Have personal relationships in the workplace ever presented a problem for you?

Recent departures of senior leaders from Best Buy have cast a new light on office relationships between employees of different ranks. Today’s Question: Have personal relationships in the workplace ever presented a problem for you?

  • Allison

    Never. I met my both my current husband and “the” boyfriend at the firm where I am a managing partner. As an aside, we are all adults and what happens at work or for that matter while traveling, or amongst the neighbors or church stays between the sheets.

  • Steve the Cynic

    It depends on what you mean by “personal.” If you include conflictual relationships with personality disordered coworkers (narcissists, neurotics, bullies, borderlines, passive aggressives, hypersensitive people who take helpful hints as personal attacks, etc.), then yes, personal relationships have presented problems in my experience. But I’ve always been aware that I don’t have to act on my sexual urges if I don’t want to, so I’ve successfully avoided that sort of problem.

  • Jim G

    You spend a lot of time at work and correspondingly meet many people. Some these people you’ll be attracted to. They have a nice smile, perky personality, and/or a mischievous look in the eye. Whether my status was single or married, I decided to keep my personal romantic life out my work world. I even turned down a few solicitations when I became single again. This freed me to focus on the job at hand without emotional tags. Professionalism worked for me. My work partners were not my potential dates but a referral network through which I found my second wife. A blind-date set up by a colleague was all I needed to find a compatible partner. I don’t think I would have been offered this opportunity if I had been shopping around on the job.

  • GregX

    for me , yes, for the organization no. it took awhile to clear the air .. but the work continued on pace.

  • Larry M.

    Not my own, but I have been put into awkward situations during a particularly rocky co-worker relationship. One a closer friend who couldn’t leave the relationship at the door, she just couldn’t stop expressing her feelings and talking down the other person. The other person was someone who I liked and I had to work with both. The two were clearly in different points in their lives, and she just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t following her script of what she thought the relationship should be.

  • Bill

    Only if they were non-tokers.

  • Andrea

    Seven years ago, I worked for a maintenance department. The beginning of a potentially awesome relationship was squashed due to my crush’s fears that, as a Black Forman in a company comprised of white workers, he would face recriminations of some sort.

    I didn’t know this until we finally got together five years later… AFTER he had retired. While I had guessed this might have been a factor back at the department, I never realized how intense the racism was that he had faced for 30 years, working his way up, and how much that still affects his day-to-day outlook in almost every aspect of his life.

    The stories he has could fill a book. Hopefully we will make it a happy ending!

  • Barry

    I’ve sleep with my secretary a few times… what’s the big deal?

  • suzie

    Not personally because I keep my personal life and professional life separate, even when approached by a tempting offer. It makes for less headaches and less stress in the workplace. I have only known of one such relationship working and that’s because both parties involved where mature adults and the rest of the office didn’t have to suffer through all the cutsie stuff.

    The other such relationships in the workplaces I have been around either ended in pain for everyone and law suits and divorces. Too much office politics and who is on whose side and who is to blame and all that crap. Some even ended in harassment law suits. Then the lawyers come in and we all have to tell what we know on record. What a major hassel and disruption, just because of stupid, immature idiots – the ones who thought of it as no committment sex and the other parties who thought of it like some stupid TV show or “romance”. Many of us didn’t go on breaks or lunch anymore because of the gossip and tell-all going on.

    Don’t care how they tired to hide the “relationships” – it won’t be secret for long.

  • georges

    It’s starting to look a lot like the Playboy Forum around here.

  • Katherine

    I wanna work at Allison’s firm.. ;^)