What do you think is the national pastime?

Baseball has been known for a century and a half as America’s national pastime, but there is debate over whether it still deserves the title. Today’s Question: What do you think is the national pastime?

  • Darin


  • Steve the Cynic

    The Blame Game.

  • cassie


  • Gibson


  • Philip

    Blaming someone else for whatever ails us.

  • michael


  • Mark in Freeborn


  • Jim G

    Shirking Responsibility.

  • Jonathan

    Ignoring the world’s most utilitarian plant, Cannabis/hemp … until it seems almost too late.

  • Diana

    Preparing for the Escaton.

  • Emery

    Whatever the marketing and media types are selling.

  • Kerrigan

    I’m not certain what it is, however, I think it would be better if it were afternoon delights.

  • Television.

  • Nova

    For my situation/reality, it would be BBQing in the summer and bonfires at night with friends and family. I don’t think we have “just one” anymore. For younger populations, it sadly is anything technology/TV-related. But I do think it would be something summer-related if I had to paint with a broad-brush. Who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors with friends and family and entertainment?

  • JasonB

    Texting while driving.

  • Lance

    Working to pay more taxes.

    We filled out the FAFSA this weekend (which will prove to the government that they should spend my tax dollars to support someone else’s child whose parents earn less income than me) and when my daughter saw what I paid in income taxes versus what she paid, which was miniscule, she realized that if we paid at the same tax rate, then I should be making $6,000,000/year. Well, that’s not happening, but at least she can do a little algebra. Then I had to remind her that this was only federal income tax, and in addition to this, I get to pay real estate taxes, state income taxes, gasoline tax, sales tax, ad nauseum … living the dream!

  • JasonB

    The phrase sounds like a ‘feel good’ term to make a dispersed populace feel connected. Today with the internet, pastimes like attending a baseball game might have less sentimental appeal.

    Today I would say social networking. For a more in-person experience I’d say shopping at the malls.

  • Daniel

    Based on the responses so far, it appears to be a mixture of cynicism, bitterness and sarcasm. Me, I still like baseball.

  • Jim G


    Those who are the winners in our capitalist system, you and me, have the responsibility to pay for the support those who are its victims. Statistically our taxes are at the lowest level in my lifetime, and I’m old. Sounds like you’re in the same place we were 10 years ago. A college education is expensive. There are ways to lower your costs and loan debt, even as our state dis-invests in higher education and shifts costs to middle class parents. Going to a state university rather than a prestigious private college will save you more money over the 4 or 5 years your kids go to college than you’ll probably pay in taxes. I had to stop feeling abused by FAFSA and start making plans to control the costs I could.

    What is our national pastime? Maybe it is complaining about being overtaxed when we so obviously are not.

  • Gordon near Two Harbors

    Watching TV.

  • James

    I think football has taken over from baseball as our national passtime.

  • bsimon


  • bsimon

    Jim G – see kvetching @ 7:44, below.

  • Jim G

    kvetch (kvch) Slang

    intr.v. kvetched, kvetch·ing, kvetch·es

    To complain persistently and whiningly.


    1. A chronic, whining complainer.

    2. A nagging complaint: “a rambling kvetch against the system”

    Kvetching it is.

    Thanks, I needed to look it up. As old as I am, my long-term memory fails me at times.

  • Phil

    Wow, this generated a lot of really stupid comments. I am a baseball fan.

  • Alison


  • Ann

    I don’t like sports, pizza, beer, and cheese. I don’t think there is anyone else in the country that doesn’t like these things. So those things must be what the country loves.

  • Tim in Rochester


  • Patrick


  • Lawrence

    Today, there really isn’t one, because Major League Baseball, Auto Racing, College Basketball, National League Hockey, the National Football League, and, to some degree, the National Basketball Association, all have broad appeal, popularity, and fan support. MLB is in Latin and Asian markets. Auto races are held in every geographic area of the country. Thanks to Fantasy Leagues, the NFL is hugely popular. March Madness has extended itself to Women’s Basketball in addition to adding more teams into its tournament. The NHL expanded south after spending several years in only northern cities. And the NBA is now global, routinely recruiting players from Europe and Latin America. About the only things left for our national past times is going to the movies. People still do that, and when they can’t go, they rent from Red Box, Net Flicks, and various other online sources.

  • GregX

    (1) job-searching. (2) facebook posting (3) putting off expensive health care.

  • Anja Watts

    Some of these comments are hilarious. I’m going to resist temptation to post something snarky and instead agree with Nova that most Americans enjoy barbecuing and hanging out outside with friends and family. I don’t think baseball has the same mass appeal across all of society that it once did.

  • Ophiuchus

    Fire spinning and hula hooping.

  • Mindy

    Watching TV. Every single weekday I have to listen to all my coworkers yack about the brainless reality show they all watched the night before. Strangely, they’re all overweight.

  • Here in Wisconsin I’m sure most of my fellow slackers, I mean, citizens, would agree that our pastime has got to be………..HAPPY HOUR!!.

  • Diana

    It all depends …