How is the record-setting heat affecting your life?

Most of the state will experience dangerous heat index levels through Thursday coupled with high humidity. Today’s Question: How is the record-setting heat affecting your life?

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  • Jim G

    I’ll need to ride earlier and a shorter route on the bicycle today than I would like. Then I’ll pick the raspberries before 10. For summer work I used to cut down Elm trees during the Dutch Elm plague which wiped out our urban forest. I remember working from dawn to dusk for 5 bucks an hour on these horrid days. Thankfully I don’t have to do hard manual work anymore. So, drink a lot of water today and stay cool.

  • suzie

    Since it sooo hot, we don’t go out unless necessary, hence, the weeds are growning in the gardens and the grass can keep growing too. If it weren’t for the job and the volunteering, we wouldn’t venture out. Shopping can wait.

    The neighborhood is quiet because the construction projects only work a few hours in the morning and the daycare is keeping the kids in the house. No lawnmowers, no kids playing, no runners or walkers and no dogs and their walkers.

    Thanks to all the police, fire, postal workers,and health care workers who are working outside.

  • david

    Can’t get the fiancée’s Chihuahua to come inside, he finally stopped shivering.

  • Ann

    In the 1990’s, we had a summer with many temps in the 90’s. I enjoyed it because there wasn’t humidity. The humidity this year is terrible.Stop eating cows. It has been shown that they are one of the biggest causes of “global warming.” Since MPR seems to believe in global warming, why didn’t I hear that mentioned in the discussion yesterday?

  • Larry M.

    Confirms my belief in global warming.

  • GregX

    Well – I think its proving to me that I’m getting old. It really doesn’t feel all that bad. I notice the heat to be sure. But biking to work and home seems OK … sweaty.. but OK. About 9 miles each way except I ride a longer route on the way home for the scenery. For the afternoon ride – I freeze the water bottle. It thaws pretty quick lately.

  • Steve the Cynic

    About the same as record-setting cold does. I spend as little time outside as I can, going from one climate-controlled place to another.

  • Christine QM

    We live on a small hobby farm. Fans in the barns and cooling off the stock tanks by circulating the warm water out with the cold fresh water from the well. The only one outside is my 10 year old playing on the deck in the kiddie pool we bought yesterday. Plus cancelling the riding lesson for later this afternoon. I can’t put a horse or us through that. Remember your animals on day like this everyone.

  • Saul

    Oy vey!

  • Ole


  • John

    Confirms my belief that when its summer it gets hot and they’ve only been keeping records for a couple hundred years.

    I remember when back in 1979 it was 104F. Then they were talking about global cooling.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The other reason record-setting heat is similar to record-setting cold: some folks can’t resist using it as an excuse to express their opinions on climate change.

  • Jack

    Time for some crushed ice in the bong.