What branch of government do you hold in the highest esteem?

A recent poll suggests that only 44 percent of Americans approve of the job the Supreme Court is doing. Today’s Question: What branch of government do you hold in the highest esteem?



  • Clark

    The Supreme Court. Though some of their decisions are based on their political views, they get more right than wrong.

    Get used to more defeats looney left, we have seen the future and it’s Greece, California and Illinois. Economic liberty trumps social justice!

  • reggie

    My local public works department. I turn on the tap and water flows. I flush, and the waste treatment plant kicks in. I call about a pothole, it gets filled.

    I expect the president and members of congress to be politically motivated, but the supremes’ increasing political partisanship is a disappointment. All three branches in Washington are equally removed from the realities of daily life. They are worthy of steam, not esteem.

  • kurt

    44% sounds pretty good. I’ll go with judicial.

  • Lou

    The executive branch. Congress is among the wimpiest organization in America with all members of each caucus falling in line behind their leadership and the judicial branch has shown very little leadership as everyone seems afraid of being called a judicial activist. The current swing vote on the Supreme Court is Justice Kennedy and the other eight are so predictable that you could send them home and let justice Kennedy decide cases alone.

  • Emery

    Our government does a great deal. Some of us trust it to do certain things and some of us trust it to do certain other things. Republicans trust government to inerrantly apply the death penalty, vest immense misplaced faith in the nation-building capacity of the American military, and voraciously consume novels and TV shows about virtuous, omni-competent agents of America’s proliferating array of spy agencies and police forces. What is this if not trust in government? And as long as Democrats are in power, Democrats trust government to do all this stuff, and pretty much everything else, too. I cannot for the life of me see the crisis of faith in the American state. If Americans didn’t trust government so much, would America have the world’s largest military and a quasi-imperial global presence. No, America would not. You can measure trust in government by asking Americans about it, or by looking at what they vote for again and again. They vote for government. Lots of it.

  • Emery

    This is an exceedingly demanding addendum. Failure and inefficiency haven’t kept Americans from trusting government in the past, and it won’t stop us in the future. If Republicans succeed in rescinding Obamacare, for example, it will be a success won in part with anti-government rhetoric. But if the Republicans then manage to implement an alternative plan, it won’t be an anti-government plan. It will be a big government plan Democrats will dislike—at least until the Democrats take it on as their own.

  • Duane

    I hold all three branches in the highest esteem, however, I do find that two branches allow partisanship to become part of their decisions. The Senate under the control of Harry Reid, I feel has failed to live up to their responsibilities. The Republican controlled House has passed some 22 job related bills as well as a budget every year since Obama was elected but the Senate has failed to take any of them up for consideration. Couple this with the Presidents inability to direct the Senate to act is where I feel where our Government has failed us.

  • Jim G

    The branch of the federal government I hold in highest esteem is the current Obama administration. Demonized by the radical Right, I see him as the Flag at Fort McHenry. Rockets fueled with hate, intolerance, misinformation, and ignorance rain down on this President. Yet there he is still, “through the rockets’ red glare.”

  • Steve the Cynic

    There’s nothing wrong with our government. The problem is with gullible voters who keep electing narrow-minded, intransigent, ideological hardliners who demonize anyone who disagrees with them and who refuse to negotiate and compromise. Want better government? Be a better citizen.

  • david

    The US Bureau of Weights and Measures.

  • Ear Lingerfelt

    Our military and law enforcement.

  • Ear Lingerfelt

    Our military and law enforcement.

  • JasonB

    I still appreciate the courts.

    Both the legislative and executive branches seem beholden to party politics and the malleable, fickle opinions of the voters. With the judicial branch we have laws and, in theory, an impartial group dedicated to the upholding of those laws. Even the little guy has a chance in court.

  • Glenn

    I trust the 3 branches equally-

    the exec.- The elections and the choices made selecting such party designates is the peoples choice. This includes the choices made by these officials, for whatever reason. Our ‘government by proxy’ is the system we endure, right or wrong.

    The legislative- SAME

    The jucicial- very much the same.

    I’d like to see the publics interest more completely represented- in my oppinion- but the oppinion of the voters after the fact is really meaningless. Government by proxy is what we have….live with it!!


  • Paul

    I balance the power of my esteem between.

  • Ann

    If I had to make a choice, I would choose Congress because they are the most accessible to us as indiviiduals. They visit the state and somtimes correspond with us.Their powers keep the country from becoming a dictatorship. It is unfortunate that the political handlers play multiple TV and radio commercials during election season. I think they would be respected more if they communicated their political positions in a more meaningful and respectable fashion.As I understand it, Franken was elected with Hollywood money. This is an example of why it is difficult to respect our leaders. Sometimes I am tempted to vote for the person who spends the least amount of money.

  • Wally

    As far as I’m concerned, there is only one branch of the government, an agency, actually, that is doing the constitutionally mandated job of protecting life, liberty, and property. That is the National Weather Service. All the others, at federal, state, and local levels, have far exceeded their legal powers–from presidents who start illegal wars, to courts who grant themselves illegitimate powers, to legislators who grant themselves lavish benefits, to state and local lawmakers and administrators who do many of the same things, except for the starting wars, though in that, they must declare “war” upon the productive people to pay for all their foolishness.

  • Steve the Cynic

    My initial impulse in response to this question was actually to write something snide and sarcastic about how the question really should have been, “What branch of government do you have the least disdain for?” But I realized there’s too much of that already. Knee-jerk contempt for government is no better than blind loyalty. Both exist, and both are bad, but there seems to be way more of the latter than the former these days. The current crop of political pundits too often sound like they’re repeating as truths what formerly would have been taken as satire, caricature, and rhetorical overstatement for comic effect. In fact, today’s pundits sound remarkably like the stand-up comics of two decades ago, and voters are buying it. Again, if you want better government, be a better citizen.