Should satisfy the right-wing conservatives and tea partiers. Just another selfish-minded person owned by the right-wing machine and its corporate contributers. His agenda, as stated many times, will not help or benefit the middle-class working people, nor those on the botton rung of our so out of whack economic ladder.

  • Richard

    Sadly, Mr. Ryan like Mr. Romney has never worked a real job in his life. Mr Ryan has never bailed hay, never flipped a burger, never soiled his fingers because before he was a lifetime politician, he was a consultant for his parent’s business. Yes, that is right, his mother and father gave Paul Ryan a job because he couldn’t do it himself. So much for the right wing lie of being self-made with bootstraps and all. Mr Romney and Mr Ryan should be called Mr Nepotism One and Mr Nepotism Two.

  • Jonathan Livingston

    The Cosmic snapshot of the Earth gets taken in December. We’ve been chasing red herrings down a blind alley and the elephant in the living room has been feeling neglected.

    What do I think of Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate?

    Can he prove the War on Drugs has failed? That the Prohibition of Cannabis/hemp was one of the most insidious inside jobs done to the American people and Global community in the last one hundred years? Maybe miracles will happen in that arena. Maybe young Paul Ryan will allow for the discussion. Obama could do something positive today.

    Romney’s choice was at least a smart one… I wonder who made it for him.

    I have no faith in the Republicrat-Demopublican shell game. Only the heartmind of each of us will prevail.

  • Terry is underwhelmed

    Paul said right away Saturday that he–and Mitt too?– will be accountable for the deficit cuttng policies they promise to undertake…remember Newt and his Contract for America in ’94…all those bright young fiscal conservatives who took the House away from Clinton?? It’s just that it’s much easier for the Federal Reserve, the Executive Office– Congress to allow mortgage debt for instance to get out of hand in the private “growth” sector, than to undo the wreckage from a collapse of this scale. Folks are still not even able to produce enough real new wealth to start paying off the deficit.

  • Lou

    From a political perspective, I believe that Rob Portman from Ohio would have been a wiser choice. The selection of Paul Ryan has to be seen as a bit of a desperate move in the same sense that selecting Sarah Palin four years ago was. I am sure that the Romney campaign advisors are not ignorant and they know the risks that they are taking in selecting a man with a bit of an extreme agenda. I thing President Obama and his advisors have to be breathing a little easier today than they were last week.

  • Tricky Mitt

    What would a Republican ticket be without a shill for the oil companies? And one so upfront with his class warfare, robbing from the middle class to give to the rich. I get giddy thinking about it…


  • Phil

    As far as I am concerned it does not matter. I would not vote for Mitt if he had Jesus Christ as his VP choice.

  • Lance

    I think Paul Ryan is a fantastic choice. I believe he will articulate economic policies and the reasoning behind them in a way that will make sense to the majority of voting Americans – though not to the majority of posters on this board.

    In the short term, that may help Mitt get elected. In the long term, he had more power to make budgetary change happen while being the highest ranking republican on the budget committee.

  • Chris

    I am a 51 year old educatedm middle class working woman (been working since I was 14) who will be among the first guinea pigs in the Medicare system experiment that is Ryan’s brainchild. Good bye 401k, it will all go for healthcare if and when I get sick, as all people eventually do. I’ll pay my own way for a few months and then my assets will be eaten up and I will be thrown out onto the streets because the US won’t be subsidizing the senior population anymore in any way. Good luck kids………

  • Steve D

    I was supporting President Obama now I am giving money to the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party too.

  • David Poretti

    Clearly a choice to pander to the tea-party faction, offering a little more sizzle than T-Paw (OK – the bar is pretty low). This should remove any and all doubt as to which direction Mr. Romney would like to take the economic policy, and what he thinks of the working class. Unless you have more money than brains, this slate should concern you. The good news is this should energize voters on both sides, and will likely push most of the fence sitters to the left.

    Regarding the thoughtful and insightful comments about President Obama: Really? Gosh! Thanks for setting me straight!

  • annie is not impressed

    Sigh, Clark, joberg, Gary, you are not going to win anyone over with your childish insults.

    The Today’s Question comments seem to have become just one more place where anonymous ideologues spout vitriol and derision at their chosen targets. It takes a real nose-holding effort to read through just to find the often thoughtful and thought-provoking comments by many others.

