How’s your summer been so far?

We’re just about halfway through summer, so we’re taking this holiday as an occasion to check in. Today’s question: How’s your summer been so far?

  • CarlS


    And because I’m Minnesotan allow me to gripe about the weather: I didn’t expect the mild winter to transition into an oppressively hot summer. Can’t we get one break without having to pay for it? Happy 4th!

  • Jim G

    Our summer? My step-daughter officially announced her engagement today. Sometimes, life moves along like a slow winding river. There are backwaters but swift currents that can catch you by surprise. Nothing seems to change until it does. Planning an October wedding should be a pleasant diversion from this 99 degree heat.

  • Steve the Cynic

    What happened to the other three comments that were here as of last night (including mine)?

  • anna123

    Nice and long. Usually by now it seems it’s just starting, but this year we’re already heading into the fourth month of it.