Who is the most under-recognized Minnesotan?

Bob Dylan, who will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom today at the White House, may be the most recognized of Minnesotans. Today’s Question: Who is the most under-recognized Minnesotan?

  • reggie

    I’d like to think that Hubert Humphrey or someone of his stature (and who actually lived in Minnesota all of his life, as opposed to the talented Mr. Dylan, who has lived many places during his long career) is the “most-recognized” Minnesotan. But if someone is truly under-recognized, how would we know?

  • Hiram

    My Uncle Phil. Even I have a hard time recognizing him.

  • Deborah

    Who is the most under recognized? How would I know, since… you know… they’re the most under recognized 😉

  • Mark in Freeborn

    Ole and Lena. Everyone knows them, but very few people recognize them when they see them on the street…..or in the mirror.

  • Jim G

    The Minnesota Norwegian bachelor farmer is well-known and greatly praised as part of this state’s cultural history, but strangely he is hardly ever recognized. The Norwegian bachelor farmer I knew best was my great-uncle, Julius, who farmed with his widower brother, Engwald, on the homestead farm in Ottertail County. For thirty-plus years they lived in their widow sister’s farmhouse. Anne-Lovisa’s husband had been a veteran of WWI, a survivor of a mustard gas attack. When his remaining lung developed cancer, fifty odd years was all the good Lord allowed him. After he passed, Anne, Engwald, and Julius moved into her farmhouse to live out the remainder of their lives together as family.

    This story was related to me by family members who vouch for its truthiness.

    When a new University of Minnesota Extension Agricultural Agent drove up the long driveway to Anne’s farmhouse looking for a farmer outstanding in the field of agriculture, she directed the young man to the homestead farm and told him to look for her brother, Julius. A mile down the unpaved township road, the agent turned the corner and could see the out-buildings of the home farm. Sure enough, standing next to the barn, there was Julius, out in his field.

  • Ann

    Marion Ross, the mother on the show “Happy Days,” Also, the media celebrates Black History Month. We don’t hear very much about what Native Americans and the Hmong people have meant to Minnesota.The media takes too much time celebrating athletes.They are interviewed every night. Their responses are always about the same. They say they have to work harder as a team.

  • Larry M.

    James Louis “Jim” Oberstar who spent his career in the house on the transportation committee, he chaired that committee for his last two terms.. He is internationally known for his work on aviation safety. But closer to home his work in recognizing biking as a form of transportation and his promotion of biking and hiking trails did a lot to make our state better from the cities to the north shore.

    I actually believe if President Obama would have taken up his transportation proposal, with monies specifically going to bridge maintenance and other major projects, while the democrats still had control of the house that the economy would be further into recovery now.

  • James

    I’m going with “Steve the Cynic.” I’ll bet even his family doesn’t know who he is.

  • GregX

    In our society today, we provide awards and recognition for nearly every level of participation in nearly every activity. Why is it that the recognition so highly prized as opposed expectation of actual reliable, durable, repeatable outcomes? I think we award to much and expect too little from everyone, everyday. Raise the bar – do more and don’t expect anythig for it. At least that’s what business is telling its employees.

  • Lou

    Thomas L. Friedman, who is a three Pulitzer Prize winner and a columnist for the New York Times.

  • Steve the Cynic

    The most under-recognize Minnesotan, whoever it is, probably likes it that way.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    Duluth Mayor, Don Ness. He is a very popular, young family man, who is decent, hard-working, and pragmatic.

    Another great one is former Congressman James Oberstar, a great man from the North Country who served his district and country well for decades.

    These guys make most politicians look pathetic.

  • georges

    Ahhhhh, Jim Oberstar…

    Never had a real job in his life, spending it all in politics/government.

    Went to Congress without two nickels to rub together and stayed quiet for 36 years…now he’s a multi-millionaire.

    Do the math.

    I’ve got a better Iron (headed) Ranger to nominate.

    Jessica Lange. A hippie chick from Cloquet.

    She doesn’t get enough credit for looking so hot in King Kong.

  • Mark

    Sharon Isbin.

  • Matt

    Husker Du front man Bob Mould. His music set the stage for a whole generation or two of bands that followed. Often gets lost in the shadow of Prince and the Jam who emerged at a similar time.

  • Matt

    Oops. I meant the Time!

  • Margie

    Prince. Minnesota’s most magnificent musical genius, Prince, has been recording ground breaking music since the late 70’s. He is a self taught, multi instrumental musician and has created many albums and unreleased masterpieces. He has dozens of awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. His skill as a guitarist is amazing along with his beautiful vocals.

    Prince has been a pioneer on the forefront of intellectual property rights. He broke away from Warner Brothers so that he could have control over his own masters. He has continued to challenge file sharing and illegal downloading to try to save the music industries integrity.

    Prince puts on the most fabulous, fun live concerts. He shares the stage with a variety of artists and uses unlimited genres in his performances. His Love4oneanother Charity donates to children’s needs and schools and he holds coat and food drives for locals at concerts.

    Once surrunded by much controversy, Prince now publicly and privately gives thanks to Jehovah always advocating love for one another

  • Sean

    Eddie Cochran

    MN’s first rock star, yes the first. He was idled by the Who which is why they recorded “Summertime Blues”. The first Wha wha was recorded by him. He was promoted as being from Oklahoma because you had to be from the south to be a rock star in the 50’s but he was from Albert Lea, MN. Died at 21 in England in a taxi car accident, Gene Vincent was in the car with him. He was in a hurry to catch a plane so he could be with his mom for Easter.

  • Me