    And here’s my answer to the Question:

    Both sides are applauding this pick and for good reason – the right gets their small-government budget-cutter on the ticket and the left gets a confirmation of what they’ve been trying to put on Mitt, that he favors budget policies that favor the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class. It’s true that the pick of Ryan presents a stark, issue-based choice for voters: austerity as a solution (and supply-side economic policies that have never delivered growth) vs. allowing misguided tax cuts to expire and investing in R&D, infrastructure, higher education, etc. to simultaneously boost the middle class and renew America in the ways that made us a world leader in the 20th century.

  • Larry M.

    Paul Ryan led the charge to bring the country near default last summer leading to the down grade of the United States’ credit rating, the man should be fired not promoted.

  • Steve the Cynic

    If you believe the Great Recession was caused by too little deregulation of greed and insufficient erosion of the social safety net over the previous three decades, then you should vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. If you think a jungle-rules economy will make America a better place to live for most people, and those who might fare worse will have only themselves to blame, Romney-Ryan is your clear choice. If you think the proper role of government includes regulating women’s choices in how their bodies are used, or who you’re allowed to fall in love with, but not human activity that harms the natural ecosystem, check the box for Romney-Ryan on election day.

  • Jefferson

    Good choice, the guy has quite a few ideas which is more than I can say about Obama. The only problem is the intelligence of the American people…if they fall for the SS and Medicare scare tactics then Romney will not be elected. If the American people have ability to think logically to realize the only way to save the social programs (and not kill the economy) is to cut back the benefits for the future generations. Allow market forces to drop prices and give people more choices. Sure the Democrats will attack based on their ideology that nothing but the military can be cut…here’s to hoping the American people are smart enough to see past the attacks and hate.

  • Duane

    NEWS AKERT!!! President Obama has taken a position on the current economic situation…”He is unequivalently opposed to the Ryan Budget Plan”.. Big news, it is probably one of the first statements he has made during his presidency about his current struggling economy other than to blame the previous administration. At least he has taken a position on the economy, his only other positions has been on social issues. Social Security will be broke in 12-14 years unless something is done and his Health Care plan is scheduled to take 500 billion dollars out of Medicare over the next ten years. As a current recipient of Social Security I beg of the senior citizens to become familiar with what the President is doing to our livelihood.

  • georges

    When Lyndon Baines Johnson was trying to steal enough money from middle class Americans to start his Great Society, he assured us citizens that the government would always have the “abundance and the ability to free every man from hopeless want.”

    And we citizens nodded our collective head and said, “Well, that’s reasonable. We are a very wealthy country. We can do that.”

    We thought he meant every man could be free of want of such things as…..food……water…..shelter from the storm……you know, the essentials of life.

    Turns out he meant (well, the governments that came after him, mostly) that every man, and woman, and child, would be free of every kind of want that could possibly be imagined.

    Want a 60 inch LED LCD? No problem. The FedGov will buy you one. No…No…No….Don’t even think of paying us back. We won’t here of it. It’s yours. Free and clear. You don’t owe us a dime.

    Want a car? Sure, we got a program for that, too. A house in the ‘burbs? Here ya go…enjoy. A swimming pool? How could any American live without a swimming pool? We’ll start digging the hole this afternoon. Clothes for all your kids? The newest backpacks? Right this way, my dear. We got it all, just for you.

    24 years later, Jimmy Carter said in his inaugural address, “We have learned that more is not necessarily better, that even our great nation has its recognized limits, and that we can neither answer all questions nor solve all problems. We cannot afford to do everything.”

    Unfortunately, we did not heed this nugget of wisdom by the peanut man, and government spending sped on, reaching new heights under every president since, to the point now, with Obama as our top employee, who wants us to spend 3.6 Trillion dollars this year.

    And Paul Ryan wants us to spend…..listen up, now…….3.53 Trillion dollars this year. Really, Paul…….3.53 T? Yup, that’s what Paul says…..3.53…..Paul going to save each of us two hundred bucks. Thanks, Paul. I am confident that if you were drowning in the ocean, Paul would save you by dipping a gallon of water out of that ocean. What a guy.

    Perhaps Ryan should be Obama’s running mate. They share a love of spending the middle class’s wealth. Ryan, tho, probably understands it. Which is ten times worse than doing it out of ignorance.

  • Steve the Cynic

    As soon as I see a post that goes beyond a screenful, I know I’m looking at a screed by a troll. No need even to read the first sentence.

