Voices from around the world and within the U.S. government have urged the International Olympic Committee to observe a moment of silence in honor of the Israeli athletes slain at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The IOC says it will honor the 11 Israelis in other ways. Today’s Question: Should the Olympics’ opening ceremony include Read more

The ACLU and relatives of three Americans killed in overseas drone attacks are suing members of the Obama administration. They allege that the victims were killed without due process. The administration, while not acknowledging a role in the deaths, has said that it has the right to carry out such attacks. Today’s Question: Should the Read more

FEMA has been inspecting flood-damaged homes in Duluth and other parts of northeast Minnesota. Homeowners are hoping that President Obama will declare the region a disaster area and open the way to federal assistance in rebuilding. Today’s Question: Does the public have a responsibility to help people rebuild flood-damaged homes?

The NCAA must decide how or whether to respond to the scandal involving sexual abuse of children by a former assistant coach in Penn State’s football program. An independent investigation found wide-ranging failures reaching to the top levels of the school’s administration. One possible response would be the so-called death penalty, or the temporary shutdown Read more