Would you want the Twin Cities to host the Olympics?

Londoners are complaining about the cost, traffic and inconvenience of hosting the Olympics. But selection as a host city is considered an honor, and cities compete for the privilege. Today’s Question: Would you want the Twin Cities to host the Olympics?

  • Dianne

    No, because our public transportation system is woefully inadequate to handle the crowds.

  • Gary F


    We can’t afford it. Most countries are saddled with debt so bad that they have to continue paying for decades.


  • Rich

    People enjoy complaining. Britain would win Gold for this national sport.

    The Olympics is, and always has been, a £9.3 billion party – well, originally a £2.4 billion one. Let’s hope it’s a good one. And no party worth its salt lacks a wonderful great hangover?

  • James

    Hosting the Olympics would be awesome.

    In no particular order:

    – we would have something huge to focus our energies on for years

    – we would build some awesome facilities and use many of our pre-existing awesome facilities

    – we would build some awesome infrastructure that would serve us well for decades

    – the world would see and be impressed with our organization skills, culture and kindness

    – there would be thousands of jobs created preparing for and running the Games

    – the event would be life changing four our children

    – you don’t have to go brike hosting the Olympics. It’s not like NBC doesn’t pick up a fair chunk of the tab

    It would be Minnesota’s Moon Shot! And Moon Shots are fun!

  • Steve the Cynic

    I’d be all for it. It would be a good excuse to repair our crumbling infrastructure and transit system and to press ahead with the expansion of light rail. Since rationality isn’t persuading our lawmakers to do those things to improve Minnesota…..

  • Tom

    Absolutely not. We have coughed up far too many useless millions for pro and semi-pro (college) sports in the last decade. Give the gladiator crap a rest. Eventually, the country needs to do real work or admit defeat and begin the decent into third world misery. No one but the 1% will be able to afford tickets, so why should I care anyway?

  • Sue de Nim

    It would be good for the community, like inviting a bunch of folks to a dinner party as a way for forcing yourself to do that housecleaning you’ve been putting off.

  • Jim G

    Sure, you betcha we could do that. We could model it on the Minnesota State Fair. Minnesota iron is a wonderful medium- for the medals. The diving events could be held at Split Rock State Park. It’d be great! Go for the gold, well at least go for the butter.

  • Larry M.

    Sure maybe after we have a complete light rail system, we catch up from the road disrepair from the Pawlenty administration and the new stadium is built. Right now we would never be selected, just too far behind modern cities.

  • Carrie

    It would be exciting but I work in downtown Mpls and I think it might be kind of a nightmare.

  • Sheri

    How fun! As long as the national media remembered to say the names of both cities.

  • Wally

    Sure. Host the Olympics, and watch Minnesota become a Police State, with more Storm Troopers than athletes, just as is happening in London. Only millions of dollars in surveillance devices installed “temporarily” will be deemed too expensive to uninstall, and so will be left in place, for “our” security, you know.

    Smile, you’re on Big Brother Camera:

    Don’t pick your nose,

    Don’t scratch down there,

    Snug up your pants to tie your shoe

    Because somebody’s watching you.

  • Craig

    Money is a problem, but as we anticipate the artistic direction of London’s opening ceremonies I also cringe over the choices we might make. We have people and institutions with impeccable taste, discernment and appreciation of the avant-garde, but could they overcome the chorus that loves to drone, “I don’t get it.” Atlanta provides a cautionary tale. Following Barcelona’s offering of art and opera singers four years earlier, they employed chromed out pickups and cheerleaders in their opening ceremony, hence cementing their yokel status in the world’s imagination.

  • Tracy

    Only after we legalize Hemp/Cannabis.

  • Kristina Mattson

    No way! The cost far out weighs any benefit, other than to feed our egos.

  • Rebecca

    No. Didn’t you see Jules Boykoff’s piece on the IOC?

  • Regnar James


  • Leonard

    Even if we wanted the Olympics here, it still wouldn’t happen if Obama is still in office during the selection process. Why? Because he couldn’t even get the Chicago site deal approved but maybe had he asked Louis Farakhan’s Nation of Islam to help, as Rahm Emanuel did this week to help reduce the hundreds killed every week in Chicago..then maybe Chicago would have been selected?

  • GregX

    NEVER! …. biggest waste of money ever. there is way toooo much sports and not enough education, jobs and happy citizens. Globally – time to shut down the Olympic enterprise “state funds” – let the athletes earn professional salaries ( skip the whole amatuer rubbish) and allow the global corporations to fully fund the games – including construction of roads, hotels, apartments, venues – then the global “Olympic, Ltd. Inc.” can just own and lease and manage the properties. and leave the city-state to be itself.

  • Dennis

    Absolutely NOT

  • rose

    Not in the Minnesota.

    Although it is a great honor to host the Olympics; I don’t think we are too small a population to design, create and implement an event that comprehensive. Big money, Big companies would come in and devour our state. I don’t think we would have the political will to host it in the manner which would showcase our Minnesotan values and life styles.

    Please not in Minnesota.