Are you ready for the onslaught of political advertising that’s about to begin?

The 2012 presidential race has become the most expensive in history. Political advertising is likely to be prominent during U.S. broadcasts of the Olympic Games, and ESPN is set to begin accepting political commercials in its local markets. Today’s Question: Are you ready for the onslaught of political advertising that’s about to begin?

  • John O.

    The television will be turned off more frequently than normal.

  • Rick

    I’ve been filling my DVR for months and I’m getting ready to re-watch the entire Heroes series. I also tend to watch Top Gear and Mythbusters more often than anything that would be attractive to political candidates and their campaigns.

  • Gary F

    When your mind is already made up, the commercials from both sides get very old very quick.

    I don’t watch much of the Olympics anymore. Since NBC bought the rights, its more about their side stories and overproduction and less about the competition.

    I figure Jim McKay is rolling in his grave.

  • Jim G

    It’s astounding that there are voters out there who haven’t made up their minds on the Presidential race. I’ll need to do my own fact checking for some of the state and county offices and have promised myself to not believe every lie that will be thrown onto the candidates just to see what sticks.

    As these ads increase in frequency and urgency I’ll remember that American workers’ wages haven’t gone up in 30 years and the large corporations are earning record profits, so it’s an easy decision for me. If the Republican Trickle Down (Trick Them Now) Theory hasn’t worked for over 30 years it certainly won’t work now. I’ll be a voting for Democrats for President on down to my State Representative.

  • Jim B.

    Yet another reason to stick to Netflix streaming.

  • Bruce

    Yes. I’m ready for the Mass Assault to the visual and audio senses to begin.

  • GregX

    I’d rather the politicians just figured out how much money they had per voter and cut me a check. I promise to show up and ME the money.

  • Steve the Cynic

    That’s why I support public radio and television.

  • JasonB

    Yes, and I make an effort, if necessary, to avoid it.

    Political advertising is just like any other advertising, in which the goal is to make you buy the product. I find it hard to believe anyone reasonably intelligent would vote for someone based on the equivalent of a detergent pitch.

  • Paul

    Of course, if it wasn’t for a constant stream of half truths; who’d support the info-tainment industry.

  • Ann

    I have already decided that I won’t vote for Romney or Obama. The Republicans let me down. Do they really think that Romney will attract votes from Independents or even from many of us Republicans? Obama will win and I will have to depend on Congress to provide a balance of power in government. The ads are a waste of money and I don’t watch the Olympics/sports. I watch some of the news and I will watch Jay Leno joke about our terrible choice of candidates.

  • matt

    It does provide a nice wealth transfer from the Banking 1% to the Media 1%.

  • Michael

    Hopefully they’ll stay off of youtube, otherwise they’d better debate ending the Wars on Drugs and Cannabis/hemp Prohibition!

    Politic$ really $uck nowaday$ >(

  • georges

    I am ready. I have installed new batteries in all the remote control units, and am doing extensive finger exercises, so that as soon as an ad is recognizable as political I can have it switched away without ever having to suffer hearing any of the audio.

    It could have been different this year. We could have had a real debate on where this country needs to be.

    But, Romney blew it. He chickened out. He started it down the right road, then he quit. Whimped.

    When Romney said, “I’m not worried about the poor or the rich, there are enough programs already for both. I am worried about the middle class.” That statement was perfect. Exactly what this country needed to hear. Exactly where we needed to be. But then, of course, the Liberal press went after him. How dare he say such a horrible thing?

    Well, he dared to say such a thing because it is true. We have tens of thousands of programs for the poor and the rich. Plenty for both. In fact, way too many. We should severely cut back on those programs.

    No rational person could make a case for the “need” for more programs for the poor. Or the wealthy. It is sheer insanity.

    When the profiteers of keeping the poor…poor, jumped all over Romney for being so hard-hearted as to say we have enough of such programs, he caved. He quit. He wimped out. He had a great opportunity to bring the proper debate to the fore, to get the country to face the cause of the Great Recession (vast Big Government spending since LBJ), but, alas, he didn’t have the backbone for it. So, the campaign ad season will be boring and annoying, as usual.

    By the way, I am not a Republican. I have voted for twice as many Democrats as Republicans for president.

  • Carrie

    Except during the day when I’m listening to MPR, it’s really hard to get away from it. Luckily we watch a lot of local sports on FoxSports North. Although I’m not sure if it’s more painful to watch the Twins right now or obnoxious political ads.

  • Mark in Freeborn

    Yes, and I’m already sick of the ads. But I’m really concerned about the tone of the upcoming ads concerning the gay marriage amendment. I suspect they’ll be particularly nasty, misleading, and divisive.

  • CarlS

    Yep. My remote has both a ‘mute’ and a ‘fast forward’ button, so I’m good to go.

  • Craig

    It is an interesting mirror. Marketing in general has become scientific and informed by deep-data, and the classification and targeting of viewers/readers is now very accurate. If you happen to see an ad which offers security, or attractiveness, or power, market research has classified you as afraid, or unattractive, or powerless respectively; and probably correctly.

  • Carmen

    Yet another reason I don’t have cable TV.

  • kim

    No. I’m already sick of the lies and the lying liars who tell them. I wish there was a way to fast forward through the whole mess. (And I’m talking about both of the major parties.) I wish there was a way to get the parties out of the way and focus on making this the best country it can be, for all of its citizens.

  • linda

    I know who I will be voting for. I don’t trust ANY of the political ads so I won’t be listening. At best, the ads stray from the truth and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. I include the tv and radio people in this also. They must make a fortune running this junk.

  • Steve

    We’ve managed to avoid the ads so far, so we’re in good shape. We don’t have a TV, and we listen to Minnesota Public Radio which, mercifully, doesn’t run political ads. MPR, the New York Times, and my trusty Google search function let me find out what’s going on in the political world and make up my own mind.

  • John

    It doesn’t matter, I’m writing in Ron Paul because he is the only candidate to speak the truth.

    I’m not going to waste my vote and vote for someone the mainstream controlled media wants to shove down my throat and who truly doesn’t represent most of us.

  • rose

    PAC money will help the economy – but mainly within the advertising, media outlets and media production industry.

    What if the PAC money was spent in sustainable employment opportunities?

    I am NOT interested in the advertising – I turn it off and tune it out. I have cancelled my cable options until the new year. And I’ll do the same for my MPR listening if it is also awash with manipulative advertising.

  • Wade Inn

    “MISP” ? Give me a break. Minnesota Is So Progressive? Midwestern Ice and Snow Purgatory? MSP is the kind of place where people think marketing itself as MSP will make it more interesting. Just tell the truth: it’s got low negatives, testerone is unwelcome, it’s getting warmer, WMSP can be fatal, EMSP is a fossil, Kathy Wurzer exists to tell you what a real Minnesotan is, only real Minnesotans know why her husband exists, and,oh, by the way, you’ll never be one. But it is getting warmer.