  • suestuben

    Wow, what a horrible choice! All those like me, who have been pretty unimpressed with Obama, will now sign up for phone duty and lawn signs and start writing checks. The specter of Ryan getting closer to the economic decision-making of our fragile USofA is so horrifying that we must join the fight for the soul of this nation. I was worried he’d pick Palenty, who doesn’t excite anyone or worse, Condi Rice, who would’ve grabbed independent and moderate women and people of color, but, like McCain, he chooses someone really scary and devisive. There’s no way he can win now; America is sick to death of politicians who work to divide this nation.

    The rest of the world is watching our seeming attempt to bring back the 50’s, and now we have these 2 rich and pampered white- men- with- good- hair to usher in that retrospective. Luckily there are enough intelligent people who, like the rest of the planet, see the folly of that desire (It’s impossible to go back in time, folks!). Gird your loins, fellow moderates, and arm yourself for the good fight–the country you save(or lose) is your own!

  • georges

    And remember…….

    Deficit spending in the Jimmy Carter administration was 12%…..

    Now, this year, in the Barack Obama administration, deficit spending is over 40%……

    40%………..Forty percent…….

    Even a tad of economic knowledge brings one to the conclusion that such a horrible condition cannot exist for long. In time of great need, such as World War II, it can be for a short time. But not for long.

    What would a financial consultant tell a family that was overspending by that amount?

    Frau Debbie Wawa Schultz would tell them….to spend even more. Who cares….we be stealing it all, anyway. From the future generations. What they don’t know won’t hurt them.


  • jockamo


    To those libs who are dancing round and round over the Paul Ryan non-event, telling themselves that happy days are here again, it’s going to be like 2008 all over again, etc……..

    A little history lesson is in order.

    In 2008, Obama had the easiest path to victory any candidate has had since FDR. Facts:

    1) The economy was tumbling at an enormous rate, nothing like it had been seen since the Great Depression, and the Republicans were being completely (100%) blamed for it.

    2) People were afraid….and angry. TARP made them mad. Fear of losing their income, fear of the unknown, fear that the future held nothing good, only bad. And the media told them Dubya was to blame. And, of course, the Republicans.

    3) People were seeking change. Obama promised change. People were desperate, but change looked better than the present.

    4) Some were downright giddy at the opportunity to vote for the first black president.

    5) The Republicans ran the worst candidate since Bob Dole.

    6) McCain picked a running mate the media could bash endlessly.

    A 3-legged dog could have won that election for the Democrats……easily.

    But, what actually happened?

    Obama won, but just barely.

    365 to 173 electoral votes.

    FDR won 472 to 59.

    Also, FDR won 42 states to Hoover’s 6 states.

    Obama? 28 states, to McCain’s 22 states.

    A pitiful showing for Obama.

    With the conditions that existed at the time of the election, Obama should have been real close to FDR’s numbers. But he was not. Not even in the same ballpark. Not on the same planet.

    It should have been a blowout. The fact that it was not is nothing short of pathetic.


    Even with all that Obama had in his favor (none of which is still viable), if just 2.91% of the voters….less than 3%…..had voted the other way, Obama would not have been elected.

    Less than 3%…….think about that for a bit.


  • Jim G

    I know I’m late. I’m creating jobs in on the North Shore. SPENDING money to create a demand. In other words, I’ll do more in three days of vacation than Paul Ryan, will do in creating jobs. I expected nothing better out of Mitt.

  • georges

    Lets see…….

    Who creates lots of jobs?

    Oh, yeah…..

    Community organizers……..

    No, wait…..that should be private businesses……

    Community organizer is just a polite way of saying…….

    On the dole……..


  • Steve the Cynic

    Apparently, jockamogeorges, you’ve bought into the GOP newspeak, where wealth-hoarders are renamed job creators. But what prompts those folks to create jobs is effective demand, which happens when people who want stuff have enough money to buy it, thereby making it profitable to produce said stuff. Jim G is right. His spending is creating more jobs than any tax cut for the wealthy ever will.

  • Dale

    I think Ryan’s an excellent choice. With Romney/Ryan we will no longer have any need for collective bargaining/union representation as denly stop off shoring jobs and see to it all employees get a fair share of the pie. Trickle down ecomomics will make all of us wealthy and independant. And I have a bridge to sell to anyone who buys that!

    Ryan’s budget cutting ideas bear some merit but where he is wrong is thinking cutting revenue-giving more of the pie to the wealthier will result in prosperity to all. Think about it. If you have a budget problem just cut your income and reduce your spending. It is insane to believe just cutting spending will solve any problem. yes we do need to cut but we can’t ignore revenue/income and expect a good outcome!